Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 12, 2014 — King of Staffs

KIng of Staffs

King of Staffs

There is a taste of fate in the air today as the Sun conjuncts the north node.

It may be time for you to sit back and put all your well laid plans into action and if you need help ask for it. You have the ability and strength to get anything done and you may find you don’t even know yourself as you begin the tasks that need doing.

The dragon in this image implies a mythical creature. It also implies you will brook no interference and heaven help anyone who crosses you today.

I’m not saying they don’t deserve your wrath as you are on a mission and this seems to be the day you will use to do what needs doing.

You have an eye out for trouble and at the same time are guarding that which is yours. If you have been worried that someone is possibly going to steal one of your ideas or that you need to secure that which you own then take the steps necessary to do so.

You might also wish to think about what the word “fate” means to you. Does it mean you just blindly go along in your life and take what life deals out to you or does it mean you have a say in your life and can use your will power to manipulate an outcome.

The Sun conjunct the north node today will bring these thoughts into your mind… fate versus free will and from the image of this dragon I don’t see you taking anything you don’t like or want laying down.