Free Daily Tarotscope — May 12, 2014 — Intellect



Today’s Mercury / Mars trine should see you tapping into your own creative potential for inspiration.

The Magician card — called Intellect in this deck — refers to the divine spark that is within all of us, and encourages us to use it to accomplish our goals.

The central figure in this card is a wise old Sage, cloaked in pure white robes and sporting a long white beard, He may be “old” but he’s not weak or feeble. He stands with one hand over his heart and one pointing up toward the heavens.

Intellect doesn’t only mean “intelligence.”  The Sage knows that what is in his heart is just as important as what is in his head when it comes to cultivating awareness and understanding.

The tables on either side of him contain everything he needs to sustain himself and to achieve his goals. There is a wand, a cup, a sword, and a scattering of pentacles. In addition to the tools associated with traditional tarot decks, this version includes a gold chain and a roll with a cross etched into it. These tools are related to Dante’s Convivio that this card is based on. The chain represents wealth and treasure and the roll is referred to as “bread of the angels.”

The Mars / Mercury combination enhances creativity and stimulates intellectual pathways. It also provides clarity and perspective. As these two planets are in air signs, the potential for gaining some spiritual altitude — in the sense of “rising above” and being able to look at things more objectively, is also indicated.