Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 16, 2015 — Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands

Is there something you have been waiting for perhaps news or the outcome of a problem?

It may be that you are coming to the end of your patience and need answers now rather than waiting it out and letting things take their course.

In this Knight of Wands there is a fire over the heart… depicting impatience and passion. He’a also wielding a Sword in his hand — indicating action through words and thoughts.

You may be raring to go and get things accomplished, especially if you took a break with yesterdays Four of Swords.You may also find yourself wanting to speak your mind, and not wanting to filter your words or hold back.

By all means you want to go after what you want. The Knight of Wands in this card is not lacking in confidence or determination, and if this is you you’ll stop at nothing to meet your objective. Try to exercise some discipline though: If you rush into something with blind determination you you may miss important facts.

The Knight of Wands may also represent a person in your life. Someone who’s pushing you for action and/or answers. If so then take the steps you need to not be swayed by their impatience. They may not be telling you everything, so listen and take the time to read between the lines.

If you’re feeling impatient or aggressive today, try working off some of that energy constructively. You won’t make much headway if you let your ego get in the way of your goals. You can channel all that gusto into into a favorable outcome. But only if in the process of going after what you want, you’re willing to see it through to the end.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 27, 2014 — Page of Wands

Page of Wands

Page of Wands

As Mercury enters Sagittarius today you may feel a sense of freedom with your thoughts and words. Sometimes this is good and other times it is a bit risky… especially if you don’t think before you speak.

From the image on this card you can see that there is the distinct risk that you may say something without curtailing the way it comes out of your mouth.

Even though the bird’s beak is closed the flames that lick around the feathers show there is energy that is trapped within… and energy has to go somewhere unless you are very good at dissipating it.

The tree stump suggests that the issue you are wishing to speak on has no end in sight or that the matter is a closed as far as others are concerned. Nevertheless, it seems you are keeping an eye on when you can bring it up again.

Just as the sun rises this matter has not been put to rest in your mind or thoughts.

If you are expecting news today may be the day you receive it. It is a great day to pick up your thoughts and start to feed some positivity in your life.

Learning something new may take on a new meaning for you today and if you have any feelers to put out there on a course you are interested in then the rolling hills that you are surveying from high up will show you, if any, problems you may encounter.

It doesn’t look as if you will though as you are sitting pretty high above the petty, mundane problems of everyday life today and are ready to launch yourself into something new and exciting.

Free Daily Tarotscope — July 13, 2014 — Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups

Following hot on the heels of yesterday’s super moon today we have Venus trining Mars… a planetary aspect wonderful for love and in this instance as the two planets are in Air signs… love is all about communication.

The Ten of Cups is all about happiness and as can be seen from the image on this card nothing is going to ruffle your feathers today.

You have your two feet planted firmly on the ground or as can be seen from this image you have your feet well and truly planted within the ground as if you are so in touch with yourself and what you want that nothing will shake you from your goals.

Ten cups lay in front of you as if they are floating on clouds which is another indication of today’s transits with Mars and Venus trining in air signs (clouds).

However, the other interesting astrological aspect that occurs today is Mercury re entering Cancer after a few weeks of retrograde movement and will soon come to pass over the degree of Cancer it first went retrograde at. Problems you may have experienced the last few weeks are coming to an end.

It’s time for you to slow down any thoughts which have been racing through your mind so quickly that you can’t catch hold of them.

Free Daily Tarotscope — July 1, 2014 — The Fool

the Fool

The Fool

Mercury stations today after the last few weeks being retrograde… meaning you are out of the woods but not quite with communication difficulties.

As can be seen from this version of the Fool it is as if you are wanting to go forward but not quite sure what your next step should be and there is a sense of something holding you back… as if you know your next step may be perilous but you are not quite sure why.

Not that much will stop you once you set your mind to doing something however it is not about setting your mind to doing something that is the problem here it is your mind wandering and becoming lost in what you think you want that may be your downfall.

The Fool is the first card of the major arcana and in this version the moon is new showing a new path for you or a totally different direction you may take. It’s not clear whether you are already on this course or if you are about to launch onto it as the bird doesn’t show if it is “taking off” or “falling down”.

Whichever it may be there is a sense of adventure, high spirits and lack of concerns that anything can go wrong whilst you embrace life to the fullest and throw yourself in to (or out of) your next adventure.

Unlike the bird in this card who has her eye on the moon and not the lighthouse which could be the beacon in the midst of chaos that saves her. 

April 2014 Tarot Scopes featuring the Dream Raven Tarot

ARIES: Queen of Wands

You may look calm and peaceful on the outside as if you hold the secret to the pyramids within you and could endure anything.

But just look at those flames flickering at the end of each wing… almost as if you are ready to “take off” or launch into a blazing mood which comes from nowhere.

This is a time to sit back and weigh up your options without the distraction of others and what they think, say or do.

Keep your own counsel and act accordingly with what is right for you. You have your eye on the outcome and know how to achieve it.

Notice how the bird in this card keeps her eye on the dragonfly… she is not about to let anything get in her way or dissuade her from the course she has chosen.

You have the energy within you to make your dreams come true… wish wisely and don’t waste your time and energy on the mundane.



Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 6, 2014 — Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

Today’s card — the Nine of Cups — is also known as the “Wish card.”  It’s about getting what you wish for and the attendant feelings of gratitude that follow.

In this version of the card, a brightly-colored bird — from the gorgeous Dream Raven Tarot series — gazes down in admiration upon the nine jeweled goblets that are clasped in the tendrils of her wings.

She scrutinizes each one carefully, and with genuine appreciation. Each one is so distinctive and unique that it must be hard for her to decide which one she likes best.

This a card of abundance, generosity, appreciation and gratitude. Nothing is taken for granted here — it’s all about putting out there to the Universe what you want and fully expecting to have it delivered.

At the same time there’s a great appreciation for all that you have and a willingness to share it with others.

Along with being the “Wish” card, it’s also a card of Miracles. As there’s so much more focus on what one has than what one lacks, it’s easier to notice small miracles and in even the smallest things.

With that in mind, Count your blessings and expect good things today!