Free Daily Tarotscope –Sept 29, 2015 — Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands

If you’ve been hiding in the shadows or downplaying some of the more expressive or dramatic aspects of your personality in recent days, now is the time to step up and be seen.

The Queen of Wands is not someone who goes unnoticed. Especially this Queen of Wands — from the gorgeous Love and Mystery Tarot. She’s bold, creative and colorful, with a keen sense of fashion and a flair for drama.

She may be someone in your life, an event or a part of yourself. She may be a supervisor, a parent, a friend or even some facet of yourself that has long been dormant. She has a lot of fiery Goddess energy and can teach you a thing or two about leading with your heart.

She embodies the feminine or yin aspects of Fire (wands) energy: warmth, enthusiasm, energy and drive. She’s regal and majestic; dynamic and refined; confident and authoritative.

She’s creative, expressive and passionate. She possesses strong leadership qualities and elicits respect from others. She’s also very worldly and knowledgeable.

If she’s someone in your life, know that she’s here to introduce you to the qualities she represents.

If however this card refers to you, see it as a reminder that you do possess these qualities and may need to re-incorporate them into your personality. You may be called upon to act in a leadership role or to channel your creative energy into a project of your own.

The Queen of Wands represents feminine strength and power. She’s bold, confident and courageous, and knows how to make things happen in a big way. The presence of this card today encourages you to recapture the essence of the Queen of Wands and to put her to good use.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 12, 2015 — Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

Mars sextiles Neptune today and brings with it the potential for getting more in touch with your intuition and your feminine side.

Whether you’re male or female, you are likely to be exploring the softer, gentler side of yourself through dreams, visions and romantic sensibilities.

The Knight of Cups is the more sensitive, loving and romantic Knight in the tarot. He (or she) is more interested in harmony and communion than chasing after goals or fighting any battles. This person wants to connect intimately with others and may present as somewhat seductive and alluring.

This version — from the gorgeous Love and Mystery Tarot is more feminine than most. The Knight in this card is dressed in colorful and jewel encrusted ceremonial garb. He peers through an ornate golden chalice that he holds in front of his face. The chalice itself seems to be alive with flowering branches and leaves that encircle and embrace him.

The Knight of Cups is all about love and romance. Falling in love and being in love with love. Putting your heart on the line and being willing to risk it all.

This may be a person in your life, and if so he or she is here to show you how to express your feelings more openly. How to connect with your feminine side — which means getting in touch with your emotions and your intuition. This person may also be delivering a message — which can come in the form of a proposition or proposal.

The Mars / Neptune sextile gives you an opportunity to also reflect on your life and and your dreams. Are you happy in your relationship or your relationship status? If not it may be time to reassess what you want and change your approach. The Knight of Cups is sincere and idealistic, two important qualities that seem to serve him well.

This is also a good time to listen to your intuition and follow your dreams. While you do want to be mindful of boundaries and the potential for self-deception (both Mars / Neptune pitfalls) allowing your heart to guide you can only be a good thing in the end.

Free Daily Tarotscope — July 27, 2014 — Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles

Who is pulling your strings? Are you in charge of your own life or is someone else pressing your buttons to get you to do what they wish?

The Queen of Pentacles is practical and grounded yet in this card we have water and many images from the sea suggesting an emotional quality to the day when it comes to practicalities… especially if these are connected to money or finances.

There is a suggestion that you need to “come up for air” in order to see more clearly although you are on the right track with what you are intuitively feeling is your next step in gathering around you a plan to build a firm foundation on.

What is going on “underneath” is not necessarily what is showing on the “surface”.

Notice that the eyes to the woman in this image are not in the image yet they are actually out of the water, on the surface so to speak, which implies she sees more and knows more of what is going on than she is letting on to those around her.

What you are seeing may be holding you back in some way as you try to come to terms with where you fit into the grand scheme of things which is another good reason to listen to your own intuition on what you want and what you need to do next to get it.

It’s time to come out of your shell and let those around you know exactly what you are worth whether this be in a relationship and what you give to it or at the workplace.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 9, 2014 — Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

Today you want to be “on your toes” and prepared for whatever opportunities — or peril — that comes your way.

The Knight of Swords is sharp, focused and purposeful, aware of his (or her) environment and quick to act if need be.

In traditional Rider Waite type decks the Knight of Swords is literally a knight in shining armor, charging ahead into battle or to rescue his fair maiden.

But here we have a young hipster-soldier girl standing watch under a bird-filled sky. She herself resembles a bright and colorful bird, from her hair to her coloring to her clothing to her complete immersion in the scene before her.

But these birds aren’t flying south for the winter: they’re circling above her in what could be a menacing formation. She keeps her sword ready but holds it behind her until she knows for sure.

The Knight of Swords often delivers news. Sometimes it’s good news and sometimes it’s not. But like the young warrior in our card, your main objective should be to stay alert and be prepared to act quickly and decisively either way.

The Knight of Swords is quite good at getting to the point, but comes up short when it comes to tact and diplomacy. Therefore if it turns out that it’s you delivering the news today, be mindful of your tone, manner and especially your choice of words.