Free Daily Tarotscope — Jul 1, 2015 — Ten of Chalices

Ten of Chalices

Ten of Chalices

Today is a good day for finding your center and allowing the Universal blessings of love, gratitude, harmony and grace to flow through you.

The Ten of Chalices — this version from the  Yoga Tarot’s — is a card of serenity, contentment and fulfillment. This ties in beautifully with today’s Venus / Jupiter conjunction which is currently prominent in the evening sky.

An evening star Venus (called Venus Hesperus in astrology) tends to express the Venusian qualities of love, beauty and emotional satiety in a more introspective and purposeful manner — much like the woman in this card.

Add Jupiter to the mix and put them both in Leo and you have a recipe for self-love and personal fulfillment which emanates from you and touches everyone you meet.

There’s a natural harmony and flow in this card, as the woman is seen levitating above a lotus blossom in a classic zen-style lotus pose.

There’s an almost perfect balance between the left and right sides of the card, which are essentially mirror images of one another. The Waves in the background come together and form an elaborate heart.

The Ten of Chalices is a card of gratitude, fulfillment and contentment. It refers to acknowledging all that you have as well as your connections with others. It’s about happiness and security in the areas that matter most — with family, friends and loved ones.

This is not the time to think about what is lacking in your life but rather what makes it complete. And while you don’t want to be resting on your laurels, it’s important to acknowledge those who are most important to you and who keep your cup continuously full.

Take time to meditate today and reflect on the blessings in your life. Like ripples in the pond this card, all that you put out there will  expand out into the Universe and be replenished over time.