Free Daily Tarotscope — Sep 21, 2014 — Five of Swords

Five of Swords

Five of Swords

What better card than the Five of Swords for today’s transit involving a t-square between Mars, Moon and Neptune.

Be careful things don’t get out of hand for you today when it comes to arguments and disagreements because this is a day where no one wins.

It is a time when the argument may go around in circles and there is no resolution.

The Moon’s involvement indicates a high chance that the quarrel will be about your relationship and at the same time Neptune clouds your better judgement. It also throws an array of confusion around the situation where neither person can see the whole picture.

It is rather like you are both coming from your own view points and perspectives and speaking of this watch out for force of your words and actions.

Mars’ square to Neptune denotes tension and not just any old tension this is huge tension almost as if there is a power play being acted in the midst of a lof of emotional turbulence.  No one is backing down. No one is saying they are wrong.

As the waves (emotions) wash up on to the shore under the cloudy sky you get the general gist of how you may be feeling today. All is grey, all is dismal. You are on your guard. There is no room for movement with the armor you have built up around you.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Aug 23, 2014 — Queen of Wands

queen of wands

Queen of Wands

Today is the last day of Leo — before the the Sun moves into Virgo. And while Leo is best known for making a grand entrance, it’s no stranger to going out with a bang either.

The Moon is also in Leo today and for a period of time it’s situated right between Venus and Jupiter (if you’re up in the wee hours before sunrise, you should be able to see the early stages of this line up, before the Moon takes center stage).

Today’s card — Queen of Wands — fits this energy perfectly. She’s strong, dynamic, majestic and proud. She’s a natural leader whose confidence and warmth make her stand out in a crowd.

This regal Queen is loaded with Leo symbology. From the Lion statue armrests to the Coat of Arms behind her to the array of Sun- (ruler of Leo) flowers all around her, to her elaborate clothing, headdress and “mane.” The predominant colors — oranges, golds and greens — are also distinctively Leo. 

This is a strong, dynamic woman — and not someone to be trifled with. Notice her stern gaze and also the protective watch of her “familiar”seated on her lap. Cats are known as guardians of the Otherworld, and black cats specifically as keepers of life’s secrets and mysteries. She’s seated comfortably but would be ready to pounce at a moment’s notice so you better not cross her.