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Charles has consulted the Tarot for himself and friends for many years. He sees it as a way of tapping in to our own internal wisdom and finding the answers that we already know -- at a deep level -- to life's many quandaries.He is a keen collector of Tarot decks and now an endorsed reader and member of The Tarot Association of the British Isles. He is also a published poet and editor of the quarterly poetry magazine Obsessed with Pipework and a passionate djembe drummer.

An Intuitive 5-Card Tarot Reading with Two Axes

           (nothing to do with choppers or tomahawks)

by Charles Johnson, guest blogger 

Feeling a bit cheesed-off the other day after a Djembe drumming practice at which my drum teacher had failed to define for me just how my sense of timing/ tempo / accent did not come up to hers, after a few hours not exactly fuming but quite deeply bothered (because drumming has become pretty central to my life and my sense of well-being), I got out my favourite Tarot of the Origins deck in order to make sense of / get to the heart of the “problem.”

I hit upon a five-card spread: three cards laid out in a vertical line, representing (from bottom to top) what’s going on from the teacher’s point of view — its origin (card 1: the Four of Jewels); the heart of the situation (card 2 and the central card in the layout: The Mother); and its implication / outcome (card 3: the Five of Jewels).