Free Daily Tarotscope — Apr 30, 2015 — Temperance



Today’s card — Temperance from the Tarot of Pagan Cats indicates a need to go with the flow and to find ways to bring the conflicting desires of your being back toward the center.

Today’s Sun / Neptune and Mars / Chiron sextiles should make that a little easier. The Sun / Neptune aspect is all about aligning yourself with higher spiritual realms, and the Mars / Chiron aspect is about learning to surrender.

The Temperance card speaks of searching within yourself for that wellspring of inner grace and finding a way to bring the good and bad, light and dark, happy and sad back in to balance.

This card is called “Art” in some decks. It speaks of the unique creative forces that each of us possess. It speaks of seeking out symmetry and harmony. And it speaks of integrating the opposing areas of your life into one big calm, peaceful and harmonious medium.

In what areas of your life are you too inflexible, too rigid and too unwilling to hear another’s point of view? Your challenge will be to overcome those impediments and to integrate the opposing forces in your life.

In this version of the card we see a beautiful white cat in a field of daffodils lounging near the edge of a stream. She pours the contents of a fishbowl — including its lone inhabitant, a goldfish — into the water. A brilliant rainbow sits high in the sky and is reflected in the rippling stream.

Her demeanor is calm and peaceful — almost trance-like — as if she’s mesmerized by the process. This is the essence of this card: there’s a calm and graceful symmetry in taking one’s time, going with the flow, and becoming one with all that surrounds you.

There may be truths that must be faced in order to achieve the equilibrium depicted in this card. There may be messages to deliver or mysteries to unravel or even dreams to be discarded, if you’re to reach the end of the rainbow and your heart’s desire.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 26, 2015 — Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups

Today you may be feeling like all is right in your world again. The Ten of Cups is a gratitude card: it refers to a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction with where you are and what you have.

Sometimes this is a marriage card, a joining together with someone else who shares your happiness. And sometimes it’s an accomplishment card — coming to a point where you’re able to count your blessings and express contentment with your present circumstances.

If you’re not feeling these things — look around you: the glass is at least half full! This extends well beyond financial or material security. It’s more about family, lasting friendships and a comfort — in your home and your community — surrounded by people you love.

You want to align yourself with a vibration of gratitude as the Ten of Cups speaks of not only getting what you’ve “asked” for (via the principles of law of attraction) but also being thankful for all that you’ve received.

In this version of the card, the — from the Tarot of Pagan Cats   a family of cats bask in the sunlight that pours in on them from the landscape behind. A rainbow banner hangs from a table behind them, upon which 10 full cups are placed.

The feline parents are busy grooming one another while their offspring play at their feet. You can “feel the love” that is present in this image and know that all is as it should be for them.

The Ten of Cups is all about embracing all you’ve established through your connections and interactions with others. It’s about happiness and security in the areas that matter most — with family, friends and loved ones.

This is not the time to think about what is lacking in your life but rather what makes it complete. And while you don’t want to be resting on your laurels, it’s important to acknowledge those who are most important to you and who keep your cup continuously full.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 13, 2015 — Death



Don’t be afraid of the Death card — it doesn’t refer a literal death. It’s more about recognizing the need to put something you’ve been holding onto to rest.

It represents a loss or an ending: sometimes it’s a relationship and sometimes it’s a job or an emblem of security that you’re no longer going to be able to rely on.

Whatever it is, know that you’re probably not going to escape the process unscathed. Change is hard for all of us, and change that comes through circumstances beyond our control is harder still.

That’s the thing with the Death card. It’s not something you’re ready, willing and able to let go of. It’s usually just the opposite. It’s the thing you’re holding onto so desperately that has to go. And as such there may be some grieving that goes with this process.

This version of the card — an homage to the superstitions we’re all so conscious of on Friday the 13th — comes from the beautiful Tarot of Pagan Cats deck.

Here we see a black cat in a cemetery keeping vigil over his master’s grave. The Death card is also the 13th card in the major arcana, another nod to today’s date.

But with all these ominous symbols — the black cat, the headstone, the silver roses and the scythe — notice the prominent Celtic cross that takes up the largest area of the card.

There are references to Druid magic and mystery, the ancient symbols of wholeness, completion and unity. There’s the idea that letting go of something — via “death” in whatever form it takes — makes room for something else to fill its place and become whole again.

Ask yourself what you can do to replenish the things the Universe is forcing you to give up today. Cutting ties and letting go of unhealthy connections is only the first part of the process. Opening yourself back up to receive what the Universe has in store for you is the next.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Dec 1, 2014 — Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

With the ploughed fields behind you and new pastures to be had it is as if you are at the end of one chapter of your life and ready to start another.

There is nothing more bewitching than a black cat riding on the back of a goat. I bet you never thought you’d see that image.

Take a careful look at it and you will see the cat looks as if it is guarding the goat and looking for any danger that may come their way. Meanwhile the goat is free to nourish itself.

It is about time you gave yourself a break. You have everything in place to take some time off and enjoy yourself and nourish your soul in order to give back to yourself what you need to replenish.

There is no fear that anything will go wrong as the cat keeps a lookout around you. This means that you have taken good care to protect yourself, your possessions and your finances. Everything is running smoothly for you without threat.

The Knight of Pentacles ushers in a new era of making money with the possibility, as can be seen in this card, of doing it in a different way.

Whilst in the past you were perhaps tied in to restrictions in how you conducted your work or business (as can be seen from the straight lines in the ploughed fields).

Right now you have the opportunity to lay down a completely different way of doing things (as can be seen from the rich, ripe grass of the new fields underneath you).

With Saturn sextiling Mars today the energy around you is high and you will make a lot of headway in getting things done. There is neither frustration nor stagnation but a nice, even keel to the energy around you allowing for life to flow beautifully.

As the black cat keeps watch keep in mind… It’s always nice having someone to watch your back.

Free Daily Tarotscope — Nov 25, 2014 — Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles

Today you want to think about what it is you might be holding onto too tightly, and more importantly why.

The Four of Pentacles can refer to a hoarding mentality, a poverty consciousness and a resistance to change. All of these end up creating blockages in your life, where your fear of letting things go can prevent new things from coming in.

The cat in this card is not only protecting his territory (by sitting squarely on top of it), his ears are perked up and pulled back, a clear sign that he’s alert and guarded against any sign of danger.

The pictures on the front of the box tell you his treasures are well worth protecting — as any cat could tell you. There’s a pitcher of milk, a fish, a bird and a butterfly. But notice how the box is closed up so tightly that nothing else (a little field mouse perhaps?) could possibly get in.

Notice the landscape behind him. There’s a great big old world out there and what cat doesn’t like to explore? But this one can’t — he’s stuck where he is because he can’t run the risk of leaving his hoard unattended.

In this regard the Four of Pentacles is also about trust — or the lack of trust more specifically. The implication is that someone could take something from you (something you’ve ascribed a false sense of value to), which prompts you to hold on even more tightly (or hide it away).

With this in mind your challenge today will be to loosen up the reins a bit. Let the darkness (avarice, hoarding) out so you can let you some light (enlightenment, prosperity) in. Think about sharing what you have with others, or giving something back.

Remember that the Universe does not appreciate a vacuum. All that you’re willing to let go of now will be replenished with something new in the end. And news flash: that’s not just money and material possessions. It also applies to negative thought processes, dysfunctional relationships and outdated ideals.