Free Daily Tarotscope — May 24, 2014 — the Emperor

the Emperor

The Emperor

Today’s Jupiter / Saturn trine can make what’s seemed like hard work in the past now feel almost effortless. What better way to use this energy than to channel it into something productive and success-oriented?

The Emperor card is all about stepping up to the plate and assuming a position of authority. It’s about striving for personal and professional success. And it’s about wielding your personal power in a fair and just manner.

The Emperor in this version of the card appears stern. He’s draped in royal garb complete with gold crown and fur collar. And look at that sword! If he’s strong enough to lift that with those puny little arms he’s earned every bit of his title.

The Sword though doesn’t need to be wielded. That’s an important consideration when dealing with the Emperor card. It’s about brains not brawn. It’s about commanding authority without having to clobber someone over the head.

Although there are masculine elements to the Emperor card, the references don’t only apply to men. It can refer to a single mother, a career-woman, or a woman with important responsibilities as well. It can also refer to a man in your life (or someone new coming in) who embodies these qualities.

The message behind this card is one of taking care of business. It’s not the time to be passive or wishy-washy. It’s all about stepping up and taking control of a situation that requires a firm hand and authoritative presence.