Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 18, 2015 — Princess of Cups

Princess of Cups

Princess of Cups

Today may see you giving it your all and diving wholeheartedly into a world of intuition, emotion, imagination and creativity.

The Princess of Cups — this version from the gorgeous Röhrig Tarot — refers to a child-like wonder and enthusiasm as well as a sense of play. It speaks of throwing caution to the wind and following your dreams.

It’s an exuberant, unrestrained and joyful energy that stems from the expectation that you’ll succeed, rather than worrying that you might fail.

The Princess in this card is uninhibited and unrestrained. She throws herself freely into the ethers, not thinking any more about where she came from than she is about where she’s headed.

There are references in this card to faith (trusting in the process) and awareness (moving from darkness to light) as well as liberation. The feather represents both buoyancy and flight, and the clouds represent uncertainty and the unknown.

Speaking of clouds, today’s Mercury / Neptune conjunction is in Pisces, the sign associated with dreams, fantasies, instinct, intuition, the imagination and psychic impressions. It can certainly cloud your thoughts and have you wondering what’s real and what is not.

The Princess of Cups may be a person in your life. Someone youthful and naive, with a child-like curiosity and trust in the Universe. If so, know that she’s here to teach you to embrace these qualities within yourself.

Because the Princesses embody such youthful and unrefined energies, we tend to forget that they too have much to teach us. But the presence of this card today is an important reminder of how much more we still need to learn.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 30, 2014 — Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

It’s as if fate steps in today to take you by the hand.

With Venus trine the north node there is a sense of the inevitable around and it looks bright and rosy.

If you have been looking for inspiration or a “sign” from the Universe today is the day it may hit you.

You may also feel as if you should be doing something but with the Nine of Cups things can just generally come to you. It is a card of success and wishes coming true.

There is a sense that if you gazed into the centre of this image you would be drawn into a hypnotic trance where only the centre really mattered and everything around it was on the outskirts.

However, if you look at the images which are around this card you can see they are all very pleasant including the words love and happiness as well as a reference to Freud.

Your ability to get to the nitty gritty of a matter is seen today and it may not come from the usual sources.

Jupiter trine the node gives a sense of destiny combined with luck. It’s the type of transit that gives a high chance of a breakthrough with anything that you have been stumped on recently. It is the type of day where anything can happen and probably will.

Don’t be too worried about things going wrong as even if they seem to not be going your way today in the end it will all pan out and you will see the wisdom in the larger picture.

Make a wish and dream big because today is the day you will be heard.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 4, 2014 — Four of Cups

Four of Cups

Four of Cups

Are you feeling like something is missing in your life today? In particular in your love life or in your relationships with others?

The Four of Cups can refer to a sense of boredom and discontent. As the bridge between the excitement and promise seen in the Three of Cups and the crisis / despair so often found in the Five of Cups, this card begs the question “Is that all there is?”

The Four of Cups is called “Luxury” in this deck. It refers to the potential for taking something that you no longer have to work for for granted.

Your love life may seem stuck or stagnant; and like gazing into the languorous swirling colors in the center of this card, you may find yourself lost in a hypnotic daze that you’re unable to snap out of.

Mercury is inconjunct Neptune today. And the Sun is inconjunct Pluto. The first refers to a sort of listless lack of clarity and perspective, and the second refers to a  lack of drive or motivation. Neither of these are ideal.

Ask yourself what’s holding you back from making your relationships all that they could be? Chances are good you find yourself circling the same issues over and over again, to the extent that it’s become habit.