Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 21, 2015 — Three of Swords

Three of Swords

Three of Swords

Today’s Venus / Pluto square may have you thinking about some of the heartaches and disappointments you’ve endured as you focus on alleviating your suffering and healing your tender heart.

The Three of Swords is often associated with sadness and separation. And you could be dealing with this now. But keep in mind that disharmony is usually rooted in misunderstanding, or at the very least a misassumption about your role in someone’s life.

It can be that knife in the heart feeling of being hurt, betrayed or seething in anger over a situation that you have little control over. Or like the figure in this card — from Paulina Cassidy’s beautiful Joie de Vivre Tarot — it can be the realization that it’s going to be up to you to tend to your fragile heart.

You may be reeling from a breakup or the loss of a friendship, or it may be that eye-opening moment when you realize that what (or whom) you’ve wanted so badly just doesn’t want you back.

You may be forced to face a painful reality, one that tells you that something or someone has been lost forever. It can also refer to unrequited love, the loss of a friendship, or the realization that something you’d hoped for is just not going to pan out.

The Three of Swords is often linked with feelings of sadness, loneliness, suffering and pain. While we all experience these things at different stages in our lives, how we respond to them — and how willing we are to work through them — will go a long way toward determining our ability to move on.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 14, 2015 — Eight of Coins

Eight of Coins

Eight of Coins

As Mercury enters Taurus today, you’ll be thinking about being more productive. About honing your craft and turning your skills into something you can be proud of.

The Eight of Coins is a card of craftsmanship — however that might apply to you. It can be as simple as being 100 % focused on your work and wanting to show the powers that be your level of dedication and service. And it can be as innovative as taking something you are uniquely capable of and turning it into a career.

In this version of the card — from Paulina Cassidy’s whimsical Joie de Vivre Tarot — we see a Fox in wizard’s attire conjuring up a magic potion. He’s focused and dedicated, standing over the bubbling concoction as the cauldron sizzles and boils.

Five disks hang from the limbs of the trees behind him and three more are pinned to his pointy hat. He’s so good at what he does he can afford to take his eyes off the mixture. But he doesn’t dare step away: the successful completion of this project depends on his being right there to make it happen.

The Eight of Coins is also known as the apprentice card. It refers to taking on an interest — a brand new one or a lifelong dream — and devoting yourself fully to it. It doesn’t have to be career related, but because it’s a labor of love wouldn’t it be great if it were? Doing what you love and seeing the money follow is something we all aspire to achieve.

The Eight of Coins can refer to an all-work / no-play mentality. But this is all relative, as the hours that you’re putting in will likely not feel like “work” at all. Not if you truly love what you do. This is about being fully engrossed in what you’re learning, creating or developing.

Take some time today — even if you’re still somewhere punching that clock — and think about what you really want to be doing. Chances are good that once you start seriously thinking about your options, taking steps toward making them happen will come to you naturally.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 23, 2015 — Three of Coins

Three of Coins

Three of Coins

Today is a good day to put your head together with others and work on bringing a project to fruition. The Three of Coins is a “teamwork” card, among other things.

It’s about hitting your stride and seeing initial results of something you’ve been working hard on. Sometimes you need help to take it to the next level, even if that comes in the form of a critical eye.

The Three of Coins — like all threes — refers to the initial stages of progress where you’ve taken an idea (the Ace), put it into production (the Two), and are making progress now toward creating something real (the Three).

The imagery in this card describes this process beautifully. All three of these creatures are working together in harmony, with the central figure holding a coin that has a Full Moon inscribed on it while the other two are presenting him with coins of their own: one with a crescent (New) Moon and the other a crescent (Balsamic) Moon. These three phases of the Moon refer to the stages of a project from start to finish.

There’s an interdependence depicted here and a camaraderie. Each of these figures needs the others and all of them are contributing equally.

It’s a good time to reach out to others and ask for help if you need it. It can’t hurt to offer it to those who’d benefit from your assistance too. You may need a little push to get past a hump, or you may need the discerning eye of someone you trust.

The Three of Coins says that you’re making progress and should be feeling good about what you’ve accomplished so far. But there’s still work to be done, and you won’t be able to do it alone.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 14, 2015 — The Lovers


The Lovers

Mercury comes close to conjuncting Venus today, bringing positive messages your way. This is going to be about as close as it gets for awhile as Mercury starts to slow down now in anticipation of the upcoming retrograde.

Mercury is the planet of communication, which is also the title of today’s card. This version of the card — from the sumptuous Joie de Vivre Tarot — emphasizes travel, partnership and togetherness, which is particularly fitting with Venus a part of the mix.

The couple in card aren’t really paying attention to the road ahead of them. They’re fully engrossed in one another, as are the creatures upon which they ride.Their hands (and tails) are intertwined, making it hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. The little birdie flying overhead carries a message of love.

The lovers card is tied to Gemini, emphasizing the need for communications. That means listening as well as speaking, as can be seen with the figures in this card.

Openness and honesty are important features in any relationship and will go a long ways toward keeping the love alive.

The Mercury / Venus conjunction emphasizes the harmonious exchange of ideas. It’s about being on the same page — and moving in the same direction. Seeing eye to eye on important issues. And hearing the other person out.

This aspect is also good for short distance travel. Local errands, spontaneous gatherings and impromptu get-togethers. As the aspect never quite completes (this time around) the idea of playing it by ear and letting the day take you where it may is all the more appealing.

Whatever your plans today, leave room for spontaneity. This isn’t the time to get caught up in serious or monotonous plans. It’s more about sharing ideas with those you love, and expressing your feelings openly.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 14, 2014 — Six of Coins

Six of Coins

Six of Coins

Today’s card — the Six of Coins from the charming and whimsical Joie de Vivre Tarot — speaks of aligning yourself with the Universal laws of abundance and prosperity.

It refers to the act of giving and receiving, sharing the wealth and attracting more and more of it into your life through your willingness to trust that it is meant to flow.

The Moon is in Leo today, and is conjuncting Jupiter for a good part of the morning. This transit may be fleeting but while it lasts it can spark in you those warm, fuzzy feelings of benevolence and good will.

The Six of Coins is about giving and receiving. It’s about sharing. It’s about random acts of kindness. And it’s about the exchange of energy — which often takes the form of money or financial assistance.

When you look at the figures in this card you can see how there’s just as much joy in giving as there is in receiving, which is of course exactly as it should be.

Can you even tell who is who in this picture anyway? Who is the benefactor and who is the recipient? Both are giving the other one something. For one it’s the tangible gift of money and for the other it’s the joyful gift of gratitude. Is one more valuable to you than the other?

This is something to think about today. Kindness and consideration, compassion, generosity. But most of all gratitude. These are all Six of Coins attributes.

This isn’t about giving what you can’t afford to give. That can create hardship and ultimately resentment. But notice how the giver in this card has five shiny coins left after he’s given one away. He’s either created enough abundance in his life to feel comfortable passing some of it along, or he’s learned to place more value on the act of giving than the act of hoarding or spending frivolously.

Whether you’re the benefactor today or the recipient, know that this is a never ending cycle and you’ll find yourself in both roles. Be prepared to jump in and participate fully — either through offering help to another or expressing gratitude for the help you receive.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 15, 2014 — Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands

Energy is high today as the Sun sextiles Mars and allows for a freedom that you may not have felt recently.

Any correspondence or communications you need to catch up on can go a bit more smoothly today even with Mercury retrograde as it is.

You seem to have a spring in your step and a devil may care attitude that anything you do today can be accomplished.

This is throughout all aspect of your life. From the round coin shapes under your feet to the love hearts you are about to land on… it’s all like frosting on the cake and there for your pleasure.

If there is a situation that has been making your nervous and ill at ease to the point that you want to escape it but don’t know the best way to go about it then today you may just find yourself throwing caution to the wind and just moving on.

Nothing is going to hold you back. The Knight of Wands tells you that everything you want to achieve today is yours for the taking. The sky is the limit — you just need to give it everything you have as you reach for your goals.

You have the energy and intention today to do anything… even if it may not be what others want you to do.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Sept 9, 2014 — Nine of Wands

9 of Wands

Nine of Wands

You may have to dig deep to push past some of the obstacles and frustrations you’re dealing with in your life right now.

And with a stressful aspect between Mercury and Pluto today, you might have to step back, take a breath and remind yourself that it’s not as bad as it seems. You may not be where you expected to be at this point, but you’ve still got a lot of fight left in you and you’re closer to the finish line than you know.

The Nine of Wands can refer to a moment of uncertainty or hesitation that comes after you’ve given what feels like your ALL and still haven’t seen the results for your efforts.

You may have been frustrated with the lack of progress — or worse — come *this close* to completing your journey, only to find another road-block directly ahead of you.

But if you look at it from an evolutionary perspective, you may be better able to understand why you’ve been forced to step back and to re-evaluate your needs. Perhaps the setbacks you’ve encountered haven’t been setbacks at all. Perhaps they’ve been lessons in disguise.

The figure in this card is surrounded by minor obstacles. A half formed “wall” encircles her with 8 flimsy rods stuck into the ground around it. The rods all have smiling cartoonish faces on them — including the one she’s retrieved and holds in her hand.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 29, 2014 — Six of Cups

Six of Cups

Six of Cups

You may feel as if you are being pulled back in time today although from the look of this image on the Six of Cups, being pulled back in time may not be such a bad thing after all.

With the gorgeous underground water environment as your playground and no swimming against the tide seen you can just enjoy yourself amongst your friends and family… with family possibly meaning those of a similar nature to yourself.

The new moon today forms a trine to Mars and as Mars has been possibly causing all types of setbacks and problems recently this is like a breath of fresh air and one that you should take advantage of given that the new moon falls in the sign of Gemini… a sign known for its intellectual agility.

Another area you may wish to reassess within your life today is where you “fit”.  The image on this card implies a wee girl floating around, having fun and allowing life to take her wherever it will and as she is within a water environment her emotions will be playing a large part as to how she is feeling. However, you do not want wish to allow your emotions to rule you entirely… although it might be fun for a while to feel that free and easy.

You may also wish to keep in mind that Mercury enters the sign of Cancer today where not only thoughts of your past will be running around your mind but also words you may wish to say to someone that you didn’t quite get the chance to complete whether from events in their life or your life holding you back.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 7, 2014 — Page of Wands

Page of Wands

Mercury moves into Aries today so be ready to wash aside all of the miscommunications, frustrations and slowness that you may have experienced over the last few months, especially given that Mercury was retrograde during part of that time.

Mercury in Aries is fast, direct, impatient and does not have time to think through all the in’s and out’s of everything.

This is a time about “thinking on your feet”, coming up with answers from the “top of your head” and generally listening to yourself in every which way that matters… even the wrong ways.

The Page of Wands is a card of news.  Now it may be a letter, email, phone call you are waiting for which is of importance to you and heralds forth a new idea or path in your life.  Whatever it is Wands denote that it happens quickly and with the Page of Wands you may wish to think more carefully about what you will do with the information when it does come.

Look a the way the rabbit in this card walks with a certain attitude that it cares for nothing else but the importance of itself and its own ideas.  It is not worried about where it is going or where it has come from.  What matters most is what it is thinking and where these thoughts can take it.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 24, 2014 — Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

Today you may be feeling a little restless about a project that’s in the works but not quite finished. The Seven of Pentacles (Coins, in this deck) refers to the beginning of an idea or a partially finished project that still needs time to mature.

In this version of the card we see two little fairy deer, standing on either side of a tree. A seed has been planted (and nourished with love — as seen in the heart that encapsulates it just below the surface of the earth).

They gaze up at their work and coins turning into blooms, a look of sheer wonder on each of their adorable little faces.

But the fruit is not quite ready to be picked. It’s not quite “ripe” yet. There may still be work to be done or they may still need to figure out what they’re going to do with the fruits of their labor once it is harvested.

Take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come and give yourself a pat on the back while you’re at it. You can get a sense of not only how much has been done but what’s still left to do to reach your goal.

While you still need to think about your next step, you can take pride today in how much you’ve accomplished so far.