Jan 2015 Tarot Scopes featuring the Animal Wisdom Tarot

Two of Feathers

ARIES: Two of Feathers

This month may see you feeling torn between two competing interests or desires and at a loss as to which one one you really want to follow.

You start the month with an opposition between Mars (your ruler) and Jupiter, which are moving through your 11th (social) and 5th (personal) houses.

The Mars transit has you thinking about where you fit in in the world and about the contributions you’ve made. The Jupiter transit is more personal: it’s more about creativity and self-expression.

As difficult as it is to balance these dual desires, you may find yourself at an impasse. It’s hard to feed one set of urges without feeling like you’re neglecting the other.

You may need to take the time to reflect, much like the Heron in this card.

Here we see him gazing down at his reflection in a tranquil pool. A crescent moon shines in the night sky, illuminating the pair of feathers that are crisscrossed on the water’s surface.

The Heron is this deck’s version of the Two of Swords. As this card often refers to inaction and immobility, you might take a page from the Heron’s book and use that inertia to reflect on your options before you make a move.

Aries is usually more about “act first and think later.” But this month you might want to hold back and weigh your options instead. In doing so you may just be able to find a way to satisfy both sets of urges.


llamaTAURUS:  Llama

This month you should be making positive strides toward setting your plans for the future in motion.

The Llama — Seeker of Fossils —  is this deck’s version of the Knight of Pentacles, which can translate for you as laying the groundwork toward manifesting your long-term goals.

The Knight of Pentacles refers to taking things slow and steady, with a keen eye on the future and the discipline to keep “plodding along” as he moves toward his ultimate goals.

You may be thinking about going back to school or taking courses to further your education. With a line up of planets in Capricorn moving through your 9th house — the area associated training and preparation — this is a great time to throw yourself back into your studies.

You could also be looking into rounding out your life experiences through foreign travel, spirituality or philosophical pursuits — all 9th house energies.

Whatever the case, know that change doesn’t happen overnight. There may be fewer earth shattering revelations and more moments of quiet satisfaction over seeing progress made over time.

Don’t make the mistake of focusing too much on the mundane aspects or retracing your steps — like the Llama in this card. If there’s any downside to this mentality it’s the dearth of inspiration that can lead to getting stuck in a rut of tedium and routine.

Know that even if  you’re not be where you want to be just yet, you’re heading in the right direction and have a clear vision of the path before you. Your ultimate success will make it all worth it in the end.


lizardGEMINI: Lizard

Now that Saturn has moved into Sagittarius and is opposing your Sun, you may find yourself having to defend your belief systems to others.

Between the Saturn opposition and Mars moving through your 9th house — the area associated with principles and ideologies — you may be called upon to express your opinions aggressively and with conviction.

This is not going to be the time to waiver or back down. It’s all about standing up for what you believe in, even if you find yourself at odds with the masses.

The Lizard — or Seven of Branches in this deck — is associated with the Seven of Wands in traditional tarot. It’s all about holding your ground and not allowing yourself to be backed into a corner. It’s about refusing to take the easy way out or to concede defeat.

Look at how vibrant and colorful this lizard is. He’s not about to be toned down or forced into complacency. His confidence may be bolstered by the branches that frame him on either side, but you can see that they offer little protection.

The rainbow behind him though says that he’s standing up for something he truly believes in. His ideals are noble and his intentions are grand — even as he loudly proclaims them.

The downside of this energy is the forcefulness with which he depends his territory. He may feel threatened which is why he’s puffed himself out there in an attempt to make himself look bigger than he is.

Keep this in mind this month as you find yourself clamoring to make your own voice be heard.  Make sure you’re aligned with the principles that you defend and are not just squawking about something you don’t even believe in.


ibisCANCER: Ibis

The Ibis — Nurturer of Feathers — is this deck’s version of the Queen of Swords.

As Swords are generally associated with Air and as Cancer is a Water sign, it may seem that there’s a dichotomy between these two energies. But the Ibis is associated mythologically with the Moon — the ruler of Cancer — and is also said to be associated with lunar magic.

Notice the Ibis’ curved or crescent-shaped beak. This same curvature is repeated in both the Crescent Moon in the sky and the feather suspended just above her head.

And while this month it’s a Full Moon that’s in your sign (on the 4th) there are repeated symbols of Cancerian energies throughout the imagery of this card.

The Ibis stands on a solid rock that juts out of a shimmering pool of water. Her wings are spread and she looks braced for flight, but she’s clearly in a state of peaceful tranquility, as evidenced by the feather that floats gracefully above her head.

The Sun sets in the distance  — or is it the other way around? The Sun very well may be rising as it casts its orange glow on the surface of the water.

Think about how these images might apply to you this month. As the Nurturer of Feathers brings together two traditionally opposing forces, you might look at how you can balance these seemingly divergent energies.

You may need to work on aligning your head with your heart for example. As Cancer generally relies on instinct and emotions, the Nurturer of Feathers reminds you of the value in bringing logic and impartiality into the mix.


donkeyLEO: Donkey

Saturn has just moved into your 5th house — the area associated with creativity, play and personal self-expression — three things you generally do very well.

This transit marks the onset of a 2.5 year period where you may find yourself getting more serious and potentially losing site of that carefree and playful energy that you’re known so well for.

This month’s card — the Donkey of Five of Fossils — is the Five of Pentacles in traditional tarot. It can indicate a need to rethink what you value, especially when it comes to your own sense of worth or self-esteem.

It can mark a period of financial adversity, such as seeing your earnings held up or seeing your resources dwindling as a result of unexpected expenses.

As Pentacles are linked to “values,” we most often think of money. But they also relate to self-worth: it’s hard to feel good about yourself when you’re struggling — financially or otherwise.

In this version of the card the Donkey appears to be carrying quite a heavy load. He trudges through the snow — alone — with all of his worldly possessions on his back. But look at the stars in the night sky and especially the one bright star that shines directly above him.

Notice how it shines through the fossils on his back and creates a prism of beautiful colors that glow all around him. He may be so caught up in the burden that he carries that he doesn’t even see it — which is one of the most important lessons associated with the Five of Pentacles.

You too may feel vulnerable and exposed under your current circumstances. You may be afraid to ask for help, especially if you’re sensitive to being watched or judged. But the message here is to work on overcoming those fears and on recapturing that inner beauty that glows all around you, even if you’re the last one to see it.


sea-turtleVIRGO: Sea Turtle

Have you been focusing too much on work over the past year and not enough on nurturing your family and loved ones?

The Sea Turtle — Nurturer of Shells (or Queen of Cups in most decks) is here to remind you of the need to take care of those you love.

With Saturn moving through your 4th house now — the area associated with home and family — and a lineup of planets moving through your 5th — the area associated with children — it’s going to be important this month for you to heed the call of those who are nearest and dearest.

Children may feature prominently for you this month — yours or someone else’s. Notice that the Sea Turtle is keeping watch over someone else’s babies. A small school of fish swims beneath her, safely enveloped in her protective shadow.

The Queen of Cups knows what it’s like to “mother” everyone. She’s loving, sensitive, nurturing and caring. And for this month, with the Full Moon in your 11th house (the sector related to other people’s children) and your ruler (Mercury) retrograding back through your 5th house, you may find yourself doing just that.

But the 5th house is also associated with “play.” And look how agile and carefree this Sea Turtle seems in her element. She’s not only giving her charges lots of space, she’s having her own fun the process.

The Nurturer of Shells tells you that connecting with others — and more importantly caring for them — is rewarding on many different levels.

You would do well this month to put your work ethic aside (or make it less of a priority) and focus instead on fostering relationships with those who matter to you most.


polar-bearLIBRA: Polar Bear

This month is going to be all about getting in touch with your environment and getting clarity with respect to your emotions.

Where do you fit in and where do you feel most at home? These are questions you’ll be asking yourself this month, courtesy of the Polar Bear — or Seeker of Shells (Knight of Cups) — animal totem.

The Polar Bear is not only completely at home in this version of the card but he’s adapted beautifully to his environment. He’s strong and competent, yet light-footed enough to trek comfortably through terrain that could be hostile to others.

Notice the crystals that are forming on the snow, the ice and in the sky above. There are symbols of clarity throughout the imagery of this card, and even glistening on the Polar Bear’s fur.

The Aurora Borealis overhead is reminiscent of the colorful hues that emanate from October-born Libra’s Opal birthstone. And the glowing conch shell at the base is similar to September-born Libra’s sapphire birthstone.

In fact most of this card is reminiscent of glistening jewels, between the glittering crystal backdrop and the vibrant array of colors that wash over the scene. The Seeker of Shells is a virtual rainbow of emotional expression and experience.

Think about ways that you can translate what you’re feeling this month into experiences that can be shared with your loved ones. With several planets moving through the sector related to home and family, this is a good place to start.

Your environment — that place you’re most comfortable and where you feel most complete — comes to life as you devote yourself to fostering your relationships therein.


horseSCORPIO:  Horse

This month marks the onset of a new cycle for you, now that Saturn has left your sign and moved into Sagittarius.

You should be feeling a sense of freedom and liberation — as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and been replaced with wings to fly.

The Horse — Spirit of Freedom in this deck — is associated with Chariot in traditional tarot. In this version of the card we see the Horse has taken flight and is balanced between Sun and Moon — which is in turn associated with day and night, or will and intuition.

The Chariot is traditionally associated with harnessing your inner reserves of strength and power. But here there’s more emphasis on liberation and emancipation, a reference to being freed from the chains that bind you.

Although Jupiter is now retrograde it’s also elevated for you and moving through the area of aspirations and achievements. As the Horse is also traditionally associated with Jupiter it’s fitting that for you this planet is “flying high.”

The polyhedron star branded onto the Horse’s flank is known as a Merkabah, which is a reference to the Universal life force that is a part of each of us. It’s a reminder of the magic and mystery that is such a part of the Scorpio archetype.

Notice the intricate designs that are imprinted on the Horses’ wings and which link him to both the Sun and Moon. His connection to both the inner and outer worlds are an important feature for gaining control of his destiny.

You are on the verge of a brand new cycle, during which time you should feel your spirits are lifting as you ascend to higher realms. You’ll still have to work on harnessing your baser instincts, but know that in doing so your ultimate goals are much closer to your reach.



As Saturn begins a brand new cycle for you — moving through the earliest degrees of Sagittarius — you now find yourself in the unique position of seeing the past and the future come together.

On the one hand you’re typing up a very important (28+ year) cycle that “officially” ended in the last few weeks. At the same time you’re starting a new cycle and as such have been given the opportunity to reinvent yourself and start anew.

The Whale — called the “All-Encompassing” in this deck — is traditional tarot’s World card. It’s the last card the tarot, the completion of the Fool’s journey, representing the point in time where you have an overview of all the steps that have led you to where you are today.

As an animal totem, the whale represents an awareness of your surroundings and the world around you as well as a deep connection to universal themes and associations.

You may be noticing synchronicities or seemingly random occurrences that are later revealed to you to have far deeper meanings. You may also be more profoundly aware of your connections to others — not just those in your immediate circle but to humanity at large.

Think about what impact you’re making on the world around you. It’s one thing to be a mouthpiece, and quite another to put your entire being into making a difference.

As Saturn begins its 2.5 year trek through your sign, know that all of your actions have karmic repercussions. Just as you’re now reaping karma that was sewn over the last 28 years, so too will you reap the karma you sew now when this cycle is complete.


leopardCAPRICORN: Leopard

You could be feeling like you’re coming into your own this month as you start the New Year with four planets in Capricorn and your ruler (Saturn) just having entered a new sign (Sagittarius).

The Leopard — or Nurturer of Branches — is this deck’s version of the Queen of Wands.She’s usually depicted as a strong, assertive and self reliant woman, which may not seem fitting when you think about Saturn moving through the 12th house (the area associated with dreams, instincts, psychic abilities and hidden realms).

But if you think about it, the Leopard is known for not only its ferocity and daring (Queen of Wands) but also its connection to instinct and intuition (Saturn in the 12th). In this respect the Leopard card can manifest for you as having a foot in both worlds.

The Nurturer of Branches isn’t exactly making things happen in this version of the card. But you couldn’t exactly call what she’s doing “resting on her laurels” either. She’s alert and attentive, but confident enough to know that her instincts will tell her if there is danger afoot.

The Queen in this card looks ready to pounce, but she holds back and relies on her inner voice to tell her whether it’s going to be necessary. She’s got enough altitude to have a panoramic view of all that’s taking place around her.

Notice the crescent moon embedded in the Leopard’s crown. Also the lone flower blooming below her. There’s enough femininity and grace in this card to remind you of your role as a nurturer and protector.

Whether you’re protecting your “pride” or just keeping a watchful eye on all you’ve amassed, know that your role this month will be as much about knowing when to act and when to hold back as it will be to listen to your instincts.




This month it’s going to be all about exploring the intricate workings of your psyche and tapping into your own inner wisdom and knowledge.

The Cat — called the Knower of Secrets in this deck — is traditional tarot’s High Priestess card. As such, there’s going to be emphasis on intuition and sacred knowledge that you may not have even been aware you possessed.

The High Priestess is all about seeking guidance from within and heeding your inner voice. In this respect you may need to find your place of quiet and solitude in order to best access her messages.

This month you have a lineup of planets moving through your 12th house — the area associated with dreams, visions, perceptions, psychic abilities and the unconscious mind.

At the same time, Mars moving through your sign and now in mutual reception with your ruler (Uranus), opens you to flashes of insight and perception that seem to come out of nowhere.

The Cat in this card sits on a stump at the base of a pool of water, holding a sacred manuscript in one of her elegant paws. A glow is cast upon her by the crescent moon above her with is reflected below in the shimmering pool.

This ties in beautifully with the New Moon this month, which is at 0° in your sign. You can use this time to get in touch with your intuition, listen to your inner voice and heed your psychic impressions.

You’ll have the ability this month to tap into both the deepest regions of the collective unconscious (12 house) and your higher mind (Mars and Uranus in mutual reception) to access all of the answers you seek.


hummingbirdPISCES: Hummingbird

You may be feeling a lot more sociable now than you have in recent months, thanks to a lineup of planets that are moving through your 11th house — the area associated with friends and acquaintances.

While it may not be exactly a popularity contest, you’re bound to be seen as someone that people want to know and get close to.

At the same time you could have so many opportunities that it’s hard to spend too much time focusing on any one relationship or connection. Like the Hummingbird in this card  you might be surprised to see yourself flitting from one social engagement to another.

The Hummingbird — or Six of Branches — is this deck’s version of the Six of Wands. This is known as the Victory card and can very well manifest for you as some sort of professional recognition.

That’s because all of the work and preparation you’ve been putting in over the last 28+ years is on the verge of paying off — with Saturn having just moved in your public (and career) sector.

Between Saturn in your 10th and Jupiter in your 6th — both work/ career / professional areas, you are definitely on the road to success. And whether it happens now or it happens for you months down the road, remember that it’s always a process and not an event.

As colorful and vibrant as the Hummingbird and flowers are in the foreground of this card, you almost don’t notice the fireworks in the background. It tells you that there’s cause for celebration and you might as well enjoy it, even if you’re not quite where you want to be just yet.

Don’t shy away from celebrating your achievements with others. Even if it feels premature at this stage know that you’re well on your way and that the fun doesn’t have to stop once you reach your goals.

January 2015 Tarotscopes

by Melodie



aw-setThe deck used for this month’s tarotscope comes from the gorgeous Animal Wisdom Tarot by Dawn Brunke and Ola Liola.

Dawn Brunke is a writer and editor who specializes in the areas of healing, metaphysics and spirituality. She’s written several books on communicating and communing with animals.

Ola Liola is a painter with a background in fashion. Her inspiration comes from fashion design, mythology, microscopic world, flora and fauna.

The Animal Wisdom Tarot is published by CiCo Books, and used by generous permission.



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