Free Daily Tarotscope — Sept 8, 2014 — The Moon

The Moon

The Moon

We are in store for another super moon which turns full today in the sign of Pisces.

Think of all the dreamy, creative, imaginative Piscean traits and then multiply them as the full moon works its magic on your unconscious to bring things to the surface.

This is not the day to be fighting what you don’t want to be brought to the surface.

If you do so you may find that you are so caught up in trying to run away from that which you cannot escape that you inadvertently force your unconscious to push harder to make known to you what you need to deal with.

Of course you could go down the route of having a few drinks to dampen the highly sensitive nature of this full moon but this may be the worst thing you can do as then you may find yourself spiralling further out of control and making any situation you were trying to avoid that much worse.

This is a day to meditate and with this in mind you need to know what you want in order to give your meditations that extra push because the super moon will be adding weight to any dream you wish to take forward and also allowing you to explore different ways you can achieve this dream.

As you look at this image you see the figure in it peacefully asleep, resting in a dreamlike state, surrounded by bella donna flowers and luna moths.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 20, 2014 — Gemini



As the Sun moves into Gemini today it is a good time to look at the duplicity in your own nature or that of someone around you.

We all have different layers to our persona and do not show these characteristics to everyone we meet.  In fact, only a few of us can say we are able to share 100% of ourselves with others and even then… there remains a question mark on whether this is the absolute truth.  Perhaps there is a percentage of our real selves that we hide even to ourselves.

Enter the Sun into Gemini… a card traditionally associated with that of the Lovers in most tarot decks.  A card of love but is it love of another or love of the reflection we see of ourselves when we look in the mirror or into our own hearts as we try to fathom out what is truly real for us?

On the surface the image on this card looks to be of 2 identical women but look closely and you will see tiny differences including weight, facial asymmetry, position of hands and stars and my favourite… hair under the armpit… lol.

What may be obvious to you as you look in the mirror at your identical image may not be obvious to other people.

Others may perceive you differently to how you perceive yourself and those little flaws which matter to you are not such a big deal to them.  In other words… it’s time to accept yourself as you are… flaws and all.  What is your “ideal” may not be the “ideal” of others.