Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 16, 2015 — Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands

Is there something you have been waiting for perhaps news or the outcome of a problem?

It may be that you are coming to the end of your patience and need answers now rather than waiting it out and letting things take their course.

In this Knight of Wands there is a fire over the heart… depicting impatience and passion. He’a also wielding a Sword in his hand — indicating action through words and thoughts.

You may be raring to go and get things accomplished, especially if you took a break with yesterdays Four of Swords.You may also find yourself wanting to speak your mind, and not wanting to filter your words or hold back.

By all means you want to go after what you want. The Knight of Wands in this card is not lacking in confidence or determination, and if this is you you’ll stop at nothing to meet your objective. Try to exercise some discipline though: If you rush into something with blind determination you you may miss important facts.

The Knight of Wands may also represent a person in your life. Someone who’s pushing you for action and/or answers. If so then take the steps you need to not be swayed by their impatience. They may not be telling you everything, so listen and take the time to read between the lines.

If you’re feeling impatient or aggressive today, try working off some of that energy constructively. You won’t make much headway if you let your ego get in the way of your goals. You can channel all that gusto into into a favorable outcome. But only if in the process of going after what you want, you’re willing to see it through to the end.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 27, 2015 — The Star

The Star

 The Star

On the heels of yesterday’s Devil card, comes a reminder that even in our darkest hours there is still room for hope. There’s still compassion, redemption and the promise of salvation.

The Star card — from Marie White’s stunning Mary-el Tarot — brings this reminder to life, with the Star taking an angelic form and spreading the love out over a sea of humanity.

The angel figure in this card glides through, above and among an infinite crowd of nameless / faceless beings. She is above them and at one with them at the same time. A unicursal hexigram is imprinted on her gown and the stigmata markings of Christ are imprinted on her skin.

The human figures in this card spread out as far as the eyes can see, becoming one with the landscape and the angel herself. You can see their forms becoming less and less distinct as they blend into the hills and valleys that stretch back toward the horizon.

Venus enters Pisces today — the sign of its exaltation. This is the archetype associated with communion, compassion and unconditional love. It’s associated with dreams and visions, beauty, harmony, kindness and grace. It’s also associated with sacrifice, a theme referenced here in the markings on the angel’s palms, feet and forehead.

The unicursal star is a symbol of continuity. It’s also said to reference man reaching up to God and God reaching down to man. This is the message behind the Star card : that we’re not only all “one” but are also all a part of God, however we may experience him (or her).

The Star card reminds us of the need to rise above our petty grievances and to hold onto one another, especially when the going gets tough.  As Venus moves into Pisces — on the heels of Mars, Neptune and Chiron — the messages contained in this card can only serve us well.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 16, 2015 — Three of Swords

Three of Swords

Three of Swords

Today’s card — from the Mary-el Tarot — is a very different Three of Swords than we’re used to seeing.

The most common version depicts a blood red heart lanced by three swords, symbolizing loss, pain, heartache and rejection. Being stabbed in the heart or broken hearted. A deep searing wound accompanied by unfathomable pain.

And while the Three of Swords is hardly a happy card, this version emphasizes the powerful process of healing and transformation. The broken heart is replaced by a gentle white dove, discovering his own strength and ability to overcome adversity.

The Three of Swords often represents a necessary break that’s been a long time coming. It can refer to the end of a relationship or the loss of a dream that you’ve held onto for far too long. You can see that struggle here with swords that the dove grapples with in this card.

While the sky grows dark behind him, if you look closely you can make out a face in the clouds. It’s as if there’s a protective force behind him as he morphs into a mighty bird.

The storm clouds remind you that it’s not going to be easy. Loss and endings never are. But there’s a potential for triumph inherent in this card that tells you you can rise above.

If you’re  dealing with the aftermath of your own heartache today, know that you have it within your own power to prevail. This card serves as a powerful reminder that even the gentlest creature can overcome adversity —  and so can you.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 26, 2014 — The Hermit


The Hermit

After all the fanfare of yesterday you may be feeling a little more like some solitude today.

The Hermit is a card of going inside yourself to find your own strength and your own truth.

It is a card of wisdom… specifically the type of wisdom that comes from your own thoughts and experiences.

Sometimes when you have a problem or a goal there is only so much of the path forward that you can see. In this version of the card there is a distinctive area which is lighted by the illumination of the lantern whilst the remainder of the “picture” is outside of this illuminated area.

This does not mean you need to worry about what you cannot see and by and large what is outside the illuminated area is pretty dangerous including the cliff face immediately underfoot.

Nevertheless there doesn’t seem to be any risk you’ll take a step in the wrong direction. You’re well aware of what’s going on, what your part is in it and more important what you part is not in it thereby keeping your boundaries. Knowing if you overstep these boundaries you may very well find yourself in a perilous situation or at the very least one you do not want to be in.

The owl shows wisdom and this owl is alert! It is ready to alight if needs be and also surveying an area of your life that you may not be thinking about too strongly. For this reason you may find you begin to think of different areas of your life not with panic or worry but more with wisdom and answers to how you can change things.

If nothing else you can be assured you will have help and whilst this help seems to come from within you there is also a strength to you today that you know you do not have to hold everything together on your own. The staff in your hand is strong and steady… as are your thoughts and actions.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 20, 2014 — The Lovers

the Lovers -- Mary El Tarot

The Lovers

Venus conjuncts Pluto today, bringing the planet related to love (Venus) face to face with the planet related to lust (Pluto). The Lovers card is all about relationships and choices that need to be made regarding relationships. These are often complicated by temptations that emerge, forcing you to have to choose between dual principles or desires.

Are you seeing in your own life where an attraction has turned into a fixation or obsession? Or where perhaps you’re relaxing your own set of standards to allow for indiscretions you’ve already made?

The Lovers card — and the Venus / Pluto conjunction — says that the stakes are high and that there may be a price to pay for giving into your passions without considering the long term repercussions.

A third party (leading to infidelity on someone’s part) is one strong possibility. But so is a relationship that’s likely to create tensions with family members or society. A same-sex union. A May-December romance. An inter-racial affair. A relationship that is sure to be frowned upon by your religion. A love affair with your co-worker or boss. The possibilities are endless.

It can also refer to the union of polarities, as seen in the Mary-el version of the card. The figures here are about as opposite as they can get: male and female, young and old, black and white.This is said to represent the alchemical marriage.

The female figure is strong and aloof, the male passive and vulnerable, She is naked, save for a nautilus shell headdress, while he is draped in purity and light. Yet they flow together in an intimate embrace. Even so, there’s an apparent emotional disconnect in this rendition. The female figure stares off into the distance while the males gazes downward.

The angel watching over them in the background is barely noticeable. She doesn’t assist and she doesn’t interfere. This is something to keep in mind today (and all days) as you find yourself struggling with temptation. You do have free will, the choice is ultimately yours, and whatever decision you make will have consequences that you’ll be expected to answer for.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 15, 2014 — The Tower


The Tower

Uranus squares Pluto today and as the image in this card suggests you may feel like giving the whole day a “miss”.

A tower can be seen blowing up outside the window yet you sleep soundly through it.

If you have felt you are being pulled into other people’s issues then today is a day you may wish to step back a bit and give yourself some hard earned rest from taking care of other people’s problems.

On the other hand if there is anything you should’ve taken care of in your own life and you didn’t do so then you don’t want things happening outside your control while you bury your head in the sand.

A cat may have nine lives but you do not.

The black bird suggests that there is news coming your way and yet you do not want to hear it. The pears in all shapes, sizes and colours suggests you have tried many ways to overcome an obstacle but no matter what you tried you have not been able to find the right “answer”.

Perhaps, like the pears, you have been too “sweet” yourself in finding the answer.

Today may not bring you answers however it may bring you a whole lot of headaches and problems none of which you have any control over. It is through this that you may learn the lesson of self love as can be seen from the pink dress worn. Pink is the colour of love and strengthening your boundaries is a great place to start.

Choose the situations you wish to be involved in today carefully. Allow others to do what they need to do and you do what you need to do.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 28, 2014 — Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands

You are well protected today with the ability to take your ideas forward into other areas of your life without fear of what may happen next.

It seems you have spent a lot of time building power both within and without yourself and it is time to call this power forth now and use it to realise your goals.

You have the strength to accomplish anything you want and all it takes is that first step for the goal to roar forth.

What you are wishing for comes from your heart, intellect and intuition. Nothing and no one will hold you back as you have made sure everything is in place and you are well protected from anything going wrong.

Not for you the gentle energy that courses through one when they are getting ready to release a new project or chapter in their life.

You have planned this change for a while and know exactly how much energy you need to put into it.

The stars allow you to make more than one wish.

The lion gives you energy and a voice to be heard while you stand within a protected circle and launch what you have been hoping to begin for a while.

This image reminds me of manifesting and if you are wanting to manifest something today use this image to alter your mind and focus your intentions on what it is you hope to manifest into your life and expect it to happen.

Everything starts with a thought… today your thoughts are shouting!

Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 27, 2014 — Page of Wands

Page of Wands

Page of Wands

As Mercury enters Sagittarius today you may feel a sense of freedom with your thoughts and words. Sometimes this is good and other times it is a bit risky… especially if you don’t think before you speak.

From the image on this card you can see that there is the distinct risk that you may say something without curtailing the way it comes out of your mouth.

Even though the bird’s beak is closed the flames that lick around the feathers show there is energy that is trapped within… and energy has to go somewhere unless you are very good at dissipating it.

The tree stump suggests that the issue you are wishing to speak on has no end in sight or that the matter is a closed as far as others are concerned. Nevertheless, it seems you are keeping an eye on when you can bring it up again.

Just as the sun rises this matter has not been put to rest in your mind or thoughts.

If you are expecting news today may be the day you receive it. It is a great day to pick up your thoughts and start to feed some positivity in your life.

Learning something new may take on a new meaning for you today and if you have any feelers to put out there on a course you are interested in then the rolling hills that you are surveying from high up will show you, if any, problems you may encounter.

It doesn’t look as if you will though as you are sitting pretty high above the petty, mundane problems of everyday life today and are ready to launch yourself into something new and exciting.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 11, 2014 — King of Cups

King of Cups

King of Cups

Today’s Moon in Cancer can be a bit tricky. On the one hand it encourages you to immerse yourself fully in the realm of feelings, intuition and emotions.

And on the other hand it spends a good part of the day in hard aspect to Mars, Pluto and Uranus — the three most intense, aggressive and tumultuous planetary energies out there.

What this means for you is that getting in touch with your feelings today can bring some things you’ve been struggling to deal with (or avoiding entirely) to the surface.

Look at the King of Cups in this card. He appears as a Poseidon-like figure, naked (open, receptive, exposed) and submerged in a pond filled with lotus blossoms (purity and enlightenment).

You can see how he’s become almost one with the murky waters that surround him, in fact you can’t tell in some places where the water ends and he begins.

Notice that his trident is also partially submerged and its tines have been distorted by the play of light on the surface of the water.

The King of Cups is about more than just getting in touch with your feelings. It’s about learning contain and control and master them. While it’s clear there is some turbulence in the water that surrounds him, you can see how this King is able to maintain his composure. 

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 23, 2014 — Death



As the new moon solar eclipse hits off today at 1 degree Scorpio you have the chance to consider your life anew.

Not only is the moon new but Venus is conjunct this aspect which will nicely allow you to consider your relationship and if this is not enough Mercury is almost ready to turn station and turn direct… once again allowing you to put your plans into action.

You may feel as if you have been handed a “golden opportunity” today and it is an opportunity that comes with change.

If you have been trying to change direction in any area of your life then now is the time to set the wheels in motion.

There is much to be happy and enthusiastic about as one thing after another changes for you and you are left with possibly not one but several directions in which to go next. It is almost as if a guardian angel surrounds you and illuminates the next step you should take.

If you have recently felt stuck or found yourself with many setbacks which have not only hampered your progress but put you out of sorts within yourself and left you emotionally drained then rest assured you are about to soar.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 20, 2014 — Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands

Today you want to work on bringing the divergent areas of your life into harmony, courtesy of a pair of astrological aspects that are doing the same.

With Mercury in sextile to its counterpoint Jupiter today, and Venus in sextile to its counterpart Mars, the theme will be finding a comfortable medium between the opposing forces in your life.

The Eight of Wands is traditionally associated with action and movement and there is some of that going on here. But the central themes in this version are more about protection and trust, as seen in the tiny figure nestled in the Lion’s arms.

The lion appears as a guardian angel, with a fiery mane and golden-orange wings. Notice the serpent — in the form of a lemniscate or infinity symbol — that encircles the sleeping child.

Also notice the one lion’s paw and one angel’s hand that cradle her sleeping form. A blanket of stars keeps her safe and warm. The symbols of protection and safety are repeated here, as are the themes of divergent forces residing harmoniously in the same space.

In many decks, the Eight of Wands signifies energy, motion and action. And we can surmise that the figure in this card will awaken from her sleep more rested and prepared to move ahead. But her rest is an integral part of her preparation and is just as meaningful.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Sept 24, 2014 — Ten of Swords

Ten of Swords

Ten of Swords

What do you do when you come to the end of as arduous journey and find yourself facing a very painful reality? The Ten of Swords begs this question as you’re faced with the knowledge that it may be time to lay down your sword.

Perhaps a relationship has run its course, and you’re forced now to finally put it to rest. Or maybe a dream you held onto for far too long is proving itself to be impossible to achieve.

You know that you’ve given it your all — you’ve fought a worthy battle — but you realize it’s time to let it go: once and for all. You just don’t have any more “fight” left in you.

So what do you do? Do you lay down and die, or do you surrender to the knowledge that the Universe has something entirely different in store for you?

The Ten of Swords is one of the more ominous cards in the tarot, yet here we can see the focus is one of triumph and victory more than surrender and defeat.

A balsamic moon sits high in the background, the raven’s scythe pointed defiantly toward it. There’s a sense of liberation here in the imagery of this card. The vanquishing of ego; the surrendering of pride; the dissolution of conflict — these are all here. And what is left after all of these things have been abandoned? Victory, triumph and regeneration.