Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 2, 2014 — Two of Arrows

Two of Arrows

Two of Arrows

Today you could be dealing with a situation at work or in your private life that seems unfair.

You may have felt personally undermined by someone, or you may be witness to an injustice that is impossible to turn your back on.

But rather than jumping to conclusions, this card encourages you to sit back and weigh each side of the situation before coming to a decision.

The Two of Swords (called Arrows in the Wildwood Tarot), is called “Injustice” in this version. It refers to the sense of unfairness that you may bear witness to, whether you’re dealing with it personally or not.

In this deck, Arrows refer to Spring and to the astrological element Air. Twos always relate to inequity, encouraging you to strike a balance, right a wrong or find a compromise.

In keeping with the more traditional meaning of this card, you may have make a decision about what to think and what to believe. If you’re forced into the role of a mediator between two friends, whose side do you choose? Perhaps both arguments have merit (which is usually the case) and you have to shut yourself off from any preconceived notions or biases in order to decide.