Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 10, 2014 — The Moon

the Moon

 The Moon

As the moon turns full today in Aquarius things may go a little out of whack.

Aquarians are known for their eccentric thinking so just bear with this energy for a while and take note of anything that is happening around you that you may think of as unusual, out of the ordinary or not normal for you.

The Moon card can cause confusion alongside perhaps not being sure of where you are going. The image on this version shows a woman who is perhaps not dressed for the cold weather and yet there she stands looking around to see where she needs to go to next.

Do not be deceived by her fragile appearance for the imagery also suggests that she is very good at manifesting her dreams and desires. The “wand” she holds in her right hand is not being used at the moment but she has the choice as to whether she wishes to draw upon what is around her and bring together more cohesion in an attempt to gain what she wants.

Be on the lookout today for things which may at first not be what they seem. The moon can cloud your better judgement and this is particularly so when it is full. If you have any major decisions to make just now then perhaps it is best if you were to put them off for a few days and wait for the energies to die down so you can see more clearly what your next step should be.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 3, 2014 — Five of Wands

Five of Wands

Five of Wands

Situations and events may get out of hand today and it is a good time to take stock of where you stand and don’t go rushing into an argument or disagreement in order to defend yourself.

The Five of Wands — much like today’s Mars / Mercury square — can mean that no matter what you say or do there is going to be tension.

There is something reminiscent in the centaurs as they tussle with each other and go head to head that says neither is backing down and they are fairly evenly matched in strength.

There is no winner here. If you rush in you may well find yourself at a standstill and within such a state of high emotions that the clear feeling that you have to act and do something to remove yourself from this emotion will vanish.

That may also be your downfall though for as you struggle and oppose what is coming at you there is a good chance that you find yourself further immersed in the situation and more than likely in a way you do not wish to be.

If you find yourself in a situation like this today, one where you are not willing to back down and the opposition you find in taking this stance is equally as stubborn then you may wish to think on what it will accomplish by fighting your corner as the other person is equally as adamant in their views.

Free Daily Tarotscope — July 25, 2014 — Six of Wands

sorcerers tarot 6 of wands

Six of Wands

As Mars gets ready to leave Libra after several months of its presence in this sign you may feel a difference in your energy levels.

There is a sense of lightness to this image and at the same time a pulling towards the past. It may be that Mars’ time in Libra has left you with something you need to finish or have not yet completed as you reach up and look behind you to make sure that everything is in place.

Get ready to grab the first wand and run (or fly) with it to your next goal because as Mars enters Scorpio (which it co rules) you will no doubt find yourself able to breath a bit easier and accomplish more than you have for quite a while.

There is a freedom around you that comes from feeling as if you are no longer stifled and even though the sky is darkening the stars are out to light your way alongside your sense of new born freedom.

If you need to lay down foundations to achieve a goal today is a good day to begin planning..

The energy is this card is high and suggests that you will just go with or grab anything to hand that will help you and at the same time you feel a sense of freedom in what you are doing will work out well for you and that the work will be finished sooner rather than later.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jun 4, 2014 — The Star

the Star

The Star

Coming on the heels of yesterday’s Death card, what a treat it is to see such an uplifting symbol of hope and inspiration that is the Star card.

With Venus sextiling Neptune today, what better card to describe the illuminating thoughts and ideas that are running through your mind… or should I say gently coming to the surface of your thoughts in a way that is so clear and calming that you wonder why you didn’t see them before.

Any problems you have been having that you’ve been finding it difficult to find yourself clear of may start to take on a life of their own today as they fall back and you enjoy the inspirational and creative aspect of Venus sextile Neptune.

The woman in this card is transfixed on a mutli-facted Star which hovers above her open hands. She appears to be almost in a trance as she reflects on the glowing Star before her.

This is a time when you don’t have to push for answers, ideas or actions… it is a day to just sit back and daydream to the surface what you have for so long been trying to get to the bottom of.

Meditation would work well for you today as would spas treatment that puts you in a state of relaxation. Make sure you’re surrounded by peaceful, loving company and if not remove yourself from any negatives in your life because you don’t want to look at the flip side of a transit like this which translates into your hopes, dreams and wishes turning into a nightmare through absorbing others’ negativity.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 25, 2014 — Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles 

Where have you come from and where are you going? The Six of Pentacles implies balancing the scales. Sometimes you gain and sometimes you lose.

In this rendition of the Six of Pentacles we see a young girl about to kiss a frog. Yes… I know what you’re thinking and you’re probably right. We all kiss a few frogs before finding our Prince or Princess Charming and it may be that we need to balance up the gains and losses of each particular “frog” we encounter to truly see what is underneath and what we are willing to take on or sacrifice in different situations.

Venus is conjunct the south node today implying that we are faced with challenges that we would rather shy away from.  As Venus is the planet of love the challenge will be emotional.

If you are looking at needing to make a decision you may find that you are focused on your past and what happened “then” versus what is really happening “now” and your thought patterns are confused by this making it doubly difficult for you to come up with an answer.

The girl in the image may also mean you are coming from your own childhood expectations of what love and relationships should be about and perhaps a bit more give and take is in order.  If you are in a relationship which is about all give and no take you need to have a good look at what you are willing to continue to do to keep the relationship afloat.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 18, 2014 — Justice

Justice -- Sorcerers Tarot


Today you may have to made a decision that calls for you to detach from any personal investment and approach things objectively and impartially.

In this version of the card, a woman stands in a clearing with a pair of tiny orbs hovering inches above her grasp. She stares at them, transfixed, as though she’s channeling all of her energy into keeping them afloat.

You can almost feel the electricity in the air — notice her hair standing slightly on end and the orbs glowing above her hands. If you look closely you’ll see that she also appears to be levitating — her feet barely touch the ground.

A scale hangs from a tree on her left and a sword is driven into the ground on her right. These are common themes with the Justice card. They represent fairness, wisdom, reason and intellect.

The Justice card refers to Universal justice — right vs. wrong rather than what you might desperately hope for or want to happen.

In this respect if you’re dealing with a legal situation, workplace drama, marital discord, or some other problem that calls for third-party mediation, know that this is the kind of Justice that will prevail in the end.