January 2013 Tarot Scopes featuring the Thoth Tarot


You’ll have the opportunity to re-invent yourself this month and to achieve equilibrium in your relationships.

You can turn something negative into something positive by striving for balance, harmony and composure.

This is a powerful card. It relates to the alchemical process of turning lead into gold. You can activate this concept personally by embracing that which has been resisted or denied and working to transform it.

This card is called “Art” (Temperance, in some decks). It speaks of seeking out symmetry.

It speaks of finding a middle-ground. In what areas of your life are you too inflexible, too rigid and too unwilling to hear another’s point of view?

Your challenge will be to overcome those impediments and to integrate the opposing forces in your life.


thoth-three-of-disksTAURUS: Works
You’re making progress in the career department and beginning to reap the fruits of your labors. Whether you’re presently employed or looking for work, you’re taking a big step toward fulfilling your goals.

Are you thinking of starting a new business or branching off on your own? Now’s the time to do it. You may also be in line for a raise or promotion.

If you’ve been stagnating and wanting to make a change, there’s no time like the present for taking a leap of faith.

This card is called “Works.” It describes a time when all of your efforts just seem to come together. This doesn’t mean you should be slacking off, but rather stepping up to the plate and putting everything you’ve got into your current project.

Small amounts of money may be coming in — enough to assure you that you’re on the right track.

But the work is not done; now’s the time to “go all in,” knowing that the rewards will far outweigh the risks.


thoth-4-of-wandsGEMINI: Four of Wands

You should be feeling pleased about recent accomplishments, as well as confident in the prospects for continued growth and development.

This card speaks of progress, moving toward a better future and taking things to the next level. A romance becomes a relationship; a job becomes a career; a house becomes a home.

Whatever you’ve been working toward gets fleshed out and becomes more tangible, under the guardianship of this card.

This card is called “Completion,” and refers to the Venus in Aries aspects of fearlessness, bravery, cunning and determination.

It’s loving what you do and what you create and having absolute faith that the Universe will support your efforts. It also refers to the initial stages of satisfaction and contentment over how far you’ve come.

You have seen real results and can now take a step back and be gratified in the knowledge that your efforts are paying off.


thoth-9-of-wandsCANCER: Nine of Wands

You’ll be called on to aim high and to listen to your own inner voice. What may seem like insurmountable odds are actually challenges set forth by the Universe.

If you are to succeed, you’ll need to steer clear of temptations that are not in keeping with your principles.

The message behind this card is to “Shoot for the Stars.” There will be shortcuts along the way, but they won’t bring the favored results.

You’ll have to stay on course and prepare for the challenges ahead, if you’re to achieve the riches inherent in this card.

This card is called “Strength.” It refers to your inner reserves of strength, wisdom and discipline. It takes a lot of determination to reach your goals, because there will be many distractions along the way.

Self-restraint and self-control are called for here in spades. If you can stay on course you’ll be rewarded in the end, and will see that what is gained is far greater than anything you could have achieved had you chosen an easier path.


thoth-foolLEO: The Fool

You’re about to embark on a new chapter in your life, after a period of either completion or dormancy.

This card represents a combination of innocence and faith — both of which are required to see you through to the next stage in your journey.

The Fool card does not promote foolishness or folly. It speaks of instinct, fearlessness, and trust. It represents the courage to stand in the face of the future and shout “Yes!”

Ask yourself in what ways you’ve outgrown your current circumstances. Has a relationship run its course? Have you grown tired of your current living situation?

Perhaps you’ve gone as far as you can go in your profession. It’s out with the old and in with the new for you this month, especially in areas where you find yourself growing stagnant.

This is the “leap of faith” card and suggests that it’s time to take a chance and to put your trust in the unknown.



thoth-2-of-swordsVIRGO: Peace

You’re striving to find peace in the midst of chaos, confusion and uncertainty. This card reflects an inner turmoil over a choice can’t be taken lightly and that isn’t easily made.

This card is called “Peace,” and speaks of the need to gain perspective so that you can make an informed decision.

You may be on the fence about an important decision, weighing both sides of an argument, or looking for ways to reconcile two different but equally valid points.

You’ll need to rise above your personal biases so you can assess your dilemma from an objective standpoint.

You may also find yourself at a Spiritual impasse, torn between two diametrically opposed urges: head vs. heart , love vs. lust, comfort vs. passion, etc.

The past and the future are on the verge of colliding, and if you find yourself stuck in the present you may have to look at how you’ve sabotaged your own success.

This card requires you to heed your inner voice when deciding your best course of action, and to reconcile yourself to the decisions you’ve made in the end.


thoth-8-of-disksLIBRA: Eight of Disks

It’s time to take stock of all that you’ve accumulated and to start thinking about the future.

You need to invest wisely, and that doesn’t always mean money. It can refer to personal and spiritual investments as well.

This card is called “Prudence,” and refers to the care, caution and consideration that are put into practice as you build toward your future.

Just as the tree’s branches grow stronger and higher as they reach toward the Sun, so must you build higher as you aspire towards your loftiest goals.

You may be thinking of pursuing a higher education, learning a new trade, saving for your retirement, or even literally building a home.

It’s all about priorities: this card requires you to make certain sacrifices and avoid temptations or indulgences. If you keep your eye on the prize, you’ll see that what you gain is far more meaningful than anything you may have given up in the end.

thoth-two-of-wandsSCORPIO: Dominion

You’re getting in touch with your own personal power.

You may have been at odds with someone in recent weeks: butting heads, not seeing eye to eye or may have found yourself in the midst of an uncomfortable confrontation.

You’re not one to back down from discord or opposition. You gain strength from resistance and become clearer in your convictions.

This card is called “Dominion” and reflects the Mars in Aries essence of courage, certainty and self-assuredness.

You may be called upon to take a stand or to fight for what you believe in. Your greatest weapon is your sense of purpose, and the clarity with which you wield your principles.

The challenges you face only strengthen your position.

The message here is to stand up for what you believe in and to refuse to back down, even in the face of direct opposition.


thoth-aeonSAGITTARIUS: The  Aeon

You’re undergoing a spiritual awakening, brought about by the understanding that everything thus far in your life has “led to this.”

This card, the “Aeon” (Judgment in some decks) refers to eternity, infinity and timelessness.

This card relates to the endless human journey that we sometimes refer to as “karma.” We reap and sew with each thought, action, and decision.

This card represents a summation of all that has come before, and an awareness that each step taken — from here on out — leaves an indelible imprint on our future. On a personal level, this card speaks of compassion, forgiveness, understanding, and acceptance.

It’s a card of rebirth and transformation, of getting in touch with your inner child, and of unconditional love.

This is the “grace of God” card, which bestows infinite blessings on those who are able to recognize them. Even for those who are not, it is a powerful catalyst for personal growth and evolution.
thoth-4-of-disksCAPRICORN:  Power

You’re consolidating your resources now as a means of protecting that which is most value to you.

Is it money? You’ll need to do an accounting of your monthly expenses to see where you can cut corners. Is it love? You could be thinking about defining or formalizing a relationship commitment. Is it success?

You may be asking for a raise or promotion in the coming weeks.

This card is called “Power,” but may be a little different than the power you’re accustomed to. It’s not about showing your muscles or engaging in battles with your adversaries.

This is more about strengthening your own position by preserving and building on what you already have. Adversely, it can relate to stinginess or avarice.

It can mean holding on too tight: to your money, loved ones, or your ideals.

You’ll have to examine your priorities to determine what’s worth holding onto, and what needs to be given a little more room to breathe.


thoth-3-of-cupsAQUARIUS: Abundance

Your cup is likely to be running over this month — with love, affection, abundance and prosperity.

This is a joyful, lively period during which the Universe supports your optimism and enthusiasm by returning it in kind.

The card is called “Abundance,” and refers to the riches that available themselves to those who know to how ask for them. It’s a card of promise and reward for your benevolence, which is mirrored right back to you.

Your calendar is likely to be full this month; if not get out there and make plans yourself. This can mark a time for parties, celebrations, social outings and romantic interludes.

New friendships are formed, relationships blossom and conflicts are resolved under the tutelage of this card.

There’s a strong feminine element present in this card too, meaning that your interactions with women (friends or lovers) should be particularly auspicious.


thoth-starPISCES: The Star

This is the perfect card for Pisces as it represents trust, hope and faith in the Universe, themes which are all too familiar with most Pisces.

Even when you’re feeling despondent or less-than-hopeful, you have an innate understanding of the cycles you’re governed by and an awareness of your contribution to your life’s circumstances.

This Star card ties into the Hermetic Axiom “as above, so below,” meaning that everything you experience outwardly is a reflection of the inner workings of your psyche.

These themes can be distorted though, so that anxiety and fear (for example) do not manifest as fearful and anxious people in your life, but rather people who are likely to cause you more of the same.

The challenge is to learn to harness (and transmute) the more uncomfortable unconscious energies, while attracting more of the positive ones.

The awareness that it’s almost 100% in your hands is the message inherent in this card.


by Melodie

The deck used for this month’s Tarot Scopes is the Thoth Tarot by Aliester Crowley
illustrated by Lady Frieda Harris, distributed by U.S. Games, inc.

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January 2013 Tarot Scopes


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