October 2016 Tarot Scopes by Melodie

Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi -- Two of Buckets

ARIES: Two of Buckets

Your focus this month is going to be on love, romance and relationships. The Two of Buckets is the Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi’s version of the Two of Cups. It’s called “Love” in some versions and “Harmony” in this one.

It speaks of finding your soul mate, your better half, your “one true love.” It’s the card associated with male / female, yin / yang energy and the concept of opposites attracting.

It’s about a love so perfect that the two become one, making it nearly impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. But true love takes on many forms. And it’s often marred by things like fear, jealousy, tension, uncertainty and sex.

And here we see none of these. We see a bond that’s so intimate and affectionate between a young child and her elephant friend. She leans in with a loving embrace and he responds as only an elephant friend would. He sits there patiently and contentedly, with his own offering of love in his trunk.

Jupiter is now in your relationship house, asserting a renewed sense of romantic idealism, as well as an openness to finding the sort of love that belies status quo expectations.

The New Moon also having taken place in this sector promotes the ideal of “self-love.” And what better way to manifest that energy than to see it mirrored back to you in its purest form?

If you’re thinking about diving back into the relationship arena this month, you’d do well to take a leaf from this unlikely pair’s book. Whether you’re in an established relationship now or just looking, holding yourself up to this kind of ideal can only benefit you in the end.


four of swords

TAURUS: Four of Swords

What is it that’s been weighing so heavily on your mind these days that you find yourself having to take a step back just to clear your head?

The Four of Swords is all about “taking a breather” — either from all the noise and distractions around you or the intrusive thoughts that have prevented you from calming your mind.

Swords represent thoughts and ideas and Fours are all related to some kind of structure. Sometimes that structure is positive — as in forming a concrete plan — and sometimes it can be limiting, as in feeling boxed in or restrained.

In this case the woman in this card looks pensive. She’s half-heartedly chosen one of the four swords, but it’s clear this isn’t her final selection; she’s not sure what she wants so she holds back on deciding until she’s a little more certain.

This is the essence of the Four of Swords: it encourages you to ponder, reflect and meditate rather than “act.” It speaks of detaching from the whirlwind of activity around you and choosing to observe rather than participate.

You might also be thinking of getting away from it all. You could be feeling the strains of mundane chores and responsibilities; or maybe you just long to escape from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.

The Four of Swords — this version from the Dreaming Way Tarot — encourages you to disengage from all of the distractions around you and to find your strength through recovery. It could be as simple as getting away to relax and recharge your batteries. And it could be as profound as going on a life-altering pilgrimage or spiritual retreat.

If you can get away then by all means do it! But if you can’t there are other ways to restore your sanity. Meditation, breath-work, self-imposed silence, etc. — any one of these can help you to de-stress and restore your equilibrium. While you may feel pulled in several different directions, you’d be best served to stay calm and carry on, rather than let yourself fall out of balance.


sorcerers tarot 6 of wands

GEMINI: Six of Wands

Things are looking up for you this month, in several different areas. As your ruler (Mercury) is now direct and moving through the sign its exalted in, you should be feeling a difference in your energy levels.

There is a sense of lightness to this image — the Six of Wands from the Sorcerers Tarot — and at the same time a pulling towards the past. It may be that the Mercury retrograde has left you with something you need to finish or have not yet completed as you reach up and look behind you to make sure that everything is in place.

Get ready to grab the first wand and run (or fly) with it to your next goal because you will no doubt find yourself able to breath a bit easier and accomplish more than you have for quite a while.

There is a freedom around you that comes from feeling as if you are no longer stifled or constricted. Even though the sky is darkening, the stars are out to light your way alongside your sense of newfound freedom.

If you need to lay down foundations to achieve a goal, now is a good time to begin planning. Especially after the 6th when Mercury crosses its shadow point and leaves the retrograde officially behind.

The energy is this card is high and suggests that you will just go with or grab anything to hand that will help you and at the same time you feel a sense of freedom in what you are doing will work out well for you and that the work will be finished sooner rather than later.

The past is behind you and falling into the distance fast and as you move towards your new goals make sure you turn your head and thoughts in the direction you’re wanting to go.


Three of CupsCANCER: Three of Cups

This month you may be feeling more like taking a break from work and responsibilities and focusing on social activities with friends and loved ones.

The Three of Cups — this version from the beautiful Hezicos Tarot — represents people gathering together to connect, interact and celebrate. It’s a happy, joyful energy that can manifest as a party or celebration, or it could be as simple as a girls night out.

Either way it’s a time of merriment and gaiety. Hanging out with like-minded people and expressing feelings of affection and good-will. There’s no room for fretting about work, and none of this sitting around ironing out political or ideological differences.

If you look at the three figures in this card, you can see that they are virtually identical: Whether they’re best friends or siblings (triplets!) the sense of sisterhood and camaraderie are emphasized here.

With your friendship ruler (Venus) moving through your romance sector, and your romance ruler (Mars) moving through your relationship sector, you may be asking where certain people fit in in your life. Are they friends, lovers or something in between?

In terms of romance the Three of Cups can refer to reconnecting with an old flame or reuniting with an ex. It can also manifest as a natural progression from the Ace of Cups (an attraction) and the Two of Cups (a mutual attraction) to the Three of Cups (taking that attraction to the next level).

Whether you’re celebrating your own good fortune or raising your glass to toast another’s, the Three of Cups serves as a reminder that there’s always something to be grateful for, and always someone to share your gratitude with.


Two of PentaclesLEO: Two of Pentacles

This month you may find yourself juggling all of the different areas in your life and trying to find ways to balance them.

With all of the activity going on around you may feel like you’re spreading yourself too thin or being pulled in too many directions. You’ll have to be flexible and observant: giving into the call of one desire without neglecting the call of another should be foremost on your list.

The idea is to be alert enough to remain aware of your surroundings and agile enough to immerse yourself in them fully. Much like the little faerie — from Nathalie Hertz’ gorgeous Faerie Tarot — in this card.

Although there are bound to be distractions and demands on your time, this card encourages you to stay centered and attend to your obligations by pulling those opposing forces together and striking a balance between them.

In the context of this card, Pentacles refers to more than just money. It can mean juggling funds — robbing Peter to pay Paul –and seeing money go out as soon as if comes in.

While these are certainly possibilities you want to be aware of, they can also refer to tasks, commitments and external obligations. Think about what you need to balance in your own life this month as opposed to what deserves your undivided attention.

It may require levels of skill and dexterity that you didn’t even know you had. If you can pull it off though and find ways to satisfy one area without neglecting the other, it should be tremendously rewarding for you in the end.


Eight of WandsVIRGO: Eight of Wands

If you’ve been spending too much time weighing the pros and cons of a situation that requires you to be decisive and direct, then now is the time to ask yourself “what am I waiting for?”

The Eight of Wands — from Charissa Dresden’s Steampunk Tarot — is all about energy, momentum and progress. It’s about getting things moving and striking while the iron is hot.

It’s a good time for you to focus on making money — especially since you’ve got a lot of favorable activity in your money sector this month. It’s not the time to sit back and let things happen to you. It’s time to take hold of the reins (or the sunny parasols in this card) and make things happen yourself.

It may be as simple as ticking off all the little things on your to-do list, and it may be as significant as making great headway on an important project.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be distractions. You may find that you have too much going on or too many interests and have to figure out where to direct your attention. You may also find that you’ve got so much on your plate that you have to scramble to get things accomplished.

And while it might feel to you like there just aren’t enough hours in the day, you could be surprised when it’s over at how much you really accomplished. The Eight of Wands can also refer to travel. In that respect it relates to being literally and physically on the go. Are you planning a weekend getaway? Use this extra energy to make preparations for your trip.

Keep in mind though that the all this fiery energy can be impatient and therefore somewhat reckless. You want to stay alert and pay attention to your environment if you do end up making travel plans.


Nine of SwordsLibra: Nine of Swords

This is going to be a transitional month for you, and why wouldn’t it, with both Jupiter and the Libra New Moon taking place in your sign?

You may be thinking about reaching for higher goals, or aspiring to make huge changes in your life as you let go of your fears (traditionally associated with the Nine of Swords) and embrace the unknown.

This version of the card, from Marie White’s beautiful Mary-El Tarot —  is all about answering to a higher calling. It represents broadening your horizons and setting your sites on whatever else is “out there” for you to experience.

There’s a lot of symbolism in this card. From the black and white towers (competing urges) to the crashing waves (being overwhelmed by emotions) to the Hathor / Horus images overseeing it all.

You may feel awestruck by the vastness of the world around you. Especially as it allows you to view your own small problems in a new light. If you look at the tiny figure in the center of this card, you can see how s/he might be overwhelmed by the enormity of choices that are available on the path ahead.

The Nine of Swords is often associated with fear and trepidation. But there’s very little of that here. This version depicts a complete reversal of that anxious frightened energy that is traditionally associated with this card, and replaces it with awe and inspiration. There’s no question that Change is afoot. But you may be struggling with whether you want to embrace it or retreat from it.

Your goal this month should be to look at the options and opportunities that are laid out before you and decide which new path you want to take. It will involve putting your own problems into perspective, and being willing to take a giant leap of faith into the vast unknown.

Queen of PentaclesScorpio: Queen of Pentacles

This is a time for indulging yourself and allowing yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labors. It’s a time for treating yourself to someone

The Queen of Pentacles is all about establishing security — financial and otherwise. But she also knows how to appreciate the finer things in life, to relish what she’s worked for and to savor every moment.

She’s not afraid to work for what she wants. But she wants to be able to appreciate it too. She wants to surround herself with opulence and splendor, knowing that she’s earned and deserves it.

This Queen of Pentacles — from the beautiful Samurai Tarot — is clothed in the finest silks and lavish attire. She strikes an elegant and radiant pose. She is colorful, dramatic and mysterious. But she’s not someone to be trifled with: she’s also practical, efficient and wise.

The Queen of Pentacles likes to stay grounded. And she needs to feel that she’s contributing to her future and her financial security. But she knows that there is so much more to life than wealth and success. She knows you can work and earn and save to your heart’s content, but unless you can find a meaningful outlet for it, you’ll never be fulfilled.

As with all the Court Cards in the tarot, this may be you and it may represent someone in your life. It can also indicate a state of mind that is necessary for you to adopt. Whatever (or whomever) she represents, know that it’s time to get serious about manifesting the life that you want, and enjoying yourself in the process.

This month you want to be thinking about your long-term goals and what you might need to do to bring them to fruition. It may require you to make some short-term sacrifices. But what you gain in return — through hard work, discipline and patience — will make it all worthwhile in the end.


JusticeSAGITTARIUS: Justice

This month may see you struggling with doing the right thing or trying to make a choice between right and wrong. Sometimes those choices aren’t clear — depending on whatever prerequisites you have in place for making those kinds of determinations.

The Justice card is first and foremost about accountability. Having to live with the choices you make and being able to sleep at night once you’ve made them. This requires balancing the pros and cons of a decision, which requires balancing your head and heart.

Notice that all of the figures in this card have their eyes closed. A small child rests over a giant sleeping fish. Perhaps he’s sleeping too: the Madonna figure in the background rises up from the mists of his dreams and watches over them.

The scale she holds in her hand is precariously balanced. Between head and heart. Need and desire. Right and wrong. If any of those were given more weight than the other, that perfect balance would be lost and the quiet contentment disrupted.

The Justice card — this version from the Jaen Tarot — speaks of a universal justice: divorced from what you want or wish for, and held under the microscope of truth, wisdom and universal law.

This means that no matter how desperately you want a specific outcome, the one handed down will be fair and just. In most versions of this card there’s also a sword present: a symbol of clarity and precision. The sword cuts through doubt and uncertainty to arrive at the truth. It’s also a reminder of the fine line (double-edged sword) that separates justice from injustice.

There are karmic repercussions inherent in this card as well. Whether it’s karma you’re sewing (doing the wrong thing even when you know it’s wrong) or karma that you’re reaping (having to face challenges that are a result of past misdeeds) know that in the end Justice does prevail. Keep that in mind so that you too can go to sleep tonight knowing you’ve done the right thing.

The EmperorCAPRICORN: The Emperor

As Mars moves through your sign this month — and with Jupiter and the New Moon taking place in your career sector, you may start to feel like it’s time to take charge of your life and your responsibilities.

The Emperor card — the version from the World Spirit Tarot  — indicates a call to step up to the plate and assume a position of authority. It’s about striving for personal and professional success. And it’s about wielding your personal power in a fair and just manner.

This card symbolizes worldly acclaim and ambition. But it’s also tied to personal obligations, such as areas in your life where you may need to take on a parental role.

Hard work, perseverance and determination are all required: nothing will come to you through sheer luck or wishful thinking.

You may be called upon to counsel another or to offer guidance based on the wisdom of your own experience. Or like the Emperor in this card, your greatest gift may be the ability to truly hear what others have to say without judgment or censure.

Although there are definite masculine elements to this card, the references don’t only apply to men. It can refer to a single mother, a career-woman, or a woman with important responsibilities. It can also describe a man in your life (or someone new coming in) who embodies these qualities.

The message behind this card is one of taking care of business. It’s not the time to be passive or wishy-washy. It’s all about stepping up and taking control of a situation that requires a firm hand and authoritative presence.


Ten of WandsAQUARIUS: Ten of Wands

There may be times when it feels like it’s all work and no play for you this month, with your ruler (Saturn) involved in a t-square to Neptune and the North and South Nodes.

You may be feeling overwhelmed with all that you have on your plate, but no one is more capable than you of coming up with ways to turn a problem into an opportunity — or turn a deficit into an advantage — much like the image in this card.

This is the Ten of Wands from Dana Driscoll’s Tarot of Trees. It emphasizes responsibilities and duties which have become priorities, forcing you to deal with them rather than devoting your time and energy to what you really want to do.

As a result, you may be feeling overburdened and oppressed. You may feel unsupported by others or the Universe at large. You may also feel like you’re carrying “extra baggage” — whether this refers to your own struggles or those of someone else.

If you look at the imagery in this card, you can see that the seed of an idea has sprouted, but it’s getting very little nourishment — even though the Sun is shining in the background. The trees on either side are so tightly intertwined that they’re blocking out all the light.

This is the essence of the Ten of Wands. It can indicate taking on someone else’s problems, rather than letting them iron them out themselves. It may feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, with no time or energy left to attend to your own needs.

But this card encourages you to lighten your load: it encourages you to find a way to nurture your own ideas, needs and interests, or risk seeing everyone else’s problems interfering with your progress.



Pisces: The Chimera

This month may see you experiencing a plethora of different emotions — some of them not so pleasant — thanks to a combination of transits that pit your ruling planet against first Mars and then Pluto.

These are intense configurations that can be both volatile and explosive. They can manifest as anger, obsession, paranoia, resentment and rage. It can have you seeing red — or feeling like letting your claws come out like the Chimaera in this card.

This is the Incidental Tarot’s version of the Devil card. The Chimaera is a sort of hybrid creature who is part serpent, part lion and part goddess. She’s seductive and destructive — very much like the Jupiter / Mars / Pluto configurations.

This card can also indicate addictions and temptations. Being seduced by people and experiences (drugs, sex, risky behavior) that are just not good for you. And dealing with the darker side of humanity (including your own psyche).

It’s going to be important to keep a lid on unhealthy and destructive behaviors and to find a positive outlet for your emotions. The Chimaera card implores you to get in touch with your shadow side and to turn those negative emotions around.

Your challenge is going to be figuring out what’s been holding you back — what chains you’ve bound yourself up in — and release yourself from them.

If you have a bigger monkey on your back, now is also the time to come clean. Whatever it is, know that the Devil card is here to remind you that only you can reclaim your power. You can liberate yourself from the chains that bind you only if you’re brave enough to face them first.




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