November 2013 Tarot Scopes featuring Deviant Moon Tarot

Deviant Moon Tarot -- 2 of Pentacles

ARIES: This month you’re going to be weighing different options and opportunities as you work toward manifesting your goals. If you’re feeling pulled in different directions, you’ll be working on bringing the divergent areas of your life back into focus.

You may be juggling funds, career options, or even relationship choices, and are called upon now to find a middle ground. Moderation and balance are integral parts of satisfying the dual desires of this archetype.

In this version of the card, we see a Gypsy fortune-teller performing an exotic dance ritual under a crescent moon. Her movements are fluid and effortless; in fact she almost appears to be in a trance.

She holds a pentacle in each hand — the light of the moon balanced between them.

Pentacles relate to mundane areas and material concerns. Therefore you may find yourself juggling funds this month, or you may be torn between saving it up and spending it on something you just don’t need.

You could also be trying to decide whether to make a major purchase or hold off on it until a later date. With Mercury retrograde until the 10th, your best bet is to hold off.

I always liked the idea of “one hand feeding the other” with this card: you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket as you risk coming up empty handed. It’s best to keep some of your options afloat, until you’re clearer about the direction you want to go.


the World - Deviant Moon

TAURUS: You’re coming to the end of one chapter of your life and preparing to embark on another. The World card (Universe in some decks) speaks of a a sense of fulfillment and completion as put the finishing touches on a project or cycle and begin to tie up loose ends.

In this rendition we see a sea siren or mermaid, framed by the mythical Ouroboros (world serpent). Two human-faced fish are situated at the top of the card, gazing at one another. A pair of hybrid beasts safeguard the gateway between past and future at the bottom of the card.

According to tradition, the Ouroboros swallows his own tail and devours himself, only to be reborn again and again. This represents the World card’s on-going cycle of past and future, death and rebirth, transformation and regeneration.

The mermaid is front center here, midway between the past and future. She’s risen from the sea behind her as she begins her transition across solid ground. She only needs to cross through the gateway before her to complete the transition.

She may need to confront her fears (the beasts on the other side), but if you look at them closely, they’re not so frightening after all.

This is the essence of the World card in this deck. We find that everything we need to become fulfilled is right at our fingertips: We can draw from the past to prepare for the future, as long as we’re willing to cross those important thresholds.


Six of Wands  - Deviant Moon GEMINI: This month sees you finally starting to receive the recognition you’ve worked so hard for.

It may come in the form of a raise or a promotion, or may be as simple as reassurances from loved ones that you’re valued and appreciated. You may feel like a million bucks, and rightfully so.

The 6 of Wands is called “Victory” in some decks; it speaks of validation of your efforts, and is well-deserved; this is the kind of acknowledgment you receive when it becomes clear that you’ve paid your dues.

In this version of the card, a figure emerges as a butterfly from the bud of a partially blooming flower. She wears a crown and holds a scepter in one of her many hands. We see the Sun rising high in the sky behind her as she’s hailed by her peers.

There’s a sense of triumph in this rendition, as in being chosen as a leader or someone to look up to. You may feel unexpectedly revered or idolized. But with that comes expectations that you’re going to have to live up to.

This is not the time to “bask in your glory,” but rather a time to mirror back to those who are acknowledging you the same sense of gratitude and appreciation.

If you’re in line for a promotion, an award or some other form of external validation, be ready to embrace it as confirmation that you’ve earned it and deserve it. But leave your ego at the door as there’s still more work to be done.

Ace of Wands  - Deviant Moon CANCER: 
This month is ripe with opportunity and inspiration for you. The Ace of Wands refers to a fresh start, new beginnings, passion and anticipation about the future.

You may be on the verge of changing directions in your career, such as starting a new job or launching your own business. Or you could be making plans with loved ones: getting married, starting a family, building a home, etc.

It’s all about feeling energized and inspired about where you’re heading.

In this rendition of the Ace of Wands, we see a woman gazing down at her newborn child, whom she cradles lovingly in her arms. A crown of laurels and blossoming trees rest on her head, the crescent moon rising in the background. An out-stretched arm illuminates the scene from the sidelines with a single flaming wand.

The child is swaddled in a what appears to be pea-pod, and his mother is adorned in thick moth-like robes, wings sprouting from her back. There’s a lot of earth, green, growth and nature symbolism present in this card.

If you’ve been stuck in a routine or feeling uninspired, now is the time to do something about it. The Ace of Wands is ripe with possibilities and encourages you to act on them.

Think about what really “turns you on” and then right now — at this very moment — start making plans to actualize it.


Seven of Swords - Deviant MoonLEO: You may need hold back on expressing some of your ideas this month, or at the very least develop a filter.

The Seven of Swords — like all Sevens — speaks of consequences that come from compromising your own principles. In this case it has to do with words, opinions and ideas (Swords) which may be in serious need of a 5-second delay.

It’s one thing to express yourself openly but another thing entirely to insult, offend or attack others. There’s a danger of being too cocky or of being so sure of yourself that you don’t think about how your words can affect those you care about. Others may take what you say out of context too,

This version has a harlequin figure with her legs in the air and a sword balanced precariously on her feet above her. Another sword dangles from its hilt mere inches from her open mouth. Is she too confident in her abilities? Too pompous to even consider the repercussions? Or too reckless to care? She may be all three. But if any of them cause her to slip up, the damage will be irreversible.

The Seven of Swords is sometimes associated with duplicity. There’s often a devious / shifty vibe to this card. But this version seems to emphasize the sort of recklessness abandon that can cut just as deeply.

The lesson here is the same as it is with all versions: be careful what you say as words are powerful and can end up doing more damage than good.


Page of Pentacles -  - Deviant Moon

VIRGO: You’ll have a lot to do this month, in order to put the finishing touches on half-finished projects. You may be a bit overwhelmed with the “work” that is set out before you, but if anyone is up to the task, it’s you.

The Page of Pentacles represents a self-made individual; one who is “working on him or herself” and who is capable of making something out of nothing (or building a better mouse-trap).

You may be feeling a renewed sense of inspiration as you look at something that needs a more studied eye and more careful fine-tuning as you prepare yourself to get the job done.

This isn’t all about “work” in the sense that it’s tedious or uninspiring. The Page of Pentacles is excited about creating something and perfecting it — whether it’s on the job or in other areas of his life.

You’re motivated to make things happen and to see tangible results for your efforts. But you could be applying this ingenuity and enterprise to areas outside of your profession. Projects around the home, with loved ones or family members, or even creating a partnership are all possibilities.

You may also feel like your work is never done or that it will never be quite good enough. There’s a resistance to putting a project away and allowing yourself to see it as finished. You — like the pentacle in this card — are a work in progress.


Five of Pentacles -  - Deviant MoonLIBRA: Pay attention to your money this month — meaning not just your income, but also savings and expenditures.

The Five of Pentacles can mark a period of financial adversity, such as seeing your earnings held up or seeing your resources dwindling as a result of unexpected expenses.

As Pentacles are linked to “values,” we most often think of money. But they also relate to self-worth: it’s hard to feel good about yourself when you’re struggling — financially or otherwise.

In this version of the card we see a woman attempting to slink away from a Church unnoticed, under the dark of night. Has she sought sustenance there, only to be turned away? Or is she so afraid to reach out for help in the first place that she never even bothered to knock?

There’s a cross in the window, made up of five gold coins (pentacles). An eye watches her from the doorway as she slips away. There are elements of shame and humiliation inherent in this imagery. She may have gotten caught doing something she knows was wrong.

She doesn’t have anything on her person to sustain her — and she doesn’t have a friend to turn to. She’s naked and alone. You too may feel vulnerable and exposed under your current circumstances. You may be afraid to ask for help, especially if you’re sensitive to being watched or judged. The message here though is to overcome those fears — to reach out for help when you need it, without fear of reprisal.


Two of Cups - Deviant MoonSCORPIO: This month you may find yourself bonding intimately — or strengthening an existing bond — with another.

The Two of Cups speaks of falling in love, finding your other half, or connecting with another on such a powerful level that the two become one.

This isn’t necessarily a love-connection. It can refer to a sisterhood, a business partnership, a parent/child relationship or some other deep bond. It refers to the “sum of the parts being greater than the whole” axiom, which reminds us that two heads (and hearts) are better than one.

In the context of romance though, this is a very passionate depiction. They say opposites attract and nowhere is that more evident than it is in this rendition.

We see a skeletal figure, dressed in royal garb. He commiserates seductively with a blackened representation of night (or “midnight” judging from the clock in the background). A crescent moon hangs low in the sky between them.

Has he impregnated her? She places a protective hand over her swollen womb. Droplets of blood collect on the floor, implying that he’s also stolen her virtue. They’re joined together by more than the ribbon encircling her ankle. Like these two figures, you may find yourself in a passionate, all-consuming affair.

It can be riveting and it can be intoxicating (note the wine goblets in their entwined hands) and as long as you keep your wits about you, it can also be a life-altering experience.

Nine of Wands  - Deviant MoonSAGITTARIUS: 
This month you may have to face the music about something that you’re not too comfortable with.

The Nine of Swords speaks of finding yourself in a predicament that is largely of your own doing.And while it may be hard to admit, avoiding responsibility for something you’ve created yourself will only exacerbate your problems.

The Nine of Swords is sometimes called the “nightmare” card. It refers to the apprehension and fear we experience upon waking up from a bad dream. And when we’re forced to confront a real-life situation that has taken on nightmarish proportions, it can be just as traumatic.

There’s a sense of foreboding in this card. The child has awakened from a nightmare, terrified by what he’s seen.

The ghoul gnawing on his shoulder (whispering madness into his ear) makes it all the more ominous .But you’ll find that not confronting your demons only makes them more harrowing.

The 9 of Swords is strangely empowering as it forces you to face your fears. There’s no more hiding or avoiding, as the circumstances in your life put them right in your path.

You may have to remind yourself that it’s never as bad as it seems; that it was only a nightmare and that everything will look better with the dawn of a new day.


Death - Deviant MoonCAPRICORN: This month you may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice, in the form of giving something up that you’ve been clinging to for far too long.

It may be a relationship, a job, a dream, or even an out-dated belief system that is no longer conducive to your growth. Whatever it is, it’s going to feel like a loss, and may bring with it a period of mourning.

The Death card can be frightening, as it promises both loss and change — two of the scariest notions that any of us are ever faced with. In this rendition we see two figures: “Death” represented by a pregnant female corpse, and her groveling progeny underfoot.

The smaller figure reaches out for his mother, begging to return to the safety of her womb. But death holds him at bay — with a new baby on the way, there’s just no room.

Think about what must be put to rest in your own life to make room for something new. It won’t be something you’re ambivalent about; in that sense it wouldn’t really feel like a loss, would it? No it’s something you’ve been holding onto — perhaps too tightly — that may be forcefully ripped away.

You may have to accept that the very thing you so desperately cling to is the one that’s holding you back. We can say that this ending is pregnant with opportunity: you do have to attend to the business of putting something to rest, but remember that when one door closes, another one opens.


King of Pentacles - Deviant MoonAQUARIUS: 

You find yourself in a position of power or authority this month, overseeing something that’s become near and dear to your heart.

Perhaps you’ve invested your energy into a business that’s paying off financially. Or maybe you’re seeing results in another area — as in a relationship that’s showing signs of renewal, or a child that’s blossoming under your careful guidance. Whatever it is, you can be sure that it’s your skill and acumen that’s steering the course of success.

The King of Pentacles is a shrewd and cunning businessman who applies these qualities to all areas of his life. Notice his “crown” made up of an industrial type building and the factories — up and running even under the dark of night — behind him.

You may be reluctant to delegate responsibility to others. The phrase “if you want something done you may as well do it yourself” speaks directly to you, but may not always be in your best interests. If you struggle with trusting that things will get done without your input, keep in mind that giving up control and allowing others to show you what they’re made of can benefit you more in the end.

There’s a feminine aspect to this King: note the red lipstick, painted nails, raised pinky and high heeled shoes. He’s not all blustering masculine bravado. The message here seems to be a need to incorporate nurturing and protection if you want to reap the full benefits of your enterprise.

Seven of Wands - Deviant MoonPISCES: 
You may feel the need to defend yourself this month, or to hold your ground against what feels like perilous opposition.

The Seven of Wands speaks of a need to be more alert, guarded and cautious, rather than accepting things at face value.

As with all Sevens, there’s usually a moral dilemma or a situation in which you feel you’re being asked to compromise your ideals. This may be a friend who asks you to keep an uncomfortable confidence, an accusation that’s put you on the defense, or a situation in which you feel unfairly targeted.

Either way you’re going to be called upon to take the high road, to stand your ground and to not allow yourself to back down.

The figure in this card is braced for adversity. She’s guarded and defensive, but she doesn’t retreat: she proceeds cautiously ahead. And while the moon is partially obscured behind the thicket, it sheds just enough light on the path to help her find her way.

Think about the areas in your own life where you’re feeling more guarded and alert. You may feel challenged or unsupported, and it may be hard to see your way around the obstacles before you.

But the Seven of Wands is a card of bravery; of standing tall, holding your ground and proceeding onward even in the face of adversity.






Special thanks to Patrick Valenza, the creator of the beautiful Deviant Moon Tarot, for his generous permission for the use of his cards. Published by US Games
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