Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 24, 2014 — Judgement



Today as Mercury moves into an opposition with Chiron, you may be thinking about the synchronistic events in your life and how all of your actions impact on one another and echo endlessly out into the Universe.

The Judgment card speaks of atonement, forgiveness and unconditional love. These are all qualities you’ll want to keep in mind today, especially if the need to act on any of them resonates with you personally.

This version of the card depicts a scene from Sheherazade’s Arabian Nights, in which a young Jinnī spirit appears in a cemetery to aid the fallen heroine Hassan Badreddine.

While not all Jinn creatures are angelic — in fact they are notoriously malicious — they all possess supernatural powers and are thus able to change the course of life and death. In this tale the young Jinnī’s compassionate service doubles as an act of retribution elsewhere.

Even in this context, the Judgement card has karmic implications. On one hand the Jinnī assists a mortal whose demise was unfair and untimely, thus creating positive karma. And on the other she defies the gods — thus creating negative.

The Judgment card tells us that what goes around comes around — even if not directly, and even if not in this lifetime. It refers to an epiphany or awakening, during which you realize the consequences of your actions and are therefore more inclined to proceed conscientiously.