Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 9, 2014 — Ten of Spirals

Ten of Spirals

Ten of Spirals

As the Sun conjuncts Mercury today there is an abundance of thoughts and ideas for you… not to mention perhaps the need to talk more than usual. However, as this aspect is being squared by Saturn there is also the feeling that you need to be a bit careful in what you say or a sense of holding back.

If you look at this image of the ten Spirals you will get the general idea of what you may be up against today and how to make it work for you.

As the human part of the centaur tries to race ahead (Sun conjunct Mercury) the horse part can be seen trying to hold back (Saturn). There are several choices you may be making today and it may not do well for you to rush into the first one you deem fit or that takes your attention because all roads looked as if they are “paved with gold”. What is important is that you plan ahead and are seen not to be carrying a heavy load when you get to the end of the road (choice) you make.

Right now you may feel as if you are carrying the world on your back and indeed from this image you are. Yet the spirals in their various shapes and colours may also be a “gift” just waiting to be unravelled that will serve you best on another path or on another day. Do not discard all thoughts and ideas today and blindly rush in because you think you need to be “doing” something.