Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 23, 2014 — Judgment



You may feel like you need to make amends today for past mistakes. The Judgment card refers to compassion, forgiveness, understanding and most of all redemption.

There are definite karmic elements at work here. It could be as simple as finding yourself — or someone you love — in the same predicament you’d formed a biased opinion about in the past. And it could be as profound as recognizing that your actions or words have caused somebody pain — regardless of who’s right and who’s wrong.

In this version of the card we see two figures at the base of a ladder preparing to ascend. The ladder leans up against a tree which forms a wreath through which the Angel Gabriel blows his horn.

Notice the wreath is actually an Ororborus serpent and the rungs of the ladder are in the seven colors of the rainbow (or seven chakras).

There’s so much esoteric symbolism in this card, including the overlapping triangles — representing man reaching up to God and God reaching down to man.

Also notice how one figure looks as if she’s eager to ascend while the other shrinks from the ladder in fear.

The Judgment card tells us that what goes around comes around — even if not directly, and even if not in this lifetime.