Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 6, 2014 — Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer

You may find yourself longing for the closeness and comfort of home today. With the Moon in its own sign (Cancer) and conjuncting Jupiter today, you may feel an urge to connect more intimately with loved ones and family members.

You may also be be feeling sentimental and nostalgic, reminiscing about the past and longing for a simpler time. The Cancer archetype is about feelings and emotions, home, family, childhood, the past, etc.

It is a feminine archetype, nurturing and mothering, as so beautifully depicted in this card. Here we see the ultimate mother archetype — the Virgin Mother — who appears as an angel rising up from the sea, cradling her son in her arms. The full Moon is reflected in the surface waters and the stars that make up her halo are also shining in the night sky.

The Moon / Jupiter conjunction (at 5:32pm EDT) takes place at 11°59′ Cancer — the Sabian symbol for which is “A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby Whose Aura Reveals Him to be the Reincarnation of a Great Teacher.”

This symbol refers to the spiritual legacies that are realized through deep emotional bonds, such as a past life connection or an encounter with a child who unexpectedly opens an evolutionary gateway for you.