Free Daily Tarotscope — Sept 25, 2014 — the World Tree

World Tree

The World Tree

With Jupiter trining Uranus today it is a day to not get too dramatic and upset about things that may come your way because with this combination of planets you may find yourself going off in all different directions and lose your inner peace…. possibly in a good way.

Jupiter and Uranus are both in fire signs which means energy is high and Jupiter, the planet of luck, combined with the easy energy of the trine from Uranus may also work in your favour with coming to a conclusion that you have long been pondering the answer for.

Notice the labyrinth before the World Tree. Parts of it cannot be seen and are left to your imagination to work out and the fact it is within this image gives you something to concentrate on today and draw your thoughts back to if you find them getting out of control.

The World Tree is showing all seasons from Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter which is a bit like your moods today.

In other words be prepared for anything as it will not be subtle when it arrives and may leave you going through a plethora of mood swings.

If you find this happening be aware that you have a lot of strength to draw on as well as wisdom. You have laid out a solid life for yourself and are stronger than you think.