Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 12, 2014 — Balance



With Mercury in close contact with the Sun in Sagittarius today there is a need for balance and the possible need to reign in any actions that may get out of hand.

The dragons in this image are in perfect harmony and both balance the other perfectly like night and day. They arise from the base of the tree like kundalini energy illuminating what is around for you today.

Take note of the face underneath the tree. There is an ancient quality to this face which speaks of wisdom accumulated through life experiences and the ability to balance this wisdom in areas of your life without going overboard or holding back.

Mercury is also trining Jupiter today which while it gives you excellent communication skills it also may be that Jupiter throws this out of balance and more communicating is done than you first intended.

If this is the case or you feel as if you are going to say more than you wanted to then you need be clear in your own mind the parameters of any conversations otherwise you may put your foot in it which takes the balance of power from you in a situation and inadvertently gives it to the other person.

Remember there is wisdom around for you today. It is a wisdom that speaks of the past and what has gone before.

It is a wisdom that says you don’t need to act you can sit back planning and thinking your way through things. And if all else fails Jupiter is the planet of luck… so you can’t do much damage!