Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 9, 2014 — The World

the World

The World

Time to turn inwards and call upon your inner resources to see you through today.

The World card refers to to the completion of a cycle. Of coming full circle — being back where you started but having grown and progressed along the way.

In each corner of the card stands the symbol for each of the four fixed zodiac signs. The Eagle for Scorpio, The Water bearer for Aquarius, Leo the Lion and Taurus the Bull.

Note that all four symbols are winged as if they are there to bring out the best in the attributes of these signs and not the negatives.

These four figures also correspond to the winged figures surrounding God’s throne in the Christina Book of Revelations. A Lion, Eagle, Man and Bull.

It’s time for change and the seeds that you plant now will come back to you in new growth further down the line.

There’s something you need to let go of to be able to take your next step in your journey. It may not be clear at present but is certainly about to become that way.

Neptune turns retrograde today and this means that your intuition is heightened. You may find yourself extra sensitive to the energies around you and also feel as if you are bringing together different aspects of yourself in an effort to build something new and that “something” could stand for a situation or it may stand for you becoming a new person.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 25, 2014 — the Moon

the Moon

The Moon

You may be dealing with feelings of uncertainty today and wondering whether what you believe to be real is real or whether it’s all in your imagination.

The Moon card can refer to anxiety and confusion, based on an instinct that you can’t make rational sense of. You feel that something is “off” but can’t articulate your reasons for feeling so because it’s not based on evidence, only intuition.

It refers to mysteries and perplexities that are hard to unravel. You may working with insufficient information or you may be making assumptions based on feelings rather than facts. Either way you could run into opposition from others who challenge you to justify your instincts.

Don’t think for a moment though that you’re off-base. Usually there’s a ton of truth to these feelings, even if you can’t explain them. It’s a visceral understanding rather than a logical one, which can make trying to express it very frustrating.

In this version of the Card we see the Man (or Woman) in the Moon, framed by a backdrop of clouds, stars and seasons. All four main phases of the Moon are here, with the largest one — the full Moon — shining high in the night sky. It’s face looks worn and weary, with one eye open and one eye closed. This is such a great representation of the fear and paranoia that can accompany this card.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 12, 2014 — Four of Wands

Four of Wands

Four of Wands

You may be looking forward to a party or celebration among friends and loved ones today. The Four of Wands often refers to a literal celebration — such as a wedding or birth of a child — but it can also indicate a time of rejoicing and celebrating happy news.

Although we don’t see dancing and merriment in this version of the card, we do see other important references to the Four of Wands — namely festive symbols of welcoming and hospitality.

There’s a decorative canopy and a basket full of sumptuous fruit; a babbling brook and foot bridge nearby, and high on the hill in the distance, a majestic castle.

The Four of Wands — like all Fours in the tarot — is not about work or productivity. It’s about taking time away —  from day-to-day chores and responsibilities — to celebrate life’s important milestones.

It’s about meeting and greeting, putting aside biases and preconceived notions and breaking bread with others. It’s also about creating new memories.

The Four of Wands not only appears as a literal celebration, it can also refer to a cause for celebration — such as an engagement, a new baby, a promotion, purchasing a new home, etc. However it manifests, you’ll want to recognize the occasion and share your joy with loved ones.