Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 20, 2015 — Ace of Stones

Ace of Stones

Ace of Stones

Coming on the heels of yesterday’s Star card — and its relationship to how and where you fit into the cosmos — today’s Solar ingress into Taurus brings you back down to earth, shifting your focus to the tangible, manifest world.

The Ace of Stones — the Wildwood Tarot’s stunning version of the Ace of Pentacles — is all about establishing your foundations and finding your place in the material world. It’s about getting grounded, interacting with nature and reconnecting with the Earth.

You may be focusing on mundane concerns today, such as developing a craft, earning a living, and preserving what you’ve acquired over time. The Ace of Pentacles is traditionally associated with money (and new money coming in). But this about way more than that.

This Ace of Stones is a living breathing rock. It emerges from a barren landscape and points toward the sky (consciousness). The patch of grass at its base speaks of growth and new beginnings, while it’s lichen-covered surface reminds you that it’s stood the test of time.

The intricate symbols etched into the Stone are cup-and-ring marks dating back to prehistoric times. They affirm the presence of mystery and ancient wisdom that is a part of our heritage.

Today you may be thinking about your roots, your history and the foundations of your existence. You may be looking about how far you’ve come as you plan your next moves. The Ace of Stones — like the Ace of Pentacles — refers to new opportunities that are rooted in your past.

It tells you it’s time to put your goals into action and turn your thoughts into concrete plans. The Ace of Stones says the time is right to take what you’ve learned and developed over time and make it manifest.