Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 25, 2014 — Eight of Vessels

Eight of Vessels

Eight of Vessels

The Eight of Cups (called Vessels in the Wildwood Tarot), is traditionally associated with feelings of disappointment and disillusionment, brought about by the realization that what you’ve worked so hard for is not going to turn out the way you’d hoped it was.

It speaks of walking away or leaving something (or someone) behind that you’ve given your all to, and resigning yourself to the understanding that it (or whom) was just not meant to be.

This version of the card focuses more on the redemptive aspects of clearing, healing and moving on. Here we see three small vessels hanging from a tree and tilted just enough to pour their contents into one larger vessel. That vessel fills up and then overflows into four more vessels, which in turn spill their contents into a spring.

A similar pattern is repeated in nature — with the waterfall in the background, the movement and ripples in the stream, and the water that flows through the rock formations in the foreground.

As the Sun conjuncts Mercury and Venus trines Saturn today, a more practical understanding of why things don’t always work out the way you wanted becomes possible.