Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 20, 2014 — Nine of Staffs

Nine of Staffs

Nine of Staffs

If you want to get anything accomplished today, you may just need to get out of your own way. The Nine of Wands (called “Staffs in this Deck”) can indicate a sense of weariness or trepidation over circumstances that are completely outside of your control.

You may have cause to be worried and you may just be imaging the worst. Your fears can get blown out of proportion and cause you to expect things to fall apart, even when there’s no reasonable cause for alarm.

In this deck we see a woman standing in the midst of a group of trees, barely peeking out from behind one of them. Her companion animal, a Unicorn, is likewise cautiously peering out. Together they scan the horizon looking for signs of danger.

The Nine of Staffs is a card of perseverance though. It’s the “hang in there” card, reminding you that you’re almost at the finish line, with one final hurdle or battle to overcome. You could be replaying past tapes in your head — recalling the times you didn’t succeed or that you almost made it to your goal only to have the rug pulled out from you at the last minute.

The message behind this card is to remember that what seem like insurmountable odds are actually challenges set forth by the Universe. If you are to succeed, you’ll need to steer clear of temptations that are not in keeping with your principles.