Articles for this day of June 1, 2024

June 2024 Monthly Horoscopes by Jeanne

June begins with the Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Gemini along with Mercury, just three days away from entering the sign of the twins, too. This stellium of planetary energy in one sector of the sky bodes well for having a busy social calendar, as well as having lots of opportunities for travel and new adventures through the first three weeks.

The energy does have a bit of a restless but upbeat vibe to it so it is actually better to be active than sedentary this month. The Gemini archetype is friendly, talkative, youthful and eager for new experiences.

With Jupiter’s vibe joining the party, you will have many choices available over the next twelve months, so take advantage of this period of expansion.

Mars moves through the final degrees of Aries and on the 10th enters the sign of Taurus, moving to 16 degrees, 10’ of Taurus by June 30th. Mars isn’t that comfortable in the fixed, feminine, earth sign of the bull which slows his energy down and gives a tendency to overindulge in all things pleasurable, to his detriment! Engage some discipline with your Mars to overcome those urges.