Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 30, 2015 — Page of Wands

Page of Wands

Page of Wands

As Venus moves into Sagittarius today you may be feeling more inspired to put yourself out there and express the skills and ideas you’re most passionate about.

This is a dynamic and creative placement, with the planet that rules love, beauty, art and creativity moving through the sign that’s associated with personal expansion and expression.

Venus in Sagittarius is all about feeling inspired. To participate and experience life in its most vibrant, colorful form. To grow, evolve and learn. And to pass what you’ve learned onto others.

It’s about sharing knowledge and ideas, motivating yourself and others through the exchange of information. The Page of Wands — this version from the Shadowscapes Tarot — illustrates this energy beautifully. The woodland creatures and the tiny fairies that surround her are so enthralled by the music that they hear that they’re drawn to it is source.

The fairy maiden stands in a clearing oblivious to her surroundings and plays her instrument with reckless abandon. You can see that she’s completely in her zone.

This is the essence of the Page (or Princess) of Wands. She can motivate and inspire you in your own life too. Ask yourself in what areas have you been too timid or uncertain, and how might incorporating some of her passion and bravery into your own life work to your advantage? Use this time to tap into your creative potential and save the business of accomplishing something big for another day.


Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 2, 2015– Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles

Today you may be feeling more inspired and ready to put some of your bigger ideas into practice.

The Page of Pentacles is enthusiastic, filled with promise and excited about putting plans for the future into motion.

It refers to dreams and ideals that may not even be fully formed. There’s an air of anticipation that goes with wanting to see them come to fruition and that may have just needed a nudge to turn them into reality.

The Page of Pentacles — this version from the Shadowscapes Tarot — is a both a self-made individual and a work in progress. But it’s not all about “work” in the sense that it’s tedious or uninspiring. It’s about craftsmanship and inspiration as seen in the colorful figure in this card.

You could find yourself putting the finishing touches on half-finished projects in order to clear the way for something else. You could be polishing off your resume, purchasing business attire, or boning up on your studies, in anticipation of something bigger and better on the horizon. Or you could be getting ready to start something brand new — like heading off to college.

The Page of Pentacles is excited about creating something and perfecting it, whether it’s on the job or in other areas of his life. Whether this refers to you personally or to someone in your life who reflects these qualities, the idea is to take the ball and run with it. While you may be overwhelmed with the work that’s set out before you, if anyone is up to the task it’s you.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 20, 2015 — Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

Things are looking up for you today as Mercury moves into Sagittarius and brings with it clearer insight and a renewed sense of confidence, passion and inspiration.

It’s a good day to visualize and then work on manifesting your goals. Any new project you are thinking of starting now would be a great time to begin.

The image on this Ace of Wands — from Stephanie Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore’s fantastic Shadowscapes Tarot — suggests there is a correlation between what you are thinking of doing on a higher level and bringing it into your life. If this is the case it will not be difficult.

Things will fall into place for you almost seamlessly as your thoughts and actions correlate to what is around you and help comes from unexpected sources.

There is an abundance of energy for you whether this be physical or mental and with this energy plus more importantly you are able to channel this energy into whatever you are doing. This is a good day to plough through your workload.

This is the energy you want to keep in mind as you work on manifesting your goals. It is that raw, pure, unharnessed energy that is the Ace of Wands as it changes energetically from spark (idea) to flame (intention) to contact (manifestation). It’s about increased confidence, drive and enthusiasm. Ardor. Vitality. Passion. Creativity. Power. Potential.

The Ace of Wands invites you to ask yourself what you really want to do that you can put your whole heart and soul into. It invites you to offer your intentions up to the Universe with every reason to believe you will be rewarded for doing so.

With this in mind, it’s time to push all negativity aside and replace it with optimism and inspiration. If you’re truly serious about manifesting your desires, there is no time like the present to do it

Free Daily Tarotscope — Sept 9, 2015 — Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

As Mercury squares Pluto today, you may need to think about the power of your own thoughts and words. Both the ability they have to do harm and the ability they have to do good.

Swords stand for our intellect and mental processes. If you have some form of work to do that you need to really put your thinking cap on to get done then this is the month to do it.

Do not waste your time pondering over what might have been you have a task to complete and you need to get on with it. A clear mind and a clear conscious is needed.

The central figure in this card — from Stephanie Pui-Min Law’s gorgeous Shadowscapes Tarot — is a masked man dressed as a blackbird, surrounded by his blackbird friends. He’s hidden himself at the base of a boulder, having stolen a sword from the Guardian Swan.

The question today is, are you the Swan or are you the masked man?  Do you need to be on guard against trickery and deception, or are you the one who’s tempted to use your ingenuity for questionable gains? Mercury square Pluto can bring trust issues to the forefront and can also fuel your own treacherous impulses, which can see you trying to outsmart even the most honorable foe.

The ravens are there delivering messages and perhaps warning you to be on your toes. But the message here is one of being wise about what you think and wise about what you say, because you never know when a misplaced word or misconstrued sentence can come back to haunt you later.

Free Daily Tarotscope — May 3, 2015 — Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords

As Mercury opposes Saturn today, you may need to think about your own limitations, and how you’ve contributed to the obstacles that stand between you and your goals.

The Eight of Swords speaks of self-imposed limitations. You may feel powerless in your current circumstances and may be so caught up in blaming the people or events that have brought you to this that you’re unable to see a way out.

In this version of the card — from the gorgeous Shadowscapes Tarot — we see a graceful swan rendered almost entirely immobile by a the thorny branches of a blackberry bush. Eight Swords are placed strategically around her, amongst the decaying carcasses of earlier captives.

She longs to break free, but her struggles against the confines of her “cage” cause her to get even more tangled in the bush. A tiny hummingbird flits above her taunting her with its agility.

But look closely at the hummingbird and you can see that it’s not taunting at all. It’s actually showing the swan the way out. It flutters its tiny wings and coaxes her toward the light.

If it can just get the swan to stop panicking and calm down, it can navigate its way through the brambles and disentangle her from the brush.

The Mercury / Saturn opposition can be a tough one. It tends to make things seem much worse than they are. Saturn represents limitations and restrictions, and its opposition to the planet that rules thoughts and ideas (Mercury) can make your situation seem more bleak.

But as always with the Eight of Swords there is a way out. It may require a bit of ingenuity — much like is seen in this card. But it mainly involves simply opening your eyes, changing your perspective and finding a workable solution.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 17, 2015 — The Empress


The Empress

As Venus moves into Taurus today, it’s a good day to get in touch with your true self and your own wants and needs. Usually the Empress card is about nourishing and taking care of others but as the image on this card implies you also need to give yourself that same exact, loving care.

You can do this by going deep within yourself and “listening” to what your “soul” is saying and allowing yourself to be nourished by stepping aside from your daily routine and being kind to yourself.

Pampering yourself should be high on your list of priorities today also as Venus in Taurus is about the finer things in life and immersing yourself in their enjoyment … savoring life through all five senses.

Once you slow down enough to feel your true self you can see that the world is your oyster and are open to new opportunities coming into your life. If you find yourself in a situation today where you have to choose between someone else and yourself… choose yourself! It may not feel comfortable for you and if it doesn’t perhaps that is because it is something you need to do more of.

There is a rich inner world that each of us — male or female — possess, yet few of us take the time to fully explore. It’s a lush, fertile garden where primitive instincts and natural desires reside.

The woman in this card is at one with nature. She’s at home among the exotic birds and butterflies — as well as all the bounty of fruits and foliage that surround her. She’s nurturing yet commanding and exotic yet organic.

There is no shame in choosing “you” over someone else and look at the benefits this will bring you. With more self love and acceptance for yourself you will find this flowing out towards others where it then comes back to you. In other words… what you give out you get back.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Jan 12, 2015 — Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

Mars moves into Pisces today, bring us all a little closer to our emotions and perhaps a little more compassionate, receptive and intuitive — all Piscean keywords.

The Ace of Cups — from the Shadowscapes Tarot depicts this energy beautifully. You can see ripples emanating from the base of the chalice that rests at the bottom of the card.

Waves of movement and energy flow from the mouth of the chalice as well, as small schools of fish and fairies swim along in the currents.

The Ace of Cups is a card of emotional abundance and fulfillment. It’s “love” in its purest form: the compassionate, unconditional, all-encompassing form of love that is the essence of the Pisces archetype.

Mars moving into Pisces speaks of making bold strides toward immersing yourself into these realms. There’s a pull toward increased creativity, inspiration and intuition as well.

If there’s a downside to this energy, it’s the tendency to lack motivation and purpose. Too much “going with the flow” can see you being carried aimlessly along with life’s currents.

You want to keep this is mind today when it comes to making decisions and asserting your needs to others. This is a time of giving and receiving: and you can derive as much pleasure through giving as you can through expressing gratitude for all that you receive.

The Ace of Cups represents a bottomless and reflective pool of love, compassion and emotional expression. You want to open your heart and let that love flow both from you and to you — while at the same time keeping your boundaries clearly defined.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 3, 2014 — Six of Cups

Six of Cups

Six of Cups

You may feel the urge today to reach out to those who remind you of life’s simpler pleasures, such as a family member or a childhood friend.

The Six of Cups speaks of innocence, wonder, sentimentality and reminiscing about the past. You may be missing someone, longing for the comforts and companionships that have gone by the wayside over time.

You could also hear from an old friend unexpectedly today. Someone who’s been on your mind and who takes you on a trip down memory lane, reminding you of long-forgotten events that come rushing back to you in a wave of nostalgia.

This card is also about fantasy and make-believe. Notice the young girl in this card hosting a tea-part among her imaginary friends. Along with her treasured childhood toys there are birds, fish, fairies and elves.

Five of the six cups are teacups and the sixth is a golden vessel on an outcropping by the stream.

There are symbols here of abundance (fish), emotions (water), and luck (the 6th golden vessel). But it’s the sweetness and sincerity that stands out the most.

This is also true of memories — especially the happier memories — which tend to take on softer hues when we look back on them with longing.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 10, 2014 — Six of Swords

Six of Swords

 Six of Swords

Have you been thinking of going on a journey? Planning it in your mind but for some reason putting it off or not wanting to go.

The Six of Swords shows you have a path laid out before you that you may not wish to take. Instead you may feel as if you wish to stick with the safe and comfortable route you are already taking with your life.

Often times when we are meant to change something but are resistant to it the thoughts and ideas we have will keep popping into our minds urging us on towards this change.

The Sun and Jupiter are in sextile today, making way for both clear thinking and a desire to be on the move. This transit can make you feel hopeful and optimistic for the future. It can serve as a beacon to guide in the right direction, even if the reasons are not yet clear.

Your unconscious will find a way to place synchronicities within your path until you finally get the message that you must change in order to grow.

In this card it looks as if you have help on the way where you may find you don’t need to do a lot yourself as you will be swept up and gently guided onto your next step. This is another feature of the Sun / Jupiter aspect, made all the more pronounced as Mercury eases into Libra.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Sept 26, 2014 — Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

You have the knowledge and power to do as you wish today.

The Ten of Pentacles is about money, success and acquiring that which you desire.

The lovely flowing rhythm to this Ten of Pentacles implies that all is well for you in this regard and finances are flowing in an abundant direction.

You ride on the tail of the dragon and where you sit looks pretty comfortable and nothing is going to topple you off. All is around you for the taking.

As you relax and survey your surroundings from this viewpoint you also have in your lap an orange ball. The colour orange is linked to the second chakra from which creativity springs.

As you hold it in your left hand you are drawing towards yourself the very talents you need to let loose to enjoy success.

Your right hand is open wide as if you are reaching for the pentacle in the centre of the card yet you do not need to overexert yourself as you know the pentacle shall come to you as success is assured.

The dragon that you sit on also gives a sense of kundalini energy coursing through you and as it reaches its zenith all that you need to know is revealed.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Sept 22, 2014 — Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

As we roll into the equinox today and the sun moves into Libra there is a sense that change is in the air.

Adding weight to this change is Pluto turning direct today and this means force although perhaps it is not the type of force you have in mind.

This version of the Queen of Swords is subtle. It is all about subtlety and aligning your thoughts, emotions and ideas into one clear intention and setting it lose upon the winds of change.

The colours in this card are all about spirituality so there is no brute force needed to attain your goals. It is more about relaxing and “listening” to that quiet place within yourself and then allowing this to flow through you as a message to the Universe in what you want next.

This type of action can be stronger than a full on assault to what you are wishing for as it takes you away from the “doing” and action mode and more into the feeling and emotional mode that you so often need to accomplish your goals. Add the power that Pluto lends to this and you have a very strong base on which to launch your intentions.

This Queen stands in a spiritual dimension. She is surrounded by messages so expect communication to play a large part of your day.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 20, 2014 — Two of Wands

Two of Wands

Two of Wands

Your hopes and dreams swim before you as you sit and ponder what you are going to do today.

You may have a plan that you are keeping it to yourself. From your point of view you have not put the finishing touches to it yet and you do not wish to take your first step but rather wish to wait until everything falls into place.

If you are having problems in a relationship you may not be seeing the other person’s point of view but the views and thoughts that are currently on your mind going around and around in circles and furthering a retreat within you that is surely not doing the relationship any favours.

However, even on saying this it may be what is needed as a situation that has become intolerable for you will require planning and answers as to how you can either fix it or remove yourself.

Notice the image of the lion with the unicorn horn. This may be a mythical creature but it is also a creature that can serve you well if you require self preservation.

It also shows you have a mind that will not only see one way out of your predicament but other perhaps more unusual ways too.