July 2014 Tarot Scopes featuring the Tarot of the Zirkus Magi

Tarot of the Zirkus Magi -- the Lovers

ARIES: The Lovers

Relationships and relationship issues are going to be hands down the biggest area of focus for you this month.

That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. But what it does mean — with Mars (your ruler) moving through your relationship sector and in hard aspect to both Pluto and Uranus — is that it should be “interesting” at the very least.

The Lovers card brings all of your relationship issues to the forefront. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. It refers to decisions that must be made — sometimes between two lovers, and sometimes between love and something else — as well as all the temptations, fixations and complications that are a part of that elusive and intoxicating mystery we call Love.

If you’re dealing with challenges in your own relationship, it may just be a matter of getting out of your own way. You don’t want to be creating problems where there are none to begin with. If you’re just now discovering that Love is not all it’s cracked up to be, join the crowd. You would do well though to put your own needs, expectations and agendas aside.

Check out the figures in this card. Who would have thought the Clown and the Bearded Lady could portray such a fantastic representation of Love? Yet all the pieces are there. The comfort, the closeness, the intimacy — even the whole world fading into the background behind them — are all beautifully rendered here. The angel statue blesses their union from above and who are we to question it?

When things are in sync with our relationships, everything else just seems to falls into place. And when they’re not — as may very well be the case for you this month — you’ll have to figure out what you’re going to do about it.

As Jupiter moves into your romance sector (on the 16th) and Mars moves out of your relationship sector (on the 25th), some of these challenges should just ease up on their own. But it’s the challenges themselves that may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. You can’t fix what’s wrong unless you know something’s wrong in the first place. And if it turns out that that “something” was you, then making the necessary adjustments will only benefit you in the end.


Ring RiderTAURUS: Ring Rider

The Knight of Pentacles (Ring Rider in this deck) is all about focusing on tangible — Earthly — concerns. But that doesn’t have to mean dull, boring or mundane. It can be just the opposite, especially for you.

It’s no secret that you like to make money. And with both Venus (your ruler) and Mercury (your financial ruler) occupying your money sector this month, you should have no problem doing just that.

But the Ring Rider is not just about about making money. It’s about preserving your resources while maximizing your potential so that you’re always at least one step ahead of the game.

Look at the “Knight” in this card. While a small-town circus performs off in the distance, she’s making preparations to move on to the next show. She may know that there are bigger and better opportunities ahead, or she may be getting ready to scout out the next venue.

This is the essence of the Knight of Pentacles. Taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves so that you’re always working toward your goals. It’s that unique combination of instinct and strategy that guarantees your success.

There may be “mysterious forces” at work here too. Notice the esoteric symbols spanning the giant wheel on the far horizon. Call it luck or call it fate, there are indications here that you’re able to align yourself with unseen cycles and trends.

You may get thrown a few curve-balls along the way.  A nasty Mars / Uranus opposition across your “work” and “hidden enemies” sectors can place some aggressive, competitive, and / or unscrupulous people in your path. But keeping your eye on the prize and not losing site of your goals will go a long ways to helping you to stay on course.

Whether you’re working on generating more income, saving for the future or paying down debts, you can make a lot of headway toward securing your financial independence this month. The spirit of adventure is not lost here: it’s still a big part of this process. But it’s the foresight and efficiency with which you go about achieving your goals that makes them so achievable in the end.


Tarot the Zirkus Magi -- Ace of RingsGEMINI: Ace of Rings

Every day, every week and every month — and for that matter every moment — marks the potential for a new beginning for you.

The Gemini archetype — playful, changeable, restless, always up for a good time — fits right into the imagery of this card. And as your ruler, Mercury — which has been retrograde for the last few weeks — changes directions and starts moving forward again, you’re likely to see new opportunities and new prospects for making money open up for you as well.

The Ace of Rings is not just about making money. It’s about keeping things new and fresh and exciting and alive. It’s about ingenuity.  It’s about spontaneity and creativity. The fact that all these things can and often do lead to making money is just icing on the cake.

The central figure in this card is a clown who’s taken a moment away from all the hustle and bustle going on around him to bring some levity to his surroundings. He’s poked his head through the center of an arcade ball toss game and sticks his tongue out at spectators.

There are nostalgic references to this card as well. Note the classic cartoon figures placed around the perimeter of the ring. And the name of the card itself: Winter Quarters. This “home” for the circus performers. It’s where they all retreat to in preparation for the next season.

Venus and Mercury are both dignified in your sign. These are the exoteric (Mercury) and esoteric (Venus) rulers of Gemini. And while neither of them ever stay in one place for too long, know that life should be a little easier for you while they’re in your sign.

As luck would have it though, they both also move into your money sector this month, briefly joining the Sun and Jupiter. Take this opportunity keep the ball rolling — or the wheel spinning in this case — and stretch your money-making prospects even further.

Tarot the Zirkus Magi -- 8 of BucketsCANCER: Eight of Buckets

The past and the present collide for you this month as you transition from one chapter in your life to another. The Eight of Buckets (Cups in traditional decks) refers to making a conscious decision to leave behind something that is no longer sustaining you — physically, emotionally or spiritually.

It’s possible that that “something” isn’t a thing at all, but a lifestyle or set of attitudes that you’re no longer aligned with. It can also be a job that’s run its course or a relationship that is no longer fulfilling.

The elephant in this card has turned his back on the eight buckets that are lined up behind him. They may contain food or water, or they may be empty (they look empty to me). But it doesn’t matter — he’s walking away all the same. As forlorn as he looks trudging away from those buckets, I’d like to think he’s moving towards something that has the potential to “feed” him in other ways.

While Jupiter has been moving through your sign for the last year, it’s now tying up that cycle and preparing to move into Leo. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and will hopefully have brought you some good fortune, whether that’s something you’re in touch with now or not.

But as it moves into Leo — and into your 2nd house — you may find that your values are changing. This is the true essence of the 2nd house, which on a mundane level is associated with things like income, earnings and material possessions. Esoterically though, it’s tied to spiritual values and uncovering the soul’s true purpose.

Just like the elephant in this card, you may find that turning your back on one set of values opens up pathways to another. And just after Jupiter leaves your sign, Venus moves in, followed shortly by Mars moving into your house of creativity and self-expression. The inscription on this card: “All out and Over” implies that something has come to an end. But rather than mourning the life you’re leaving behind, now is the time to embrace the new one, just around the bend.


Tarot the Zirkus Magi -- the Sun

LEO: the Sun

This month should see you feeling particularly “alive.” The Sun card refers to a period where things seem to be going well for you; or maybe it’s just that your attitude has you focusing on what’s right in the world, for a welcome change.

The Sun is a happy–go-lucky card that speaks of “seizing the day.” It encourages us to cast our worries aside and tap into the childlike wonder that inspires us to laugh, play, sing and dance — like the joyful figures in this card,

There’s a sense of buoyancy and effortlessness associated with this card.The Sun makes a radiant appearance, casting its rays out over the big top and onto the couple kicking their heels up out back. The rest of the performers may be inside putting on a show, but these two crazy kids are having the time of their lives away from the spot-light.

This should be a good month for Leos. Not only is Leo ruled by the Sun (which moves into your sign on the 22nd), but Jupiter — the planet associated with benefit, gain, fortune and expansion — moves into your sign as well, for the first time in almost 12 years. It joins forces with the Sun on the 24th.

The Sun card speaks of confidence, optimism and passion, all of which are magnified when combined with the expansiveness of Jupiter. And while you may experience some upheavals — as Jupiter does like to wash away what isn’t working to make room for what is — it can bring in opportunities that are ripe for the picking, just like the sunflowers on this card.

The New Moon also also takes place in your sign this month, on the 26th. In concert with the Sun card’s happy-go-lucky” motif, the New Moon encourages you to be open to new opportunities that come when you least expect them.  While the Sun card is associated with living in the moment and enjoying life to the fullest, It couldn’t hurt to do a little planning ahead. This Jupiter transit may last for another year (actually another 13 months), but setting your intentions in place now can only benefit you down the road.


Tarot the Zirkus Magi -- the SeerVIRGO: the Seer

Change is in the air for you this month, particularly with respect to your approach to wisdom, knowledge and learning.

As Jupiter moves from your 11th house into the 12th this month, you’re going to be shifting for focus away from 11th house activities (socializing, interacting with others, figuring out your place in the world, etc.) toward a more isolative and introspective orientation.

Jupiter is all about growth, evolution and personal expansion. While it’s moving through the 11t house, we tend to pursue these things through our associations with others. But the 12th house answers to a different call. It draws us toward more intimate, personal and subjective experiences, much like the High Priestess (or Seer, as she’s known in this deck) card.

You may be already feeling this shift, courtesy of the Saturn in Scorpio transit that’s been retrograding through your 3rd house. Both of these transits speak of delving more deeply into the mysterious regions of the psyche where instinct, perception and intuition all reside.

While the Seer in this version is seen as a side-show fortune teller, you can tell that she’s much more than that. Her tarot cards and Gypsy getup are little more than props. She gazes at her subjects with insight and perception — a “knowing” that belies her flamboyant garb.

You may be embarking on a spiritual journey this month, or you could be just taking time away to clear your head. You could also be shifting your focus away from taking classes or learning from others, and trusting your own instincts instead.  Either way, the Seer card encourages you to listen to your inner voice and to heed the messages you receive. Pay attention to your dreams and psychic impressions during this time too, as they’re likely to be profound.


Five of Wands

LIBRA: Five of Batons

You may feel that you’re at cross purposes with a loved one this month. Whether it’s a love interest or a bona fide relationship partner, it’s going to take some fancy footwork for you to dodge the bullets that will more than likely be lobbed your way.

With your relationship ruler (Mars) and your romance ruler (Uranus) at odds right now, it may be hard for you and your partner to find a middle ground. Arguments, confrontations and disagreements are all strong possibilities.

Look at the figures in this card. Each have their strengths and each have their weaknesses. But rather than joining together and making good on the “sum of the parts being greater than the whole” axiom, they’re busy duking it out.

The Five of Batons (Wands in most decks) refers to strife, conflict and competitive drives. Power struggles. A clash of wills. Who wears the pants in the family? Who makes the better argument? Who wields the bigger stick?

You may feel like you’re engaged in a battle of wits with your partner. Or you may feel like your partner is purposefully trying to push your buttons or “get your goat.” Either way, you should know that this going round and round in circles is not going to suddenly end in your favor.

While this card relates to conflict in general, these transits make for a far more personal rivalry. So be aware of the temptation to compete with loved ones, to see them as enemies, or to engage in compulsive patterns of one-upmanship.

This Mars / Uranus opposition has been doing this dance for some time. But that doesn’t mean you have to join in. Ask yourself whether you even remember what it is you were fighting about to begin with. Chances are good you either don’t know, or you and your partner recall a completely different version of events.

You’ll get some relief later in the month when the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and the (New) Moon all move through your house of friendships. These are the relationships that will sustain you this month, and may turn out to be your saving grace.


Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi -- the StarSCORPIO: The Star

You may feel like you’re on top of the world this month, thanks to a once-every-twelve-year Jupiter transit that is now moving into your 10th house.

These last several months have been more about preparation than accomplishment for you, with Jupiter moving through your 9th house — the area related to growth, expansion, higher learning and education — and Saturn retrograding through your 1st. But both of those change this month, with Jupiter moving into Leo (and your 10th house) on July 16th, and Saturn turning direct the following week.

The Star card relates traditionally to a sense of hope, faith and trust in the future. It refers to an openness and a willingness to soak in all that the Universe has to offer. It speaks of the sense of well-being and inspiration, aligning yourself with your true purpose or calling. This is also the essence of a well-handled 10th house, and the confluence of 9th/10th house energy. It’s where inspiration (9th house) meets aspiration (10th).

In this version of the card we meet the goddess Gaia as an aerial performer, suspended high above the circus spectators. Behind her is a darkened backdrop that resembles the night sky.  We see a globe-like representation of the planet earth, the constellations, seven smaller stars (representing the seven chakras) and one large bright star shining above her. Of interesting note in the background is the prominent placement of the fixed star Fomalhaut, one of the four royal stars.

As in traditional versions of this card, water flows from the goddess’ hands. In this version though the “water” is a graduation of the shimmering cord that keeps her suspended in mid-air. Notice how at ease she is with what must seem like a tenuous position. She knows she’s not going to fall — and if she did someone would surely catch her.

This month can mark an important time for you — in both the professional and personal arenas. Whether your making your way up an existing ladder or launching a new career, one thing is for sure. Now is your time to Shine.


Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi -- 7 of BucketsSAGITTARIUS: 7 of Buckets

Right now you may have so much going on and so many different interests that staying on track with your goals is going to be a challenge.

You may feel like you’re being pulled in several different directions at once — either away from the things you really want to do, or towards the kind of mindless diversions that cause you lose sight of your priorities.

The Seven of Cups (Buckets in this deck) refers to the multitude of options that are vying for your attention now, and potentially distracting you from your goals. This version is aptly called “Allure,” and you can tell from look on this boy’s face that he’s mesmerized by all of the alternatives before him.

With your ruler (Jupiter) finishing out its stay in your 8th house and preparing to move into the 9th, you might see doors opening up for you to explore a diverse array of options — each more enticing than the last.  But there’s also some danger of becoming overwhelmed. Or of being bombarded with so many different choices that one opportunity blurs into the next and winds up devaluing them all.

You may have so many interests and only so many hours in the day with which to pursue them. And that’s one of the greatest challenges of the Seven of Buckets. But you don’t want to over-correct either: while you’re busy separating the wheat from the chaff, you don’t want to ignore the nuggets of true wisdom that are imparted along the way.

One of the things that struck me when thinking about this card was how appropriate the term “Buckets” is here as opposed to the traditional “Cups.” It occurred to me that if ever there was a card that could be associated with a bucket list, this would be it.

With that in mind, do take the time this month to figure out what it is you really want to do. Stay focused on your goals and don’t allow yourself to be tempted by the allure of meaningless distractions. While some important opportunities may be disguised as such, only you will know whether they’re worth pursuing in the end.


The-Solitarian_smCAPRICORN: The Solitarian

This month may see you removing yourself from the hustle and bustle of your usual day to day existence and retreating to a place of quiet and solitude.

The Hermit card — called the Solitarian in this deck — refers to a period of introspection and quiet reflection. It speaks of heeding one’s own inner voice and seeking knowledge and wisdom from within.

The Solitarian in this deck stands out behind the circus tents, away from the noise and distractions of the crowds. He’s risen “high above it all” on a set of stilts. He carries only a small lantern — with the traditional 6-pointed star (referencing the Seal of Solomon, a symbol of power and wisdom) — to light his way.

Saturn (your ruling planet) and Pluto have long been in mutual reception, which is to say they’re working together in harmony. But with both of them retrograde and both occupying key sectors in your solar chart, it may be more appealing for you to isolate yourself from others during this time.

While the Hermit card can sometimes refer to avoidance, there’s an important distinction between running away from one’s problems and moving toward the “light.” Be careful though that your reasons for withdrawing aren’t due to disappointments that have left you feeling you can’t count on anyone but yourself.

Remember that no man is an island and that there’s no shame in seeking assistance from those who could lighten your load. There’s a difference between being alone and being lonely so make sure you’re not mistaking one for the other.

Every one of us need to get away sometimes, if only to gain some perspective. And if your reasons are aligned with those principles, you’re bound to uncover the answers to far more than your original questions. The insights that are gained and the spiritual growth that is attained make taking this time for yourself all the more rewarding in the end.


Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi -- 5 of BladesAQUARIUS: Five of Blades

The Five of Blades — Swords in traditional decks — is called “Opposition” here. It refers to a a situation — either ongoing or a prominent occurrence during the month — where you find yourself at odds with others.

This is not going to be a physical contest. It’s going to be verbal, mental or in some way related to communications. Religious / political differences are one example of the stale-mate that can arise where the Five of Blades is concerned.

There’s a certain smugness or an air of superiority seen in the figures on this card. Neither of them are about to hear what the other has to say, nor are they going to admit defeat.

Both are so convinced that they’re right that they see no reason to hear the other person out. Compromise is out of the question. Agreeing to disagree is about as close as they’re going to get and as you can see from the figures in this card, that’s not getting them anywhere.

This is the problem with the Five of Blades. And one you’re likely to confront this month — thanks to an ongoing opposition between your ruler (Uranus) and a 9th house Mars. It’s not that you’re unable to “play well with others.” Aquarius is known for having a wide circle of friends and for bringing people together from all walks of life. One of your very best attributes — and one you take pride in — is the ability to look past social biases and surround yourself with people from diverse social and economic backgrounds.

This is more about being so invested in being right — and being in the know — that you’re unable to see what those investments are costing you. You may be at odds with someone who has different values, or you may feel the need to show them the flaws in their reasoning. But neither of these are going to win you any friends or strengthen the friendships you do have.

Ask yourself whether being right is worth jeopardizing the important relationships in your life. Nearer the end of the month, when Uranus turns retrograde and Mars moves into Scorpio, you’ll see some of this tension lift on its own. But you can do some damage control in the meantime, by acknowledging the value in someone else’s point of view.


Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi -- Two of BucketsPISCES: 

The Two of Cups — Buckets in this deck — is called “Love” in some versions and “Harmony” in this one.

It speaks of finding your soul mate, your better half, your “one true love.” It’s the card associated with male / female, yin / yang energy and the concept of opposites attracting.

It’s about a love so perfect that the two become one, making it nearly impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. But true love takes on many forms. And it’s often marred by things like fear, jealousy, tension, uncertainty and sex.

And here we see none of these. We see a bond that’s so intimate and affectionate between a young child and her elephant friend. She leans in with a loving embrace and he responds as only an elephant friend would. He sits there patiently and contentedly, with his own offering of love in his trunk.

The most recent New Moon took place in your 5th house of love affairs, in trine to your ruler (Neptune) in the first house. This aspect asserts a renewed sense of romantic idealism, as well as an openness to finding the sort of love that belies status quo expectations.

The Neptune in Pisces transit, still retrograding through your first house — and with Chiron thrown in for good measure — promotes the ideal of “self-love.” And what better way to manifest that energy than to see it mirrored back to you in its purest form?

If you’re thinking about diving back into the relationship arena this month, you’d do well to take a leaf from this unlikely pair’s book. Whether you’re in an established relationship now or just looking, holding yourself up to this kind of ideal can only benefit you in the end.



This month’s tarotscope features the Tarot of the Zirkus Magi by Doug Thornsjo, self-published by Duck Soup Productions. This deck was first published in a 22-card Majors only version, of which a small number of limited edition decks are still available through the Duck Soup Etsy storefront.

The full 78-card deck is now being developed through an on-going Kickstarter campaign, with special perks for backers. Please consider showing your support by joining in and pre-ordering this fantastic deck. Used by generous permission. 

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