Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 6, 2014 — Princess of Arrows

Princess of Arrows

Princess of Arrows

The Princess of Arrows is this deck’s version of the Page of Swords. In the Lover’s Path Tarot set, the Princesses are represented by famed goddesses, and this particular card references the Greek Goddess Psyche.

Psyche was naive, immature, curious and capricious. Also quite beautiful. But she was born a mortal and only became a goddess after many trials and tribulations. Her story is one of ultimate growth and redemption, but not without wreaking havoc at almost every turn.

In this version of the card we see a young Psyche holding an arrow and surrounded by butterflies. The Greek word for butterfly is Psyche (also the word for “Soul’). The arrow comes from Cupid, who accidentally pricked himself, thus binding them together for eternity.

The Pages / Princesses all represent the first sign of their related element: in this case Air and therefore Gemini. As they’re also all very youthful, we often see the more immature and unbridled energy associated with those signs.