Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 14, 2015 — The Lovers

The Lovers

The Lovers

In honor of Valentine’s Day, today’s card is the Lovers card — from the gorgeous Aya Takano Tarot.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, dating, married, separated, divorced or widowed, chances are good you’re going to be thinking about relationships today.

The Lover’s card is about “love.” But it’s not always an easy or definitive love. Sometimes there are feelings of ambivalence or uncertainty, and sometimes there are choices to be made that can complicate things even more.

You may be wondering where you stand in a relationship or whether someone you care about feels the same. You may be ready to fall head over heels in love and wondering when someone new is coming in.

The Lovers in this card have eyes only for each other. They gaze at one another, flushed with excitement and anticipation, while Cupid stands poised and ready to launch his arrow. Chances are good they won’t even know what hit them.

There are other couples in the background in various states of love and lust. Check out the little cats and cartoony earth worm figures. But most prominent of all is the giant red heart — a huge reminder of what today is all about: love, romance, passion and desire.

If you’re in love today and happy with your choices, remember to celebrate that love with the object of your affection. And if you’re not — if you’re out there like so many of the rest of us still looking: don’t give up.

The Lovers card — and this one in particular — can serve as a reminder that there’s someone out there for all of us, and that what is most important is having a great big old open heart that you’re ready, willing and able to share with another.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 9, 2014 — The Empress


The Empress

There is a fair degree of self love around for you today together with the urge to take care of yourself and spoil yourself a bit.

The Empress is all given. She is the card of the mother figure, nurturer and caretaker.

If you find yourself worn out from taking care of others and giving too much of yourself then today is about self love and pampering. Let everyone come to you for a change and if they want something gently yet firmly put yourself first and let them know this

The bright hues of pink also show love around for you and the bird curled up at your feet could be the making of a beautiful swan about to emerge.

Right now it is sleeping just as you may be to the changes you can put into effect that give you more control and power over what you do with your life.

Soon it will awake and when it does just think what a lovely sight it will be greeted with.

The Empress is also a card of fertility and as can be seen here new growths of plants spurt forth towards the heavens behind you suggesting that new thought patterns will get you to where you wish to be in your life.

The sun is shining and a waterfall feeds into your emotions giving you plenty to think about and at the same time doesn’t cause too many upsets.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 7, 2014 — High Priestess

High Priestess

High Priestess

Today as Mars trines Neptune, you may feel the need to step away from all the hustle and bustle of the outside world and retreat to your own private sanctuary.

The High Priestess represents intuition, serenity and wisdom. She encourages you to seek guidance from within and to heed your inner voice. In this respect you may need to find your place of quiet and solitude in order to best access her messages.

The High Priestess in this card steps out under the night sky from behind a veiled canopy. She stands between the moon and stars to commune with the magical creatures and night-blooming lilies in her garden.

Notice how she strains to extract the symbols from the ethers around her. The impressions she receives are not always be easy to decipher. The High Priestess is wise and perceptive but even she has to make sense of all the messages she receives.

Like the High Priestess in this card, you may need to make time for quiet reflection and introspection. The Mars / Neptune aspect is harmonious in nature. But it’s still Neptune. There’s still the potential for getting your wires crossed.

Getting away and communing with nature or going on a spiritual retreat are both good options. But just taking time to quiet your mind can also help you to satisfy these leanings.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 26, 2014 — Temperance



Today you want to work on achieving balance and symmetry in all areas of your life.

The Temperance card refers to bringing the opposing facets of your personality (or your relationships, or your desires) into alignment by finding the perfect middle ground.

It’s about peace and harmony, synthesis and equilibrium, moderation and restraint.

The woman in this version of the card rests comfortably at the edge of body of water, patiently pouring water from one vessel into another. She has flowers in her hair and angel’s wings on her back.

The Sun and Saturn sit high in the sky and a bright star shines on her from afar. Land, sky and sea creatures rally all around her. There are birds, reptiles, mammals, insects and fish, all in her immediate proximity.

There’s a calm, tranquil energy expressed through the imagery in this card. It encourages us to stay centered and not tilt too much in one direction or the other.

Although you may have to make a decision today — and although that decision may require you to give something up — focusing on compromise and cooperation will go a long ways toward mitigating dissension.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 26, 2014 — the Hierophant

the Hierophant

The Hierophant

Today you may be thinking about overhauling your belief systems as well as your spiritual convictions.

This can be as simple as picking up a book that challenges you to question you pre-existing notions, and it can be as profound as a spiritual awakening that strengthens your beliefs and your relationship with a higher power.

The Hierophant is seen as the “Pope” in some decks. It refers to traditional values and belief systems, religiosity and faith in a supreme being. These are all commendable in moderation. But there are also negative aspects, such as narrow-mindedness, religious dogma and outright fanaticism.

The Hierophant him- (or her-) self often refers to a spiritual leader or someone who makes (and enforces) rules about social behavior.

In this version it’s definitely a “her” —  a much kinder and gentler version than we’re used to seeing. She stands before what looks like an ancient temple, holding the world high above her in her hands.

Her connection all things living is evident. The animals, flowers and fruits that surround her are all “worshiping” her and clamoring for her attention.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 11, 2014 — Strength



Today you may be called upon to reach into your inner reserves of strength and overcome your deepest fears. The Strength card is all about mind over matter and gaining control over the things in your life that are at risk for spiraling out of control.

It could be as simple as a pattern of second guessing yourself or talking yourself out of doing what you know is best for you. And it can be as complicated as upholding your part of a bargain you’ve made with yourself: quitting smoking for example. Dieting. Sticking to an exercise regimen. Holding your ground against temptations to “give in” when you know that doing so is not going to be in your best interests.

The woman in this card has managed to tame the beast through kindness and generosity. But she’s not exactly lying down and exposing her underbelly. Her demeanor is both soothing and reverent as she places the wreath of flowers over the lion’s mane.  I love the “power” tattoo on her forearm.

Think about how far you’ve come in taming your own inner beasts. If you’re tempted to throw in the towel, remember that doing so will only cause you to lose momentum.

The Strength card encourages you to not only meet your fears head on, but to transform them by neutralizing the power they hold over you. Once you do that you’ll find that they weren’t so frightening after all.