June 2017 Tarot Scopes by Melodie


ARIES: Manatee

Has it been all work and no play for you in recent weeks? Or have there been too many responsibilities weighing on your shoulders and not enough letting your hair down and just having fun?

The Manatee, or Six of Shells —  which is the Animal Wisdom Tarot’s version of the Six of Cups — says it’s time to do just that. The Manatees in this card aren’t thinking about all the work piling up at the office or all the emails they have respond to at home.

No they’re fully engaged in a game of catch, while the rest of the world floats by around them. This is the essence of the Six of Shells. Having fun, being playful and immersing yourself in the present rather than fretting about the past.

There’s a childlike innocence and wonder associated with this card. In fact children may figure prominently for you, and the thoughts of your own childhood may be triggered by their presence. If so consider it a call to observe their ability to live in the moment and follow in kind.

The Manatee as an animal totem speaks of companionship, trust and gentle play. It encourages you to take turns, share, and accept those around you for who and what they are.

The Six of Shells is all about finding pleasure in the simpler things in life. It says it’s time to kick your shoes off and have fun rather than getting bogged down with responsibilities. All those will be exactly where you left them when you come back to them later on, so for now put them all aside and try to recapture the spirit of those carefree days gone by.


The Chariot

TAURUS: Chariot

The Chariot — this version from Cathy McClelland’s Star Tarot — is all about pulling all of your resources together to overcome the obstacles that are standing in your way. It’s about “taking charge” of your life — your goals, your decisions and your destiny — rather than just going along for the ride.

As with most versions of this card, the central figures are two rearing stallions and a Charioteer who is harnessing their divergent energies. But in this rendition the stallions are replaced by a white and black Pegasus, each pulling in different directions.

If you look closely though, they do overlap in the middle, right below the ankh — or “key of life” — symbol. The black and white references — day and night, good and evil, positive and negative, conscious and unconscious, etc. serve as a reminder that we need to harness those divergent forces in order to achieve mastery.

The Charioteer himself is clothed in ceremonial garb. Esoteric symbols — including the astrological glyphs associated with the zodiac and planets — are placed all around then, and are addressed in detail in the artist’s interpretation of this card.

Like the Charioteer in this card, you can make great strides in your personal journey, as long as you’re aware of the need to focus your energy in one primary direction. You’ll have find a way to balance the diverging energies in your life. But if you can “pull it together” you can go along ways toward accomplishing your goals.

Page of SwordsGEMINI: Page of Swords

With your ruler (Mercury) moving into your sign this month, you may be mulling over the 101 ideas that are rushing through your head. Just as one bright idea pops into your mind another sprouts up to take its place.

Like the Page of Swords in this card, you will need to stay focused if you wish to “win” a discussion. Don’t rush in too quickly; decide what you want the outcome to be, and don’t get distracted by things that have no bearing upon your original plan.

Reflect on how easy it would be to hit that butterfly with the sword as shown in this card. My guess is it would not be easy but it would distract you to the point of weakening your own arguments.

The Page of Swords — this version from Kat Black’s Golden Tarot — may have his head in the clouds but that doesn’t mean it’s not full of ideas. He’s thinking and planning and strategizing at any given moment.

He may have BIG ideas — bigger than he’s prepared to handle, much like that giant sword in his hands. But it’s those ideas that propel him forward, toward ultimately accomplishing his goals.

The Page of Swords can be charming and clever. He (or she) is also somewhat immature, temperamental and emotionally unsophisticated. You may grow tired of his antics have to resist the urge to yank him by the ear and send him to his room. But there are positive attributes associated with this card as well. There’s curiosity, innovation and idealism that’s hard to find anywhere else. These are the gifts from the Page of Swords, which can inspire you to reach for the stars as well.

The MoonCANCER: The Moon

This month’s New Moon is in your sign, and Mars will  also be moving through Cancer for the better part of the month. It’s going to be a time for getting in touch with your feelings and emotions, and getting a better understanding of your doubts, insecurities and fears.

The Moon card is tied to the hidden and mysterious realm of the unconscious, from which all of our instincts and emotions arise. When we’re aligned with that part of ourselves and in sync with our emotions, everything seems to just fall into place — and when we’re not, all hell can break loose.

This version is from the beautiful Sun and Moon Tarot from Vanessa Decort. In it an ethereal young woman sits arc of in the crescent moon and looks down on the turbulent waters below.

Many versions of this card contain the symbol for Cancer (the crab), yet this version contains the symbol of Pisces (the fishes) and Scorpio, which completes the watery triad. There are the opposing pillars (lighthouses), the black and white dogs, the Hebrew Symbol for resurrection and redemption, and of course the turbulent seas.

It’s time to explore your inner world and immerse yourself in the realm of emotions. While you want to be on the lookout for things that may not be as they seem (as the Moon can also bring confusion and cloud your judgment), it’s also a brand New Moon, which brings with it a fresh perspective.

While you may not want to trust your first impressions or take everything at face value during this time, the secrets of the Moon always reveal themselves over time. If you’re feeling hesitant about something, put it aside until you feel more comfortable. Your own motivations — and the motivations of those around you — will become clearer to you in the fresh light of day.

DestinyLEO: Destiny

With the North Node now moving through your sign you may be noticing synchronicities all around you. This is the Destiny Card from the Golden Dragon Tarot — this deck’s version of the Wheel of Fortune. It represents karma, fate and transformation, concepts which may be unsettling but are always life-altering.

You may be dealing with intrusive thoughts or moments of uncertainty that cause you to question what is real and what is not. You might be asking yourself “Who am I?” “What is my purpose? “Where am I heading?” “Am I awake or am I dreaming?”

The man in this card appears to be sleeping. The goddess rising from the fog of his dreams sprinkles something over his head and soothes his fitful rest. This is Quan Yin, goddess of Compassion and Mercy, as evidenced by the Tiger, Peacock and Dragon animal totems also present in this card. Each of these animal totems represent a different state of consciousness and a different place on the Wheel. The Tiger represents the base, primal and survival instincts; the Peacock represents luxury, beauty and earthly pleasures and the Dragon represents power, victory and transformation.

If things aren’t exactly going as planned right now, you may have to look at the bigger picture. Sometimes we blame ourselves for the down times (assuming we’ve brought them on ourselves) while viewing the up times as outside of our control.

This card — and these transits transits — encourage you to remember that life’s natural rhythms may not always be in sync with your own expectations. And sometimes it takes a crisis (or a night of fitful sleep) to see that for yourself. You’ll have to look at where the actions you’ve taken and the decisions you’ve made have led you to where you are today. In doing so, and in choosing to participate in your own destiny, you can determine where this next chapter leads.

Three of WandsVIRGO: Three of Wands

This month, with your ruler moving through your career and public sector,. you’ll want to be looking at opportunities that are presenting themselves for you to expand your horizons.

The Three of Wands — this version from the Animism Tarot deck — says you’ve already made strides toward accomplishing important goals. And you’re probably also already starting to see the fruits of your labors.

Whether this is related to a projects in the workplace or momentum you’ve gained in your personal relationships, you can take a moment to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. But it’s also time to look toward the future. You want to think about how far you’ve come as you plan your next move.

The bobcat in this card is perched on a ledge looking out over the vast horizons before him. The Sun rises in the distance. He may have taken a moment to pause and reflect — over how far he’s come — but a new day is dawning and with it the energy and enthusiasm to keep moving forward.

You may have recently discovered that you’ve found your life’s purpose. Or you may be just now acting on aspirations that you were too afraid to reach for in the past.

Either way, this card speaks of a new burst of inspiration, a second wind, and the confidence with which to see it through.       The Three of Wands encourages you to push past your limitations and expand your horizons. It will mean stepping outside of your comfort zone and exploring uncharted territories. And while you run into pitfalls or have to take detours along the way, know that these are often blessing in disguise that can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Libra: Queen of Swords

It’s time to get serious about the areas in your life that call for you to act with authority. You may have been waffling about important decisions in your life, or you may have been holding back when you should have been taking a stand,

But with Jupiter turning direct in your sign — and the New Moon taking place in your professional sector — you should be thinking more this month about moving up in the world and achieving your highest potential. In order to do that, you’re going to have to think about presenting yourself as a more authoritative figure.

This is not the time to play coy or skirt important issues. It’s not the time to mince words. The Queen of Swords — this version from the beautiful Gypsy Palace Tarot — paints a strong, confident and self-imposing figure. She’s not one to be trifled with. She knows what she wants and knows how to speak her mind. And so should you.

She may have gone through her share of trials and tribulations. She’s come by the wisdom and maturity she’s associated with honestly. She may be a solitary figure but she’s not lonely. She’s comfortable in her own skin because she’s earned the right to stand tall, proud and dignified on her own.

Look at the woman in this card. She’s not messing around. She’s either started the fire that surrounds her with a flick from her cigarette’s ash, or she’s a part of it — rising from the ashes like the powerful and vibrant Phoenix she resembles.

If this is someone in your life, know that she’s here to teach you how to incorporate these qualities into your own psyche. She may be a boss, a mentor or a parental figure. Or she may be someone you look up to who knows how to get things done. If on the other hand this is you, know that it’s time to put aside your fears and uncertainties and step up to the plate. In the end you will be rewarded for doing so through the respect and admiration of others.


Scorpio: Wealth

Now is the time to be thinking about your future, especially with respect to your security and financial stability.

The Wealth card — the Vision Quest Tarot’s version of the Ten of Pentacles — is about building your empire, on whatever scale that might be.

It’s about achieving success through hard work and determination, as well as the satisfaction that comes with knowing that it’s all going to pay off in the end. Not just for you but for family and loved ones, as this card is also about creating a legacy that can be built on for generations to come.

The “pentacles” in this version are ten intricately woven baskets, displayed alongside a bountiful harvest of summer fruits and winter vegetables. These are seen as a reminder of the importance of both appreciating what you have now and planning toward the future.

The greens and golds so prominent in this card are also significant. These are the colors associated with wealth, prosperity and abundance. Notice how the baskets are fashioned in the shape of a human form, lifted up on plentiful hills of grain — the earth’s most sustainable resource.

The Ten of Pentacles is about establishing a lasting legacy for yourself and your loved ones. It’s about enjoying and appreciating what you have while planning ahead for the future.

No matter how successful you are there’s always more to be done, especially as it pertains to creating something that will live on long after you’re gone. You may be thinking of starting a family or putting money aside for children you already have. You could also be in the process of giving birth to something else — a business, a creative endeavor or a body of work. Whatever it is, know that this is something you want to be proud of, so put the extra energy into making sure you do it right.


SAGITTARIUS: Nine of Pentacles

Now is the time to count your blessings and to express gratitude for all of the wonderful things you’ve accomplished in your life.

The Nine of Pentacles speaks of shifting your attitude to one of gratitude. It speaks of attracting abundance and prosperity — not just with respect to money and material possessions, but also to your own sense of self-worth.

It’s about being grateful for all you’ve acquired and recognizing that you deserve it. It’s about developing a prosperity consciousness, knowing that the Universe offers up unlimited abundance to those who do.

The Nine of Pentacles — this version from Sarah B. Seiter’s contribution to the beautiful 78 Tarot — represents that intricate and fulfilling balance between expressing gratitude and achieving prosperity.

The woman in this card looks like she may be struggling to maintain balance. She holds the strings to Nine Pentacles — five hanging from one hand and four from the other. And these are not just any old pentacles, they’re glowing disks with butterflies and pentagrams etched into them.

She may be dealing with conflicting priorities or she may have a hard time maintaining the equilibrium in her life. This is a key feature with the Nine of Pentacles. Balancing out the give and take in your life while still maintaining your priorities. Remember that whatever you put out there — whether it’s time, energy, money or yourself — as well as whatever you’re open to receiving, will all balance out and be replenished over time.


Two of Wands

CAPRICORN: Two of Wands

Be on the lookout this month for opportunities that are available to you which might not be so readily apparent from your current vantage point.

The Two of Wands speaks of having put an initial plan into action (with the Ace of Wands) and seeing it starting to gather momentum. It means that something has started to happen — something big enough to assure you that you’re on the right track, but not well-thought out enough yet to ensure that it’s a go.

Your ruler is still retrograding through your 12th house, which may see you second-guessing yourself or hesitating to put yourself “out there.” But Jupiter turns direct in your career sector this month too. While this transit provides the optimism and energy to see your goals to fruition, you may need to get some altitude — like the cat perched on the highest limb of this tree — to get a clearer overview.

We can see that the cat is both patient and alert — two of the most important (and necessary) features of the Two of Wands, which are both captured here in the simple imagery of this card. It’s the ability to balance these two qualities that makes getting to the finish line possible.

Notice that the lower branch is forked, indicating earlier missteps or changes in plans. The cat has wisely lept up to a higher perch where he can get a better view of the road ahead of him. The Two of Wands — this version from Erin Morgenstern’s Phantomwise Tarot — encourages you to expand your horizons and reach for broader vistas. It speaks of taking a look at your long-term goals and acting on them with courage and conviction. You’re already seeing how some moves are paying off, and are now in a position to take things to the next level.

If you’ve been hesitating due to fear or uncertainty, now is the time to put those worries aside. The Jupiter transit through your public sector says that all you aspire to is now within your grasp; you only need to muster up the confidence to go after it.

Ace of WandsAQUARIUS: Ace of Wands

Things are looking up for you this month with Venus and Uranus — your ruler — coming together in Aries. These transits bring with them a clearer insight and a renewed sense of confidence, passion and inspiration.

It’s a good time for you  to visualize and then work on manifesting your goals. Any new project you are thinking of starting now would be a great time to begin. The image on this Ace of Wands — from Stephanie Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore’s fantastic Shadowscapes Tarot — suggests there is a correlation between what you are thinking of doing on a higher level and bringing it into your life. If this is the case it will not be difficult.

Things will fall into place for you almost seamlessly as your thoughts and actions correlate to what is around you and help comes from unexpected sources.

There is an abundance of energy for you whether this be physical or mental and with this energy plus more importantly you are able to channel this energy into whatever you are doing. This is a good day to plough through your workload. This is the energy you want to keep in mind as you work on manifesting your goals.

It is that raw, pure, unharnessed energy that is the Ace of Wands as it changes energetically from spark (idea) to flame (intention) to contact (manifestation). It’s about increased confidence, drive and enthusiasm. Ardor. Vitality. Passion. Creativity. Power. Potential.

The Ace of Wands invites you to ask yourself what you really want to do that you can put your whole heart and soul into. It invites you to offer your intentions up to the Universe with every reason to believe you will be rewarded for doing so. With this in mind, it’s time to push all negativity aside and replace it with optimism and inspiration. If you’re truly serious about manifesting your desires, there is no time like the present to do it.


Eight of CupsPisces: Eight of Cups

This month your ruler (Neptune) turns retrograde in your sign. While this can leave you feeling more vulnerable and self-protective, it’s going to be important to let go of your fears and allow yourself to trust that the Universe has your best interests at heart.

This version of the Eight of Cups — from Marie White’s Mary-el Tarot — has a very different take on what is traditionally seen as walking away or leaving behind something (or someone) that no longer serves you.

There’s also sense of moving toward something with the Eight of Cups. Moving toward a place of personal gratification, even if that journey begins with a heavy heart.

But in this version the emphasis is more on opening your heart and allowing yourself to become aligned with the potential of something more relevant and more fulfilling being in store for you in the end.

Here a small child is almost completely enveloped in a cocoon that has been fashioned by the pelt of a lion, which he draws close to him for comfort and protection. He’s empowered by his garment, the same way that Hercules was once empowered by his.

Marie says this is due to his natural ability to view the world without bitterness. He possesses both the strength of a lion and the innocence of a child, because he’s kept his heart open and his fears at bay. Notice the 6-pointed star of Ishtar on his wrist. This symbol is identified with Venus (the goddess and the planet) which is associated with purity, beauty and love.

No matter how painful the idea of walking away from something might be, consider that same scenario from the perspective of walking toward something instead. Take some time to wrap yourself in all that Neptunian energy, and allow yourself to become a more active participant in where your journey leads.




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