Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 13, 2015 — The Moon

Tarot de St. Croix -- The Moon

The Moon

Today’s New Moon in Libra is good time to get in touch with your feelings and emotions, and to work on getting a better understanding of your doubts, insecurities and fears.

The Moon card is tied to the hidden and mysterious realm of the unconscious, from which all of our instincts and emotions arise. When we’re aligned with that part of ourselves and in sync with our emotions, everything seems to just fall into place — and when we’re not, all hell can break loose.

The key is to cultivate a willingness to embrace these elements, like the woman in this card — from the gorgeous Tarot de St. Croix — who plunges to the depths of a shimmering pool, reaching for the Moon. The Lunar cycle is represented here with the New Moon high in the Night Sky and the Full Moon deep in the realm of emotions (water).

The Lotus blossoms symbolize purity and enlightenment and the pillars upon which they rise represent the union of opposites which is also expressed through the waning and waxing Moons.

You may be grappling with irrational fears and anxieties, wondering how much of what you’re feeling is real. The Moon card can indicate a distorted perception of reality, based on your own apprehensions.

The Moon card can also represent confusion, uncertainty or paranoia, especially if you’re trying to analyze things logically, which is foreign to the realm of the Moon. It can make you feel disoriented and unsettled. Just as we can’t fully appreciate the beauty of the Moon in the light of day (consciousness), we struggle to grasp its archetypal meaning through the lens of logic or reason.

You can quiet your fears by reminding yourself that you won’t be left permanently in the dark. The Moon card reminds us that things are still “up in the air” and that the future has not yet been written. There’s still much to do and still time time to achieve the outcome you desire. You can work on curtailing some of the more harrowing elements of this card (doubt, fear, suspicion and paranoia) and tap into the more uplifting aspects (intuition, perception, sensitivity and discernment) instead.