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Willow has been working with people to discover their intuitive awareness and potential in their relationships for as long as she can remember and professionally, alongside her works as a writer and artist, since 1987 long before the days of the internet.Her 25 years doing readings have brought her a lot of great joy and enrichment because, she explains that ’None of us is a purely a “Teacher” and none of us a “Student”; She sees relationships as a great mirror and how one person is feeling and what lessons they are learning often mirrors something in OURSELVES as well.Meeting people from all over the world and seeing the resilience of relationships to heal and improve is something that she sees as a great blessing.

Relationship Building by Willows Brilliance

Relationship Building

by Willows Brilliance, guest blogger 

Building a relationship during times of stress (or the hubbub of the holiday season) sometimes seems like the last thing we want to do.

With everything else seeming more important, it’s easy to fall into familiar traps where we see the other person as our aggravating, progress-blocking, obstacle who is doing whatever they’re doing to hurt us… on purpose.

Often this is not true at all, in reality it’s just a distraction from intimacy manufactured from conclusions we’re jumping to, or the desire to protect ourselves without really knowing the full story.

However, there are times when the other person really is trying to get under our skin or deliver a few well placed emotional punches.

Dealing with Discomfort and Disappointment


by Willows Brilliance, guest blogger 

For most of us, when we are asked what we want in life we have some general answers that reflect our desire for happiness, “I want a good relationship” or “I want a fabulous job” and yet when it comes down to it, we are often unwilling to suffer the pain that comes from uncertainty, from risking our vulnerability with a partner or a new job, from the hard work required to create the realities that we claim to want.

Our modern culture is immersed in INSTANT gratification and touts our happiness as a spiritual goal. As a consequence we have zillions of products, self help books and activities designed to alleviate suffering, get exactly what we want and fix discomfort.