December 2014 Tarot Scopes featuring the Ceccoli Tarot

Aries:  Empress

It may be time to start treating yourself as a Queen and putting your own needs and wants first rather than doing what everyone else wants you to do and scrutinising over every decision and move you make.

If you were looking for a promotion at work you will need to be equally on the alert that you are not seen as someone who is not able to stand their ground and do what is needed.

Because while others see you as no threat they will pass by you and possibly go over you when it comes to a promotion at work which leaves you back at square one.

On the other hand if you are taking care of or nurturing someone else this is an excellent month for you as you seem to know just what to do or say at the right moment.

Relationships may be coming under scrutiny for you and your own place within the relationship being put under the microscope so to speak.

Don’t be afraid to make the changes you see needed change and don’t be held back by over analysing everything around you.

Everyone has the right to do what is best for them and from the image on this card there doesn’t look like there is any chance you would hurt someone in the purpose.


ceccolli-high-priestessTaurus: High Priestess

While you have possibly been feeling a bit trapped and held back lately this month you are brimming with ideas. It’s just a matter of releasing yourself from any self imposed doubts or situations that may be holding you back.

The ice you are enclosed in takes on the form of a prison or a cocoon.

Sometimes when we keep ourselves trapped within a situation or way of thinking we do so to protect ourselves or protect other areas of our lives.

The crown floating about your head implies that you are ready to make changes and fairly brimming with new ideas on how to do so.

First things first though… how will you take the first step to change?

Will you thaw the ice that encases you or will you transform your life and emerge as a butterfly from a cocoon?

Either of these options may not be as difficult as you envisage.

There’s a lot of self love around for you as can be seen from the hand placed over your heart and even though others may think of you as a bit of an ice queen you have the power within you to transform all around you… including yourself.


Eight of CupsGemini: Eight of Cups

Just what is it that you are trying to hold on to?

The image on this card shows that there are things, whether outer or inner, that you are holding on to or bottling up inside.

Something like this usually comes out in the end and you may need to do some serious thinking to work out what you are going to do next.

Be careful that throughout this month you do not find yourself holding so much in that it explodes like fireworks causing an argument or friction with someone close to you.

If you have been doing too much or burning the midnight oil a little then you need to slow down.

There is light at the end of the tunnel as can be seen from the bird outwith the cage yet you need to let go of something first to be able to feel free as this will lead you onto your next step down a path that is not as constricting as the one you are now on.

If you find yourself holding onto old grudges, thinking to settle or even a score then perhaps it is time to let go as the only person this will hurt and hinder is yourself.



The SunCancer: The Sun

You’re as busy as a bee and just like a bee the need for you to get through an amazing amount of work and tasks will pay off in the end as the card of the Sun shines down on you and all that you do.

Lay down your foundations and also remember that bees pollinate and this means that the tasks you do today will spring forth and multiply in the weeks to come alongside their own way of getting through things without the need for you to be so hands on.

Many hands make light work and this is what you are aiming for.

Try to find some “you” time or use those wings to fly away and let your hair down with some rest and recreation.

There is a certain nourishing quality to this image where what you do reinforces what you have been hoping and wishing for and as you see the fruits of your labour multiply around you and take shape you are rewarded with more nourishing qualities for yourself and to your own life.

Don’t go tripping over your own feet in an effort to rush things through because although there is precious little chance of you falling given you have wings to balance your footing you also need to stop and smell the flowers once in a while… life is not all work and no play.


ceccoli-worldLeo: The World

You have the world at your feet so what are you going to do about it?

This month it is as if you are at the end of a journey and ready to start something new.

There is a sense of coming home or a knowingness around for you. Be ready to feel as if you are on the verge of something new and exciting.

There is no risk to whatever you plan to do as you have carefully surveyed your options and know what lays before you.

Although getting to this point in your life may not have been easy and you have manoeuvred through many twists and turns you can rest assured that the next step you take will come with an open path before you.

The hardest part may be you not wanting to take that first step as you feel safe where you are now… all wrapped up in your own tower with a good view of what is coming.

Even the clouds in the distance are not causing your concern as they are not storm clouds but perhaps full of rain which can help sooth you further.

Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and jump into life to live it more fully.


Six of PentaclesVirgo: Six of Pentacles

Don’t go leaving yourself short by giving too much away this month.

This could be possessions and/or information. You need to leave something for yourself.

You may find yourself coming to a “standstill” in order to gather up the pieces of your life that are not working and need reigned in.

Allow yourself time to do so as there are many areas of your life that need to balance out and by unravelling just a few of these areas the remaining areas should just fall into place.

If you feel torn in two and the need to be in several places at one time then it is time to take a deep breath and allow yourself to be in the place that makes you feel safest not where others expect you to be or doing what others expect you to do.

Many hands make light work but in your case it seems to be you doing all the work and not having enough hands to do it.

If you keep going at the rate you have been something will give and it may be that everything comes tumbling down around you. Step back and cut those invisible cords that are making you dance to the tune of others.


Three of SwordsLibra: Three of Swords

There seems to be a lot on your mind this month and a lot of it is going around and around in circles.

You may need to try to put a stop to these thoughts in order to reach your goal because if you stay where you are, continually replaying things in your mind, you may get stuck there.

If you can put these thoughts behind you you may find you emerge from your current way of thinking a new person with a new way of looking at the situation that put you there in the first place not to mention a new way of looking at and enjoying life.

There seems to be a peacefulness around for you as you hide away and keep your thoughts to yourself.

You look calm, you look as if nothing will ruffle your feathers but that is all on the surface.

You also look as if you are not facing something head on or willing to take a step forward to find out what comes next.

You will never know what is around the corner for you unless you open your eyes and mind to new possibilities and put the past behind you.


Knight of BatonsScorpio: Knight of Batons

If pigs could fly you may be onto something.

Take any piece of news you receive this month with a pinch of salt as it seems to have been given without a lot of thought.

If you rush into something without thinking it through based on what you think are the facts you may find yourself on a wild goose chase.

You have many possibilities around you just now and all are ripe for the picking but are you up to choosing wisely?

This is the question that pops out of this image as you seem to be living in a fantasy world that has little to do with the actual facts at hand.

It will do you no harm to stay in this fantasy world for a while if you need a break from “real” life but remember life has the habit of rearing its (ugly or beautiful) head up when you least expect it and you need to be ready for that when it comes.

Don’t go putting of something which you know to be inevitable just because you have your head in the clouds for a while.

If pigs could fly… well apparently for you this month they are and that is no place to be caught in if you need the feel of good old terra firma under your feet.


Two of SwordsSagittarius: Two of Swords

It may feel as you are doing a balancing act this month with so many things to juggle and in the back of your mind knowing that if you don’t get from A to B in one smooth motion then disaster may follow.

It’s unusual for a Sagittarian to be this worried about things.

Usually you are happy go lucky and not too bothered about much at all.

Perhaps you need to ask yourself why you are so worried to the point that you are afraid that if you let go a little that everything will come crashing down on you… including yourself if you fall from that height amongst the buildings.

There’s also an ease to this image which allows you to explore how easily you can manage everything you need to do just now.

You also seem to have a clear purpose in mind and know where you are going even though you perhaps have not taken the simplest or safest route to get there.

There’s a certain riskiness around for you and if you fall you fall from a great height.

Don’t take too many chances with your finances or love life as the repercussions may be more serious than you think.


Two of BatonsCapricorn: Two of Batons

When you look in the mirror what do you see?

Self love is high on the agenda for you this month and you will take the good with the bad and plain ugly.

If you have something that you really need to look at properly without putting rose coloured glasses on to assess the facts then this is the month you will get down to the nitty gritty of deciphering that situation without sentimentality clouding your judgement.

If this is about you and how you are seeing yourself, your life and what you are doing with it then you will see that the past can carry you towards the future along with all the knowledge you have accumulated along the way.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. There’s no use looking for flaws where they do not exist and it is far better to embrace your “whole” self… flaws and all… fall in love with what you find and take it from there.

Others may find you a bit self reflective this month but it is a time that you need for yourself to go inside and pull out from the depths of your thoughts what you need to carry you forward.



King of PentaclesAquarius: King of Pentacles

When it comes to finances this month you may need to draw on some alternative ways of making ends meet and start thinking in multi dimensions as opposed to just relying on one means of money coming in.

You have the strength and resources to not only get by but to thrive and more than a few ideas and options up your sleeve to see what may perhaps be a difficult time for you financially.

You are not afraid of hard work and there is a great deal of energy around for you… so much infact you may find you have your hands full and need to turn some projects down.

If this is the case do not be afraid to say no to what you don’t wish to do or to something that does not pay you properly for your efforts.

It is time for you to get your finances in order and take any means possible to do this which may require you putting your foot down in more ways than one with people using your valuable resources as if they were their own.

There is stubbornness and determination around you and once you start putting this in motion you will be surprised by how quickly anything that was going wrong right’s itself.



Four of CupsPisces: Four of Cups

You are in a world of your own making and not willing to come out of it for anyone or anything.

No matter how good an offer is that is made to you you prefer to stay within your own little world and not make any plans or moves just yet.

This is not a bad place to be as it gives you time to sit back and survey and contemplate what is around for you and also as you are making yourself scarce from others it inadvertently puts you in a position where you can perhaps command more than you have received in the past.

You actually know what you want. Notice you have your eyes on the nautilus shell (or is it a snail’s shell) which is at the moment beyond your reach.

You may have desired this for a long time and not known how to attain it. If there is something in your life that you have been wanting for a long time and it has not shown up use this month to come up with ways to bring it into your life.

The bubble that you sit in shows that you are quite happy where you are but you may need to upset that balance, for a while anyway, to actually make your dreams come true.





This month’s tarotscope comes from the Ceccoli Tarot series by Nicoletta Ceccoli

Nicoletta Ceccoli is a prolific and acclaimed painter whose richly detailed, dreamlike work has earned her fans all over the world.

Limited edition prints of her beautiful artwork is also available for purchase throughAFANYC.

This is a Lo Scarebeo deck, published by Llewellyn.

Please also visit and “like” the deck’s Facebook Fan page. 

Used by generous permission. 


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December 2014 Tarot Scopes

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