Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 2, 2014 — Two of Arrows

Two of Arrows

Two of Arrows

Today you could be dealing with a situation at work or in your private life that seems unfair.

You may have felt personally undermined by someone, or you may be witness to an injustice that is impossible to turn your back on.

But rather than jumping to conclusions, this card encourages you to sit back and weigh each side of the situation before coming to a decision.

The Two of Swords (called Arrows in the Wildwood Tarot), is called “Injustice” in this version. It refers to the sense of unfairness that you may bear witness to, whether you’re dealing with it personally or not.

In this deck, Arrows refer to Spring and to the astrological element Air. Twos always relate to inequity, encouraging you to strike a balance, right a wrong or find a compromise.

In keeping with the more traditional meaning of this card, you may have make a decision about what to think and what to believe. If you’re forced into the role of a mediator between two friends, whose side do you choose? Perhaps both arguments have merit (which is usually the case) and you have to shut yourself off from any preconceived notions or biases in order to decide.

Notice the woman in this card is blindfolded and that her scales hold two vastly different properties: a pile of coins in one and a feather in the other. Even though the coins should weigh more, the scales are relatively balanced, This is a symbolic reference to the concept of “mind over matter.” What weighs more on the physical plane is not necessarily more important.

Notice too that she’s put her weapon down. She knows that nothing can be decided through aggression or force, and so should you.

Be mindful today of false judgments, biases, prejudices or ignorance. Whether you’re on the receiving end or just an impartial witness, it may very well be up to you to make things right.



Today’s card — Two of Arrows — comes from the Wildwood Tarotwildwood-set created by Mark Ryan, John Matthews and Will Worthington.

This deck is published by Sterling Ethos.

Additional information on each of these creative and prolific individuals can be found on the Wildwood Tarot site.

This deck is also available for download for IPhone, IPad and Android devices from the Fools Dog website. 

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3 comments on “Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 2, 2014 — Two of Arrows

  1. just waiting.....

    I’m about to wring someone’s neck, but hubby says to leave it alone. I’m an Aqua sun, Capi moon, and Cancer rising. He’s a Taurus sun and moon and Virgo or Libra rising. I’m listening to hubby, but I’m having some dark negative thoughts about his sister. She is a drug user and brought this into my marriage. My hubby is trying to work out his marriage and admitted to his mother and father of the errors. His sister stalked him at work last night, he saw her and fled and she chased him down the freeway. He stopped at a public place and she verbally harassed him, punched the window of our truck, and tried to hit him. He blocked her with door and they had really bad words. He called me right before it started now her drug addict boyfriend is calling him threatening him that he will see him at his job tonight. I told hubby he needs to call the cops, but he won’t.

    In short, if anything happens to him I will lose it. I don’t want hubby around these type of people and it sucks that it’s his own sister, but she’s been a drug user half of her life. She hates me and I cannot stand her. It’s a mess. I’m waiting for her to do something stupid. I’m stuck because I want to respect hubby’s wishes, but she’s really pushing it.

    She left me a couple of voicemails in March I mean voicemails that were so hurtful that I was ready to beat her ass down. Hubby said don’t reply. I didn’t.

    This time I’m going to wring her crunchy neck…..

    1. Melodie

      It sounds like you know some astrology. Do you not have your husband’s birth time? It might really be helpful for you to have him get it as it sets up the entire house structure. My guess is that he’s Libra rising, given his desire to avoid conflict and keep the peace.

      Also look at the aspects to more than just his Sun and Moon. If he was a May 9th (or so) birth, Saturn’s opposing his Sun now. But in your shoes I’d want to know what aspects are present either from the transiting Mars to his natal chart or from other planets to his natal Mars (because we’re talking anger, aggression, threats and potential violence, ie Mars). But it’s more complicated than that.

      If you’re referring specifically to this card it can reflect your uncertainty (whether to act or to honor your husband’s request that you don’t act) as much as it refers to the injustice. If you’re referring to the Death card, don’t see it as a literal Death. It is about endings but those can take on many forms.. and many of them positive. Please keep us posted!

    2. Chrisalis

      This particular version of the death card also shows a butterfly implying being able to rise above what is going on around you or being grounded within your core as the changes occur. Interesting comment on the crunchy neck… I was drawn to the left shoulder in the image which, ironically, looks as broken as mine does at present.

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