Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 1, 2014 — The Empress

The Empress

The Empress

It’s time to take things easy, sit back and not react to what is going on around you? Why should you when you are feeling so emotionally relaxed.

Venus, Saturn and Chiron are forming a grand trine today in water signs which should be giving you a sense of peace and also the capacity to clear up any emotional problems you have been experiencing or trying to get to the bottom of.

With the planet of love (Venus), wisdom (Saturn) and Chiron the healer all lined up in perfect unison not much can go wrong for you and it is a great chance to become clear in your own mind where you want to go next.

It is as if you are sitting back and enjoying the easy way this day is panning out for you. You may have things to do but there is no urgency in accomplishing them especially if they are related to emotions or relationships.

In fact, any relationships around you just now will be feeling the beneficial effects of the grand trine so don’t go rocking any boats by trying to cause an argument or open something up for discussion if you know for a fact it will lead to choppy waters and not a calm sea.

You are striving for calmness today so you are ready to face “come what may” on another day. This is the time to rearrange your thoughts and emotions so they are in tune with you and what you want from a situation.