Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 7, 2014 — Three of Arrows

Three of Arrows

Three of Arrows

The green-eyed monster known as “jealousy” may make an appearance for you today, whether you’re prepared for that or not.

In the Wildwood Tarot, this card is called the Three of Arrows. It refers to that knife in the heart feeling of being hurt, betrayed or just seething in anger over an emotional situation that you have little control over.

This may refer to a literal breakup or the loss of a friendship, or it can be that eye-opening moment when you realize that what (or whom) you’ve wanted so badly just doesn’t want you back.

The Three of Swords in general refers to feelings of sadness, loneliness, suffering and pain. In this version though the word “Jealousy” is associated with the card, adding a whole new layer.

Here we see a wooden heart hanging from a rope that’s been tied to the limb of a tree. Three arrows are piercing the heart — and drawing blood — while flames shoot out from the side.

There’s so much poignant imagery in this card as simple as it is. The heart looks old and weathered, the tree looks deprecate, the grass and brush surrounding it looks dead.