Articles for the Month of April 2022

May 2022 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

The merry month of May is now upon us! Even though there will be a Mercury retrograde beginning on May 11th at 4 ° of Gemini, it will be a very active month with lots of energy available for starting new projects and making headway with things already in progress.

In fact, in the Vedic tradition, May 3rd is considered a particularly auspicious day this year for new beginnings, like launching a new business or enterprise. At the very least do some ritual to honor Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, prosperity, fertility and abundance, or honor the goddess of your choice on that day.

Venus enters the sign of Aries on May 2nd and Jupiter follows shortly thereafter on May 11th. Aries folks will enjoy that duo strengthening their energy and stamina as well as increasing the vibes of beauty and abundance. Mars joins in on the Aries vibe on May 24th so there is even more energy present as Mars rules the sign of Aries and therefore revels in its home base.

Saturn transits Aquarius and moves from 24 º 16’ to 25 ° 14’ throughout the month. Structure, discipline and right action is the focal point of Saturn’s vibration so welcome its presence in your life in whatever house in your chart that Aquarius rules.

April 2022 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne


Welcome to April where we begin the month with a new Moon on the 1st and end the month with a new Moon solar eclipse on the 30th. The Sun and Moon are at 11 degrees of Aries with Mercury at 10 degrees Aries and the asteroid Chiron close by at 12 degrees. This speaks to me of a powerful healing vibration possible, particularly so as Jupiter and Neptune are in close contact by conjunction in Pisces.

Though Mercury is combust the Sun now, on April 2nd the little dude will be within the inner rays of the Sun and it is said to be very powerful when that occurs. Speak your truth with kindness and integrity.  Mars is now approaching a conjunction with Saturn and will be at the exact degree of conjunction at 22 Aquarius on April 4th.

These two planets are not friendly with each other and can be quite warlike when making an aspect together. Use the positive vibes of Jupiter and Neptune to uplift any negative energy you personally feel and project it out into the world, particularly for a positive outcome to the war situation in Ukraine.

Reconnect with your cosmic self at this time. Venus enters Pisces on April 6th, which can help everyone feel some kind of blessing is due and coming, however in Pisces, something has to be sacrificed or surrendered in some way.