Free Daily Tarotscope — Sept 13, 2014 — Ace of Bows

Ace of Bows

Ace of Bows

As Mars moves into Sagittarius today, you want to be thinking about your dreams, desires and intentions; as well as the actions you can take to turn them into a powerful reality.

The Ace of Bows (Wands in most decks) speaks of directing your energy toward your goals with purpose and intent: much the same way you’d take aim with an arrow and launch it at a distant target.

If you’ve ever done any archery, you know that you don’t just pick up an arrow and fling it haphazardly into the air. You have to pull back, focus on your objective and become one with the bow before you even shoot. Once you let go of the arrow, you’re committed to the outcome so you have to put everything you have into hitting your target.

This is the energy you want to keep in mind as you work on manifesting your goals. This card — called the “Spark of Life” here — refers to that raw, pure, unharnessed energy that is the Ace of Wands as it changes energetically from spark (idea) to flame (intention) to contact (manifestation).

The symbol for Sagittarius is the “archer” which is perfect for this card. And Mars is all about drive, initiative, energy and action: also perfect. Put them together and you have all the tools that are necessary to manifest your reality, via the Ace of Bows.