Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 26, 2015 — The Fool

the Fool

The Fool

Today’s Sun / Neptune conjunction may have you thinking about taking a giant leap of faith into the unknown.

The Fool card is the first card in the tarot, numbered Zero. It represents the onset of the Fool’s journey and refers to new beginnings, fresh starts, a period of awakening and unlimited potential.

The Fool card is so beautifully represented here in Gina Pace’s Pagan Tarot. In this version we meet a young female initiate stepping into the void with only her instincts — represented here by her feline companion — to guide her.

She steps gingerly out into the Universe with only her robe on her back and her familiar at her side. She touches down with her bare feet onto a pathway of stars and feels her way through the darkness.

There’s a starkness in this card and a vastness at the same time. It reminds you that there’s a great big world out there filled with possibilities; a blank canvas of opportunities with which to construct your story.

The Fool card encourages you to consider the possibilities, no matter how impractical or far fetched they may be.  But there may also be uncertainty. The young witch in this card appears a bit more cautious and timid than most. But notice she’s moving forward and gaining momentum with every step she takes.

This is the ultimate “leap of faith” card. It’s about jumping into the unknown and trusting the Universe will provide a net. Think about what new adventures are in store for you, and how suspending all beliefs and concerns can get you in the necessary mindset.

You want to think about where you may be focusing too much on the destination (outcome) today and not enough on the journey. It may not be easy to trust in this process, but the magic that can happen as a result is well worth the effort.