June 2014 Tarot Scopes featuring the Hezicos Tarot

Hezicos Tarot -- Judgment

Aries:  Judgement

What decisions have you been needing to make and perhaps been putting off for a while.

You seem to be very clear in what you are thinking but perhaps the outcome you are hoping to achieve seems out of your reach as different aspects of it come to mind and your clear thinking is not correlating with the clear actions you need to take to reach your goal.

This is such a beautiful card… it is a card to get “lost” in whilst you take a step back in order to clarify what you really want to do.

Your mind looks so busy covered in a red hood, the creatures of the sea, both mythical and not, dance around you almost daring you to take your eye of your goal and come and play with them for a while.

Perhaps this is what you really need… to take yourself out of such serious contemplation of decision making and throw yourself into a little bit of fun and playfulness for a while. By doing so you may distract yourself to the point that the answers come more clearly to you.



Hezicos Tarot -- Emperor

Taurus: The Emperor

Everything that you need you already have… so why sit there so stony faced? Is it that you are lost in thought or that you are responsible for others and do not have time to yourself.

If this is the case you need to make a move and do something for yourself. With all your knowledge and power you may be keeping others at bay not knowing if it is “safe” to approach you. If they did they would see what a beautiful soul you are.

The crystals in this card stand for spirituality (mauve), communication (blue) and power (yellow). The clear quartz crystal laying firming upon the earth is a conductor sending its power throughout you and the other crystals. With all this energy you should be feeling pretty good or in overload.

If life has been getting you down recently because you have too much going on it is time for you to listen to your inner voice and get up and do something.

You don’t have to be the boss all the time or the person with all the power… you could be the person who goes and plays with the dog… go out and make your own fun!



Hezicos Tarot -- 9 of Cups

Gemini: Nine of Cups

You are about to reach the pinnacle of your success so this is the time to put all your efforts into what you have been aiming for and know you shall achieve it.

Although from the look of this card you already know you are “there” and are enjoying the fruits of your labour already.

The waves in this card are high and rough showing your emotions may have taken a bit of a battering in using all your energy to get to where you are now.

You may wish to now give some of your emotional energy towards your relationship where the onus is not so much on you but on “us”.

Much effort has gone into getting you to where you are now at the top of your game and you don’t want to go and upset the balance of things especially given that where you are perched looks a bit precarious.

If there is anything you have to take a look at just to double check it is ok then do so. Otherwise, sit back, smile and relax because your hard work has paid off and its time to let your head be amongst the clouds for a while whether this is to recharge your batteries or to come up with new ideas the choice is yours.



Hezicos Tarot -- 6 of Rods

 Cancer:  Six of Rods

It looks as if you are onto something of a winner and its going to be a fun ride on the homestretch.

Whatever you have been setting your hand to stick to it for it looks as if you are about to receive the fruits of your labour. The sun is shining on you and your efforts whilst there is help and assistance from friends even if you do not see how they are helping you.

There is a “winning” attitude to this image as if nothing can go wrong for you and indeed the wonderful magical horse you are riding looks as if it has been pulled straight from your imagination and will help you reach your goals faster.

If you are stuck in anyway use your imagination to propel you forward… you may get further that way.

You’ve heard of the “hare and tortoise” where slow and steady wins the race. Well on this card you are moving so swiftly towards your goals and victory that even the hare in the lower right hand corner stands still to watch you pass.

All barriers and setbacks are gone… ride like the wind… you are about to cross the finish line.


Leo: Ten of RodsHezicos Tarot -- 10 of Rods

I am loving the rocks in this image for they suggest that even though you have a heavy load to carry you are able to put your feet down safely without falling or tripping up.

This will allow you to get through what you need and find your way safely through anything that comes your way. It may be that you are working too hard or carrying around problems that may be your own or they could be problems someone has dumped onto you.

The walking stick shows that you are not opposed to a bit of help and you may accept it if it comes from the right person.

That person would need to be very straightforward in their sizing up of your situation for you are not about to stop what you are doing and drop your bundle which you carry on your back… no… you will see through what you need to do whether it harms you in the process or not.

It may be a good idea to think on that… have you been overdoing things, are you opposed to accepting help from others, if you did accept help what would it mean to you and how does it feel? These are all good questions to ask yourself if you find yourself so burdened down that you don’t see the forest from the trees.



Hezicos Tarot -- 4 of Cups

Virgo: Four of Cups

OK so I know you like to be a bit broody and worrying but you may have gone a bit far this time and left yourself out on a limb (or an island) where others are afraid to approach you to give you assistance.

You have decisions to make and choices to come up with so why have you set yourself apart from others who may be able to give you a wider view of your circumstances especially when there seems to be so much more fun to be had if you weren’t thinking so hard?

The fact that you are surrounded by water yet sitting on a rock suggests that you are not wishing to face the emotional consequences of any decision you do make. However, you may not be able to avoid this as your hesitancy has now built a sea around you and it will be hard to make it back to firm ground without making a decision.

You look quite comfortable or should I say set in your ways so trying to push you into a decision may not work but if you can see what your hesitancy is causing within your life and others you may find your way to coming up with something sooner rather than later… this would benefit everyone… including yourself.




Libra: Four of Swords

What are you thinking about and what will you do next? The 4 swords implies doubts and worries.. the type that keep you awake at night but not to the point that you will not sleep after a while.

In this version of the card though you look as if you have fallen into a deep slumber and called upon other forces to help you.

The moon’s rays shine upon you as you slumber which bestows upon you intuition and the ability to wake up with perfect clarity as to your best way forward to the outcome you most want. The green of the blanket also implies growth and the yellow pattern leaves tell you that you may need to do some talking and not back down. The blue in the nightcap shows that you are thinking of communication and although you now sleep peacefully the words you have been thinking of are still on your mind.

Let’s hope you are dreaming sweet dreams of reaching a beneficial conclusion to your worries and the moon’s beams give you a glorious edge intuitively to achieving your goal. If not, do not worry for the many coloured blankets you are sleeping on show that you have other plans up your sleeve and if the first plan doesn’t work… try another



Scorpio: Wheel of Fortunewheel-of-fortune

Round and round and round you go… where you stop… nobody knows.

This card shows that you may be feeling a bit lost at the moment and life is both up and down for you.

There is the distinct possibility that you may lose something as can be seen from the black pebbles falling from the wheel in the centre of the card however you may wish to ask yourself is what you are losing such a great loss to you… you may have wanted to get rid of this from your life and have done so on purpose.

On one side there are many candles all lit and lighting the way on the other side there are crystals which imply the path you are to follow is possible intangible and requires further thought before undertaking.

The gap that bridges the path which is well lit and that which is less tangible but by no means less attractive is water. This water does not look calm and it stands for emotions hence you are caught between what you would like to do, how you would like to do it and stuck in the middle.

Perhaps just focussing on one part of this card will give you the clarity you need to take your next step.




Sagittarius: Six of Coins

Be careful you don’t go out and spend too much or give away that which you should’ve kept to yourself whether this be in the form of money, material possession or knowledge.

The 6 of Coins denotes loss or gain and as can be seen from this image what is loss to one person may be a gain to someone else.

Of the 3 figures sitting within the branches one figure sits directly on a branch while the 2 other figures sit in the relative comfort of the leaves. The figure facing us sitting directly on a branch seems to be busy working and caught up in what s/he is doing.

If you find yourself in a situation where you seem to be the only one pulling their weight you need to look around you and decide whether this is a pattern in your life… you are always doing for others or if it is just a phase you are going through and that soon others in your life will pick up the slack and take up the workload thereby giving you are break.

Of course you could always fly off and just get on with your own thing but I’m thinking you will stick around for the long term when your hard work pays off and you are back to an equilibrium in your life.



Capricorn: JusticeHezicos Tarot -- Justice

Is there something you have been trying to decide and keep going around in circles weighing one side of the argument against the other? You have all your facts, all your information the only thing you need to do is choose what you will do next rather than playing around and putting it off.

Time to get clear in your mind and have a bit of patience. It may be that you are thinking your intellect and words will serve you better in getting your point across but sit back and have a think on this.

You are sitting in a pretty strong position just now. You look composed to others… as if nothing would ruffle you. The fact that you feel off balance on the inside is not conveyed in your outward posture or attitude.

If this is to do with a relationship and you are about to play your next move in an effort to get what you desire from it then rest assured that you may not even need to do that. Your very demeanour is showing you mean business.

You are posed, you shout confidence in your own self and you have the uncanny ability to make the other person feel nervous as if s/he doesn’t know what you will do next… just like the 2 cats in this image… they look calm now but you never know how they will react with a little push.



Aquarius: Eight of CoinsHezicos Tarot -- 8 of Coins

You seem to have a lot to do and may not be all that happy about doing it but think of the rewards when it is finished!

The sky in this card gives the sense of a new day… a new venture coming to its conclusion and you are perched high waiting to benefit from the efforts of your hard work.

The glyphs down the right hand side of the card are for the planet Saturn which is a planet of hard work, wisdom and like the star sign it rules, Capricorn, it will propel you to success.

The work you are doing doesn’t necessarily need to be physical as the colours within the rocks also indicate that the work may be spiritual or work on the inner “you”. Regardless, of whether it is physical or inner work you are doing the frog in this card also implies that once you are finished you will be at the surmount of a new beginning for yourself. A new you… or a new aspect to yourself magically being discovered.

Do whatever you have to do in your own way because Saturn does not only rule Capricorn… it once ruled Aquarius… and Aquarians are known for their originality. It doesn’t need to be all work and no play for you if you use your imagination.



Pisces: Five of Swords5-of-swords

You might like to keep an eye on what is really going on around you for if you keep on lashing out at thin air you may miss your mark and do more damage than you intended.

Even though you may think your obstacles are insurmountable just now you actually have a lot going for you if you know where to look.

It might be an idea to seek advice in something that has become a bit out of hand for you and you need more professional advice to sort it out.

Rather than trying to swipe at every perceived threat that comes your way you might like to sit down and look at the view from that height.

If you find yourself feeling as if you are overwhelmed by too much input or people trying to goad you into action this month your best bet is to stop pushing back at the threat and take a step back.

I know you have a lot to say in your own defense but the other person doesn’t seem to be listening and if this is the case then your silence will speak louder than words. Take some time out… and use this time to centre your “self”.




The cards used for this month’s tarotscopes come from the Hezicos Tarot © by Mary Griffin. This beautiful deck was illustrated and self-published by Mary herself, and can be purchased directly from the Hezicos site. Used by generous permission. Please visit and “like” this deck’s Facebook Fan page.


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June 2014 TarotScopes

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