Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 21, 2015 — Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups

 Seven of Cups

So many choices, so little time! You’ve got a lot going on right now and have so many different options available to you, that staying on track can seem like a huge challenge.

You may feel torn by competing interests and pulled in different directions — either away from the things you really want to do or towards the kind of mindless diversions that cause you to lose sight of your priorities. As you can imagine, neither scenario is ideal.

The Seven of Cups — this version from the Dame Fortune’s Wheel Tarot — is a card of temptations, often fueled by irrational thoughts or fantasies. There can be too many choices available to you, which makes it hard to decide. But it’s often a case of wishful thinking and foolish day-dreaming that can interfere with actual progress.

This card is called “Debauchery” in some decks, referring to the superficial appeal of things that most of us only think will make us happy. We may have to remind ourselves that all that glitters is not necessarily gold. All the enticing representations of fame, glory, power, wealth and acclaim may just be hollow victories in the end.

This is the dilemma with the Seven of Cups. What you long for looks so appealing while what you have appears so drab. But it’s just an illusion and even if it weren’t — even if it were perfectly attainable — it’s not going to come about by sitting around daydreaming about it.

There are elements of seduction also inherent in this card. Being seduced by something intangible or just out of reach, or being lured in by a fantasy that falls short in the harsh light of day. While you may think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, chances are good that when you got there you’d want nothing more than to return back home.

The message behind this card is to aim for reachable goals and to participate in attaining them rather than allowing yourself to fall into the trap of wishful thinking.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 7, 2015 — Eight of Coins

Eight of Pentacles

Eight of Coins 

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter today, just before it moves into Virgo — and just before Jupiter does the same, for the first time in 11 years.

These transits are favorable for hard work, discipline and organization. This is beautifully referenced in the Eight of Coins — as seen here in the Dame Fortune’s Wheel Tarot version of the card.

The Eight of Coins is known as the “apprenticeship card.” It refers to developing craftsmanship and expertise; putting your all into a project and being satisfied with the results.

You take pride in your work — whether it’s something you’re in the process of learning or something you’ve done a thousand times before.

The Eight of Coins is all about dedicating yourself to perfection and craftsmanship. It relates to fully investing yourself in a skill or trade. It’s not about seeing what you do as drudgery, but being totally engaged in the process. In that respect it’s not “work; it’s a labor of love.

That doesn’t mean there’s no return on your investment. As you can see in this image the man is being paid for his work. But his focus is on his craft rather than the sack of money coming his way, which is as it should be.

The Eight of Coins can also refer to shifting gears — as in finding your calling at a point where you might have already considered yourself well on the road to success in some other profession.

Your challenge today is to embrace that aspect and apply it to your work. Whether that means improving upon something you’re already good at, or learning to master new skills. Like the figure in this card, it may be a stepping stone to something bigger and better down the road. But taking pride in your work and honing your skills now will see you one step closer to those goals.