Free Daily Tarotscope — Mar 8, 2014 — The Empress

The Empress

The Empress

Look around you today at the people who depend on you and look up to your for guidance and encouragement.

The Empress card represents the aspects of ourselves that evoke the principles of feminine strength and power. As the counterpart to the Emperor card, this archetype is all about the yin or feminine aspects of parental authority and protection, regardless of gender.

Where the Emperor focuses on wisdom, stability and responsibility, the Empress relates more to nurturing, comfort, support and emotional security. It is the “Earth Mother” archetype personified.

In this rendition of the card, we see a regal woman dressed in colorful royal garb. She wears an ornate helmet headress, dripping with jewels and feathers. There’s a giant cat tapestry behind her and a purring jaguar at her feet.

She may be sensitive but she’s no push-over. In this rendition of the card she casts an imposing figure. She stands perfectly still but holds her staff at the ready, just in case she has to mete out discipline.

This woman could be your mother, your boss, an older female relative or friend. Or she could be some aspect of yourself — particularly if you find yourself in the role of parent, mentor, or supervisor.