March 2018 Tarot Scopes by Melodie

The Priest

ARIES: The Priest

This month you may be thinking about all that you’ve gained through the trials and tribulations in your life, and how you can pull from those experiences to help others.

You may be coming out of a period of soul searching and personal reflection, which when filtered through the impulse to consider the welfare of others, can act as a powerful conduit to heal those who need healing and acceptance — now more than ever.

This is the Samurai Tarot’s version of the Hierophant card. It’s called the Priest in this deck, and as you can see from the imagery in this card, the focus is as much on helping those who need assistance as it is on spiritual enlightenment. But perhaps the message here is that these are one and the same.

This card references the ability to bring comfort and guidance to those who need it, even if you’re still struggling to heal your own wounds. And as you can see in this version of the card, the Priest must rely on his own walking stick to reach the stream he’s guiding the thirsty woodland creatures to.

In this respect they may be healing him as well. We all know how powerful the idea of being useful is, and we all know important it is to feel that we’re making a valuable contribution.

The Priest card comes as a reminder that there’s always something to learn and always something to teach. There’s also always something to give, knowing that what we get back in often far greater in the end. We just need to step outside of our own biases and preconceived notions, and be willing to lend a helping hand.


Princess of Wands

TAURUS: Princess of Wands

Now is a great time to be alive! It’s a time for trusting your instincts, pursuing your passions and reveling in the spirit of adventure.

The Princess of Wands (the Druid Craft Tarot’s version of the Page of Wands) — is all about seizing the moment and embracing your experiences with every fiber of your being.

The Princess of Wands is passionate, confident and adventurous. She’s not afraid to put herself out there and show the rest of the world what she’s made of. She’s enthusiastic and eager to make things happen. She may not always think things through though; she’s more interested in getting things moving than seeing them through to fruition.

Like all of the Pages in the tarot, there’s the promise of a wide open road ahead of you. A world of possibilities that have yet to be discovered. And unlimited resources for you to tap into.

There’s a fiery, impassioned energy about this Princess of Wands. She stands poised and ready to go, with her vibrant garb, tossled hair and imposing staff all testaments to her dynamic presence. There’s a sense of being on the verge of starting something new and exciting — even if you don’t know yet exactly what that is.

As your ruler (Venus) moves into Aries and joins three other planets there this month, the urge to make things happen is  going to be pronounced. These transits can open doors and clear away obstacles that might otherwise obstruct you from achieving your desires.

Keep in mind though that there’s a sort of reckless abandon associated with the Princess of Wands, and as such it’s probably not the best time to commit to long-term projects or goals. It’s a great time for brain-storming, inventing and creating — and not so great for launching a project that is not yet fully formed. Use this time to tap into your creative potential and save the business of accomplishing something big for another day.


GEMINI: Wealth

This month you want to be thinking about your future, especially with respect to your security and financial stability.

The Wealth card — the Vision Quest Tarot’s version of the Ten of Pentacles — is about building your empire, on whatever scale that might be.

It’s about achieving success through hard work and determination, as well as the satisfaction that comes with knowing that it’s all going to pay off in the end. Not just for you but for family and loved ones, as this card is also about creating a legacy that can be built on for generations to come.

The “pentacles” in this version are ten intricately woven baskets, displayed alongside a bountiful harvest of summer fruits and winter vegetables. These are seen as a reminder of the importance of both appreciating what you have now and planning toward the future.

The greens and golds so prominent in this card are also significant. These are the colors associated with wealth, prosperity and abundance. Notice how the baskets are fashioned in the shape of a human form, lifted up on plentiful hills of grain — the earth’s most sustainable resource.

The Ten of Pentacles is about establishing a lasting legacy for yourself and your loved ones. It’s about enjoying and appreciating what you have while planning ahead for the future. No matter how successful you are there’s always more to be done, especially as it pertains to creating something that will live on long after you’re gone. You may be thinking of starting a family or putting money aside for children you already have.

You could also be in the process of giving birth to something else — a business, a creative endeavor or a body of work. Whatever it is, know that this is something you want to be proud of, so put the extra energy into making sure you do it right.

the ChariotCANCER: The Chariot

This month you may have to strive you get your emotions in check before they run away with you.

The Chariot card refers to internal upheavals that threaten to manifest externally, such as an angry outburst or emotional display. It challenges you to “pull it together” and exert control over your own internal conflicts.

This version of the card — from Holly DeFount’s gorgeous Incidental Tarot — shows a charioteer staring straight ahead while she maintains control over a pair of rearing stallions. One is black (with white wings) and the other is white (with black wings). The charioteer wears a red cape, held together by a prominent six-pointed star.

The Black, White and Red in this card represent opposing forces (black and white) pulled together by passion, determination and drive (red). The star represents inspiration, mysticism and magic. It takes a lot more than sheer force of will to contain all that disharmonious energy, and to channel it into something real.

This represents the necessity of harnessing vastly opposing energies. The stallions are moving in two different directions — each pulling away from the other rather than working together as a team.

If you look closely you can see that they’re not really going anywhere anyway; the only movement in this card is seen in the stallions rearing back. This implies that there is some danger of spinning your wheels without really making any progress.

You’ll have to work hard if you want to rein in all of that energy, and this is the essence of the Chariot card. It’s the understanding that all parts of any “machine” have to operate in harmony in order to be effective. If you’re willing to embrace that philosophy — and if you can stand up and take hold of the reins in your own life — you can accomplish anything.


LEO: Knight of SwordsKnight of Swords

This month you may need to act quickly and decisively, like the figure in this card. The Knight of Swords is a no-nonsense individual who’s focused on attaining his goals. He’s fearless, driven and competitive and not about to let anyone (or anything) stand in his way.

As with all court cards this can refer to someone in your life, a frame of mind you need to adopt, or it can refer to you personally. Either way, it’s about someone going after what he wants with the willful drive and determination that all but guarantees success.

In this version of the card — from the Tarot of Reflections — the Knight and his stallion charge through the countryside toward their destination. The speed with which they ride blurs the hillside behind them, as the Knight’s cape billows in the wind. The landscape itself is dull and dreary: it looks like it’s pouring down rain. Still they charge forward, past the rocky terrain and over the Sword that appears as a hurdle at the base of the card.

If this is someone in your life right now — and especially if you’re at odds with him — your best bet is going to be to just get out of his way. This isn’t someone you can reason with or who will be deterred by emotional displays.He may however represent an energy or attitude that you need to learn to embrace. If you’ve been wavering in your convictions, this guy is here to show you how it’s done.

As with all the cards in this deck, there is one element reflected. In this case it’s the stallion’s face, juxtaposed against the backdrop of the dreary sky. It’s larger but somehow less daunting in that light, and although it’s an exact replica, it appears much softer and gentler.

With this in mind, you might want to counter some of that Knight of Swords aggression with patience and sensitivity. it can help you to rein in the wilful defiant individuals you encounter, and can help you to temper those qualities in you.

Nine of CupsVIRGO: Nine of Cups

This month you could find yourself tempted to overdo it in some areas. The Nine of Cups — this version from Robin Ator’s Prairie Tarot —  is associated with appreciating the finer things in life.

With a natural fondness for luxury, comfort, sensuality. composure, self-indulgence, and tranquility. And potentially with excess, depending on how fond of those things — and how susceptible to their charms you are — at this point in your life.

Overall this card speaks of getting to where you feel comfortable enough to kick your heels up and start enjoying the fruits of your labors. And while you may not be exactly there just yet, this card indicates a sense of accomplishment and pride in how far you’ve come.

Here we see a man leaning back and draping his arms across the what looks like a well-stocked bar. He doesn’t appear to have a care in the world.

A large painting of a tastefully concealed nude woman hangs on the wall in the background. Everything about him is relaxed, right down to the trust he places in his rickety chair.

Thiere may be temptations to blindly trust others or take too many chances. But there’s an element of luck there too, which seems to offset the risk. Still you don’t want to be foolish. If you drink too much, take a cab and if you eat too much, take an alka seltzer. And if you’re inclined to overdo it where your finances are concerned, this is a good time to leave your wallet at home.

Your focus this month should be on gratitude and appreciation. Think about all that you’ve accomplished and all that you’ve acquired. No matter how far you are from realizing your ultimate goals, you’ve earned some time off — or at least a moment of leisure as you appreciate how far you’ve come.


The Hanged RabbitLibra: the Hanged Rabbit

This month you may feel like the Universe is forcing you to put certain aspects of your life on hold. Plans you’ve made may he held up or delayed, or you may feel the need to take a step back and regroup.

This card — the Rabbit Tarot’s version of the Hanged Man — refers to things slowing down or even coming to a dead halt. It could be due to circumstances beyond your control, or it could be a decision you make when you realize the path you’re on is leading you in a direction you don’t want to go.

You could be frustrated over something that’s taken too long to manifest, or have the sense that nothing is happening despite your best efforts.

Roadblocks are put in your path — often for your own good. You may have been running at a break-neck pace, never stopping to look at what you’ve accomplished. Or you may have found yourself losing steam over a project that just hasn’t panned out.

Either way, it may be time to put things on hold — at least long enough to evaluate your commitment.

The Hanged Rabbit can refer to delays and sacrifices and when it does, you can bet they’re necessary. You’ll have to trust that there’s a reason, even if it’s not readily apparent, and that it will reveal itself to you in time. It indicates a need to back down, even if what you really really want to do is push forward. Your best bet under these circumstances will be to surrender to a higher power, or at least give up the resistance, for now.


Scorpio: Two of CupsMary El Two of Cups

With a line up of planets in your 5th house this month, sparks may fly for you in the romance department. Whether you’re in an established relationship or just venturing out into the dating scene, there’s an animal magnetism present that gets you in sync with others who are on the same wavelength. This is the essence of the Two of Cups.

The Two of Cups refers to an attraction or a bond — a “love connection” — with someone you’ve developed an interest in. There’s also an implicit “opposites attract” energy present here, as seen in the magnificent creatures depicted on this card.

This is the Mary-el Tarot’s version of the card. The red horse is clearly “masculine:” He’s confident, driven, passionate and aggressive. The white horse is more “feminine:” she’s timid, gentle, passive and subdued. These terms don’t refer to gender stereotypes; they describe a union of opposites regardless of sex or sexual orientation.

The concepts of opposites attracting, sexual / primal urges, and anima / animus projections are all beautifully referenced here. The masculine and feminine (yin and yang/  active and receptive / positive and negative) archetypes that are depicted in this card are just as powerful as they are simplistic.

It’s the process of falling in love that reveals to us ourselves at our very best. It’s where we put our best version of ourselves forward and the Universe responds by opening up unanticipated doors.

The Two of Cups can refer to that love at first sight sense of finding your other half. It’s the mutual attraction card, the soulmate card, and so much more. It’s the process of falling in love or renewing a love connection that replenishes itself over time.


four of swordsSAGITTARIUS: Four of Swords

What is it that’s been weighing so heavily on your mind these days that you find yourself having to take a step back just to clear your head?

The Four of Swords is all about “taking a breather” — either from all the noise and distractions around you or the intrusive thoughts that have prevented you from calming your mind.

Swords represent thoughts and ideas and Fours are all related to some kind of structure. Sometimes that structure is positive — as in forming a concrete plan — and sometimes it can be limiting, as in feeling boxed in or restrained.

The woman in this card looks pensive. She’s half-heartedly chosen one of the four swords, but it’s clear this isn’t her final selection; she’s not sure what she wants so she holds back until she’s a little more certain.

This is the essence of the Four of Swords: it encourages you to ponder, reflect and meditate rather than “act.” It speaks of detaching from the whirlwind of activity around you and choosing to observe rather than participate. You might be thinking of getting away from it all. You could be feeling the strains of mundane chores and responsibilities; or maybe you just long to escape from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.

The Four of Swords — this version from the Dreaming Way Tarot — encourages you to disengage from all of the distractions around you and to find your strength through recovery. It could be as simple as getting away to relax and recharge your batteries. And it could be as profound as going on a life-altering pilgrimage or spiritual retreat.

If you can get away then by all means do it! But if you can’t there are other ways to restore your sanity. Meditation, breath-work, self-imposed silence, etc. — any one of these can help you to de-stress and restore your equilibrium. While you may feel pulled in several different directions, you’d be best served to stay calm and carry on, rather than let yourself fall out of balance.


Seven of Swords

CAPRICORN: Seven of Swords

You may be second-guessing yourself this month or looking at recent events with a tinge of regret. The Seven of Swords — like all Sevens — requires you to evaluate all the different sides of a complicated situation, and arrive at a solution that causes the least amount of distress.

It can refer to a moral dilemma or one with no easy solution, such as a decision that favors head over heart.

The Swords in this card — from the Tarot Maximo — are double-sided. On one end they’re sharp and curved up toward the heavens. And on the other end they’re dull and crooked as they emanate from the woman’s head like a crown.

The question is whether they’re pointing up — indicating ideas, decisions and strategies — or pointing down — indicating worry, anxiety and stress. The reds and golds can indicate passion, but they can also represent fear and shame. It’s probably the latter, given the mournful look on the woman’s face.

But there’s a saving grace here too. Notice the elaborate designs on the overlay around her face. It tells us there are solutions, but that they require a level of intricacy and creativity to unravel. Also notice the mandala glowing around the region of her third eye. We can see that she does have access to a vast reservoir of inner knowledge if she’d only open her eyes.

The Seven of Swords can refer to trickery and duplicity. Sabotage. Deception. Thievery. And if there’s been any of that, then the sorrow depicted here is certainly relevant. She may be regretting her own actions. And she may — like many of us — be reminded of the actions of others that have created far-reaching and sorrowful consequences.

The Seven of Swords encourages you to think before you act, and take ownership for your actions — especially if they end up hurting someone else. It’s a card of options, decisions and solutions — any of which can ultimately make or break you.


AQUARIUS: Three of Wands

This month is going to be a time for looking all around you and seeing how the world offers infinite possibilities.

It’s a time for painting your own canvass and creating your own destiny, as seen in the Three of Wands from the fabulous Tarot of Trees.

Moving ahead means you may be leaving something behind. Something like a dull dreary existence or a reality that no longer suits you.

It may mean taking a risk, striking out toward unchartered territories and expanding your horizons so far and wide that you not only don’t know where the road you’re on leads, but are ready to make your imprint on it wherever you go.

The Three of Wands is a card of expectation and anticipation. It’s says that you’ve already started to hit your stride. It says you’ve already done the groundwork and are now ready to strike out and make all that you’ve dreamed of a reality.

It’s about opening the door to possibility and setting your sites on distant horizons. What can I do with what I already have to make a difference in the world? What do I have to offer that will bring the greatest reward? These are the questions you want to be asking yourself right now.

The Three of Wands encourages you to push past your limitations and expand your worldview. It will mean stepping outside of your comfort zone and exploring uncharted territories. And while you may run into pitfalls or have to take detours along the way, know that these are often blessings in disguise that can open you up a whole new world of opportunities.


Pisces: King of StonesKing of Stones

Look at that great big Full Moon the Wolf is howling at in this card. It’s the  Full Moon in your sign this month (on the 2nd), which is also a Blue Moon as there will be two full moons this month, loaded with Myth and Magic.

The King of Stones is the Wildwood Tarot’s version of the King of Pentacles. He’s an authority figure, a boss, parent, or mentor. He’s a natural leader — whether he’s leading a pack or acting as a lone wolf, as seen in this card.

He knows how to make his presence known without causing too big a ruckus. He may seem imposing but his bark is generally worse than his bite. He’s a steadfast and solid individual who refuses to back down.

The King of Stones also knows how to protect his assets. Whether this relates to material possessions or his family and loved ones, he’s known for being territorial. He’s not about to let anyone to trifle with what he has.

Whether this is someone in your life or an attitude that you need to adopt, the King of Stones is here to teach you the importance of letting your intentions be known. This isn’t the time to cower in the shadows. It’s time to step up and mark your territory, without stepping on anyone’s toes.

The full moon is in Pisces, which brings in the idea of following your dreams. There’s a gentler edge to this Moon which makes it more about finding your inspiration that blindly accumulating trinkets. Take some time to figure out what you want, and then go after it with the determination and enthusiasm that gets you howling at the Moon.



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