Free Daily Tarotscope — Feb 5, 2015 — The Pope


The Pope

This is the Tarot of the Apocalypse’s version of the Hierophant card. And here we encounter the three Wise men — representatives of religions that were in place when Christianity was born: Mithra with his slaughtered bull, Hercales wearing the protective pelt of a lion he’s slain, and the twin gods Śiwa and Śakti flying in on an eagle vahana.

Each of them bring gifts: For Mithra it’s incense, for Heracles it’s gold and for Śiwa and Śakti it’s myrrh.

There’s a detailed accounting of these symbols in the book that accompanies the deck. But the central theme is the birth of religion itself with the Christ child representing a new spiritual authority.

Today’s Saturn / Mercury sextile encourages you to bridge the gap between traditional belief systems and modern-day spirituality. It asks you to think about what you believe in and to celebrate those beliefs.

With Saturn in Sagittarius (the sign associated with personal expansion) and Mercury in Aquarius (the sign associated with progress and evolution), this aspect inspires a new or more progressive approach to the concept of “religion.” But it doesn’t ask you to dismiss the teachings upon which modern-day beliefs are derived.

Instead it asks you to acknowledge the foundations upon which your current ideologies are built. There are definite celebratory elements in this card. No one is “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” here, and neither should you.

You can embrace new ideas without discounting the old ones. This is the message behind the Saturn / Mercury sextile and the Pope (Hierophant) card. Honoring the ancient traditions (Saturn) while exploring new ways of thinking (Mercury in Aquarius) can go a long ways toward bridging the gap between those worlds.