Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 22, 2014 — the Devil

The Devil

The Devil

You may have to dig deep today if you want to work on any issues that you feel have been holding you back. The Devil card can represent limitations that are far more self-imposed than you give them credit for.

Too often we feel restrained by outside influences. We either push against them or we become resigned and give in, never stopping to consider that the things obstructing our desires may not be external afterall.

In many decks the Devil is represented by a Satyr-type creature tormenting the human figures he has chained at his feet. They don’t even notice that the chains around their necks are so loose that they could easily just slip out of them. Instead they struggle against the restrictions to the point of exhaustion, until they finally give in and resign themselves to their fate — much to the amusement of the self-satisfied Devil. 

In this version of the card the Devil is part Boogie Man and part Court Jester. He laughs at the struggling figures he has clasped in his hands, but the real danger — the giant bloody jaws — are behind him (and them).

How difficult would it be for them to just slip out of his grasp and run the other way? Or better yet, stand up to him and refuse to be frightened into submission? It’s fear that binds them to the Devil, which is really just fear itself.